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This new revised edition of the third book about Paddington captures all the playfulness of the incorrigible little bear Living with the Brown family in London Paddington has a talent for getting into trouble His intentions are always the best but he is seldom far from disaster While his independent spirit and curious nature often get him into sticky situations Paddington is always loved for the cheer he brings and his stories have been a source of delight for young readers ever since he first appeared on the scene than thirty years ago Now in an updated edition with a delightful new jacket by Diane DeGroat Paddington is sure to capture the hearts of a new generation of children

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    No matter how much trouble this well meaning ever optimistic bear gets into things always turn out all right My favorite story in this book is the one where he decides to decorate his new room

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    Another wonderful Paddington book full of the same caliber of comical tales and adventures as the firstThis series has entered into my top favorites for young kids and books to recommend for family read alouds The narrative is top notch and as smooth and as delectable as sweet cream And Paddington and the Brown family simply the nicest most endearing host of characters you'd ever want to know Read it You and your kids will LOVE itAges 5Cleanliness Good heavens for goodness' sake good gracious Mercy Gosh and Crikey are used Mentions a man smoking a pipe Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book so you'll know just how clean it is or isn't I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website

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    Book 7 of 2019Plenty playful pileups in that peerless particular Paddington proclivity Priceless

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    Read this a while back and loved it

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    I am so excited there is More About Paddington because I can't get enough of this sweet innocent little troublemaker His intentions are good but things always go awry But like the author Michael Bond wrote people always benefit from the fixes Paddington gets himself intohowever tenuously I laughed out loud several times while reading about the intrepid bear's adventures in this book which include celebrating Christmas and his birthday Paddington attempts to become among other things a photographer a detective a house painter and a snowbear You'll just have to read it He causes chaos for policemen a sales assistant at an exclusive shop and the cantankerous yet needy neighbor Mr Curry who appears throughout the series But the story is also about the Browns and Mrs Bird the housekeeper who have adopted him and love him through all of his misadventures Adding to the adorableness are the drawings of Paddington His tiny frame makes you laugh when you think of the troubles he gets into Among my favorites are the sketches of him under an elegantly set table and sporting a giant paper hatSpeaking of the paper hat which is worn by the British on Christmas Day I have learned about British traditions along with Paddington since he is a non native too from Darkest Peru and I am an American Still I am a little worried about his involvement in any national celebration that would involve a bonfire see Guy Fawkes' Day However he is a great cultural ambassador because of his wholehearted enthusiasm He is one of Great Britain's national treasures who has a special place in my heart as well

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    There are several ways in which joining Goodreads has changed my reading habits a good example of this being that I now sometimes re read books that I enjoyed as a child This is largely due to Kirsty's influence Her relishing of children's books has been most contagious This time the treat was a book about Paddington bear His life is full of well meant plans that go wildly askew warm and forgiving friendships he is often in need of forgiveness and great and puzzling conundrums for a bear from Peru Paddington found that Christmas took a long time to come Each morning when he hurried downstairs he crossed the date off the calendar but the days he crossed off the farther away it seemedA generous hug of a book ♥

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    Another brilliant and hilarious installment about Paddington and his adventures My favourite chapter has to be when he attempts to decorate his room and accidently wallpapers the door I couldn't stop laughing when I read the sentence I'm a patriotic man said Mr Brown but I draw the line at bears playing the national anthem at 6 am Especially on the xylophone Pure genius

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    Just as charming as the first These little stories each chapter is a separate adventure are so sweet and funny and the perfect length for a bedtime read aloud The kids are still giggling days later about the Bonfire Night episode

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    I am really enjoying these Paddington books The stories are just so adorable and whimsical and they make me laugh Plus I learnt that a bulls eye is a hard boiled lolly I'm not sure how that knowledge is going to benefit me in life but learning is always good ;

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    5 stars 710 hearts I think this one is even funnier than the first book There are a few euphemisms but not as many as the first book And I still laugh aloud when I read this one—particularly the last chapter It is just sooo funny But everything chapter is funny Mr Curry Paddington’s interactions are the best xD A Favourite Humorous uote “‘Well if you don’t mind’ protested Mr Brown when he saw what Paddington was up to ‘I’d much rather you tied the OTHER end on to the camera instead of this end to my ear’ The rest of his sentence disappeared in a gurgle as Paddington pulled the string tight“Paddington looked rather surprised and examined the knot round Mr Brown’s ear with interest ‘I think I must have made a slip knot by mistake’ he announced eventually“‘Really Henry’ said Mrs Brown ‘Don’t make such a fuss Anyone would think you’d been hurt’“Mr Brown rubbed his ear which had gone a funny mauve colour ‘It’s MY ear’ he said ‘and it jolly well does hurt’”