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The great empire of China is in turmoilAs the government becomes increasingly incompetent warlords and nobles battle for power In the north is the Kingdom of Wei headed by cunning and manipulative Cao Cao In the southeast is the Kingdom of Wu ruled by masterful and charismatic Sun uan In the west is the Kingdom of Shu commanded by kind hearted and humble Liu BeiCao has committed murder and betrayal on his way to glory only to see his family’s throne overthrown by other scheming crooks Sun and his advisor Zhou Yu have established a military stronghold but are no match against Liu’s military strategist Zhuge Liang who wisely advocates tolerance and mutual respectFull of thrilling action sophisticated stratagems passionate brotherhood and loyalty The Three Kingdoms sums up all the most important lessons of history

10 thoughts on “The Three Kingdoms Luo Guanzhong

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    I prefered the cartoon movie of this instead of the book Good story

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    Very accessible and interesting introduction to the classic for those who do not have time or motivation to read the full length version

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    Basically an introduction to the actual books with a simplified storyline