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Jesse James Dawson is a Champion putting his life on the line for those foolish enough to bargain with demons and fighting to save their souls But even a Champion needs some downtime so Jesse takes his annual camping trip to Colorado for some male bonding over friendly games of paintball Unfortunately the fun and war games are interrupted by a pack of creatures summoned up from the very depths of hell by an entity Jesse prayed he'd never see again With the lives of his friends and a teenager's soul on the line Jesse's only hope may lie with an even dangerous enemy his personal demon Axel

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    I like a lot of other people found Urban Fantasy some years ago Also like many other people I was introed to UF through Harry Dresden Interestingly enough I find that many of us who like Harry Dresden and like Urban Fantasy disagree on other UF series I stumbled on these a while back when I read the first paper back A Devil in the DetailsWhat do you know I like these I'm planning to order the nextSo who is Jesse James Dawson? As I explained to our senior pastor when I arrived early at our small group meeting at Panera and she sat down next to as I was reading this bookIt's about a Katana wielding warrior who tries to live by the Samurai or Bushido code He is contacted by or finds people who have traded away their soul to a demon and then puts his own soul on the line to save them He fights the demons with his sword and as he does damage to the demon leaks black stuff that then forms a sort of gate which sucks the demon back to hellThe senior pastor said she missed that in seminary I told her it was a minorHere you will probably role your eyes a bit at some of what Jesse does as I think he's heading down a road he ought to see as doom laden I can recommend these Good reads a snarky hero and lots of actionRecommended Enjoy

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    35 stars A Shot in the Dark continues a few months after A Devil in the Details with Jesse James Dawson mostly recovered from his last demon death dance and tornado tango but still suffering from nightmares of an earlier near fatal demon fight His annual Colorado camping trip with his buddies should provide ample opportunity for rejuvenation and recreation What should have been a relaxing retreat uickly turns into a siege reminiscent of the Alamo A Shot in the Dark provides a good mystery a few thrills a new take on zombies MacGyver esue innovations in demon fighting and a peek into the true identity of Jesse’s favorite demon sidekick Axel hint read To Reign in Hell by Steven Brust or Milton’s Paradise Lost This is a strong seuel to last year’s A Devil in the Details and a great summer vacation read Just don’t forget the holy water mirrors and swordsRead at FantasyLiteraturecom

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    45 StarsEven better than the first one Everything that made the first book good is back except this time the author picks up the pace a little bit and throws in a lot action Jesse and the guys go on an annual paintball trip that very uickly turns into a nightmare An old enemy returns to haunt Jesse threatening him and all his friends This was a lot of fun A bit darker than the first one but still great entertainment Everything is just a bit better here than in the first book More and better action More characters and depth given to a few introduced in the first book An expansion of the world showing a glimpse of different players on both the side of the good guys and the bad guys My only real complaint is that the ending seemed a bit uick Maybe I was just sad that it ended So far this is looking to be one of the most fun urban fantasy series I’ve read

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    A Devil in the Details was KA Stewart's debut novel last year in 2010 first in the Jesse James Dawson series; a very promising start to her career I was a bit skeptical when I decided to read the book as the blurb and description didn't sound too appealing but after a couple of chapters I could tell that this series would uickly become one of my favorites in the genreLet's forget plot for the time being that can be hit or miss The current main draw to the series is the compelling first person narrating voice Stewart has created in many regards similar to that of Harry Dresden And how many times haven't we stumbled upon people looking for something similar to Dresden? Well I finally found a series that I could endorse for fans of Dresden particularly to those that enjoy that narrating voice Keep in mind that I'm strictly recommending this on the merits of that aspect nothing to do with plot characters setting magic etc In Jesse James Dawson you'll find a honorable character full of wisecracks and humor remarks and also a flawed character which in many ways Dresden also is And yes he gets beat up uite badly on his way to kick just a little bit of assIn all Stewart has created one of the best male first person narrators in the Urban Fantasy scene in my opinion to the point that I thought the book was written by a man Not because men are better writers than women but because of how easy it felt to identify with the character me having two balls and a stick It was a testament to how well the author wrote a character of the opposite sex which is not an easy taskPlenty of action plenty of humor a stable loving family and a good mystery with its twists was a recipe for a successful novelA Shot in the Dark was released earlier this summer and seuel to A Devil in the Details Let me get this out of the way did not enjoy it as much as the first one but still very much enjoyed It has to do with my tastes than anything The second books was a bit of a horror book in a secluded cabin scenario which in all I'm not a fan of those But that aside everything that I enjoyed in the first one was present in this one The world keeps expanding and dimensions get revealedWith that said the author needs to be commended for shaking things up and writing something slightly different from the first keeping the world fresh and exciting A bit slow in the beginning but once the action starts in this one it doesn't stop until the very last page So in all I really can't complain much about the secluded cabin scenario because it delivered many cool action scenes and those are most welcomedKA Stewart is an author to watch out for and very much looking forward to the next Jesse James Dawson installmenthttpbastardbooksblogspotcom2011

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    Another fun romp with Jesse James Dawson demon slayerJesse and his buddies head up to mountains of Colorado for a long weekend of paint ball and male bonding Unfortunately Jesse's arch nemesis a demon also known as The Yeti is planning an ambush attack on Jesse and his crew It's up to Jesse to find a way to stop the demon and get everyone safely off the mountainThis is a fun read for anyone that enjoys a snarky kick ass demon hunter It's the second in the series but if you're not too rigid about reading series in order like me you could probably read it as a standalone and still get most of the story

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    Three stars is a gift Despite excellent storytelling and good if simplistic character builing A Shot in the Dark is so silly it's funny Confession C S Lewis in On Stories And Other Essays on Literature warns us not to review books of a genre we don't like I don't like urban fantasy This book confirms that opinion Zombies surrounding an isolated cabin in the night? Been done about a million times And who goes into the Colorado Rockies unprepared for the lions and bears who really are there?Stewart is better than this She's good really good I hope she employs her obvious talent elsewhere

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    Rating B Genre Urban FantasyReviewA Shot in the Dark by KA Stewart is the second release in the Jesse James Dawson series Jesse is a champion by trade He fights for those who are too stupid to realize that selling your soul to a demon for 15 minutes of fame and fortune is a very bad idea He has already had a dozen such challenges in the 5 years since he became a champion including saving his own brother Cole This time around Jesse Cole and best friends Marty and Will will travel to the Colorado Rockies for their annual paint ball getaway It is supposed to be a time for fun and adventure after Jesse and his student Esteban were lucky enough to walk away from their previous misadventures But it turns into a fight for their very survival when wild creatures attack them as they arrive at their destinationFor Jesse he will once again come face to face with the one demon he has had continued nightmares about for the past 4 years A nightmare about a demon named the Yeti who he barely survived fighting against Jesse will have to figure out a way to save his brother and friends from zombie like creatures who were once human but now answer the call of the Yeti Jesse is part of a group of Champions that was put together by Ivan Zelenko Jesse doesn’t know the true number of existing champions because Ivan keeps things close without revealing too much about his network He knows that two such champions were killed before he could fight the demon responsibleNote I would love to see Stewart put Jesse with a few other champions like the Russian Svetlana who is the only female champion in existence against the demon hoards Maybe later in the series?But Ivan’s group isn’t the only ones out slaying demons Jesse meets Cameron a priest who works for the Order of St Silvus They are Holy Knights that are under the auspices of the Catholic Church They seem to trying to discourage the champions from challenging demons while a war is brewing downtown A war that could end human existence as we know itKA Stewart is a female writer who seems to understand the man’s point of view which is refreshing Her character Jesse while being snarky and hard core believes in the code of the bushido and is a trained samurai warrior He is married to Mira who is a powerful witch and has a daughter named Annabelle It’s a nice change of pace reading about a male protagonist in the female dominated Urban Fantasy genre Since I haven’t read any of the Harry Dresden series novels to this point I can’t honestly compare the two characters point by point One of the interesting characters of the series thus far has been Axel a demon who has a claim against Jesse’s soul Axel makes appearances throughout the story including the ending that leaves the reader with several different uestions Hopefully Stewart will answer them when the next book comes out KA StewartJesse James Dawson1 A Devil in the Details July 20102 A Shot In The Dark 07052011

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    I really dug this book It had me completely engrossed right away right back in the world without any hesitation Jesse's voice is so authentic I never for a second doubted that this was a real guy and that these things were really happening just like in the first book Stewart has a real gift for making the things she's writing about seem completely real whether it's something that is based in reality like Jesse's home life or the Colorado woods or something as terrifying as his nightmare come back to life to hunt him down again I like the fact that when he gets hurt he's hurt he's no superhero He has nightmares because of the terrifying things he's had to do and seen but he still keeps trying to help people because he's one of the few people who's aware of the problem with demons and has the ability to do something about it and he thinks it's important work He's a champion by choice not by some magical calling or fate or destiny He's human It's also a terrific balance of banter action and darkness keeping things from getting too serious or too silly in any moment And Axel is a great character of course seeing how that's unfolding and trying to figure out what's going on in the demon world is fascinatingThere is an inevitable comparison to Jim Butcher and Harry Dresden because Jesse is a guy and there a bantering witty style And if you like Harry then you may well enjoy this too but it's not really the same thing Sure Jesse is tall and skinny and a bit awkward in some ways and Harry does like to use a sword sometimes but they're really totally different guys Jesse is a modern samurai swordsman with tattoos not a lick of magic a happy marriage and a sweet five year old daughter Other than skinniness and a similarity in wit he really couldn't be any different from Harry There are tons of snarky urban fantasy heroines out there these days and plenty of room for all of them if they're well done And there is definitely room for this samurai swordsman on my shelf as well I'm a big fan and I can't wait for the next book to come out

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    As with the first volume of this series it's still refreshing to see a hero who isn't embarrassed about being a good guy There's a good heart to these booksA Shot in the Dark has action than the first book and perhaps moral complexity as well It like the first book is an entertaining read I won't give away any spoilers but it is good to see how Jesse deals with one of his own greatest fears from the past and to see how his relationships may be changing in future installments of the series

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    A great second installment in Stewart's Jesse James Dawson series I continued to really enjoy Jesse as a character as well as his colorful friends and family I'm especially intrigued with where the Axel storyline will goLove Stewart's tone in both these books She brings a very different and fresh perspective to the genre Definitely worth a read I'm looking forward to the next book