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Too pretty by half that's Miss Virnie White's problem Conor Russell has seen what prairie living can do to a delicate female That's why he's raising his daughter Rachael to be as tough as any boy The new schoolteacher may have good intentions but harsh reality will make her hightail it out of here soon enoughDelicate pah Virnie's not budging Little Rachael needs nurturing and guidance in and out of school And Rachael's daddywell the headstrong cowboy needs to learn that strength comes in many forms Yet Virnie isn't expecting the lesson God has planned for her that with faith two wounded souls can build a real family together

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    Overall likable book with Rachel the young daughter of Conor Russell being raised tough by her single dad and single school teacher Virnie White who wants to help her be girly The character of Virnie had some issues with abandonment that were just a little over the top in IMHO thus 3 stars

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    Virnie White is the new school teacher and Conor Russell is the father of one of her new students She sees some of herself in his daughter Rachael and knows that one of the reasons she's come to town is to give this motherless girl some love and guidanceConor's been widowed for years and while he might miss his wife he knows that a person has to be tough to survive on the prairie He's trying to raise Rae to be that tough knowing that they need to be strong to overcome the physical hardships of the landOverall I enjoyed Ms Ford's story I found Conor and his viewpoint very hard to like initially but appreciated how Ms Ford revealed both Conor and Virnie's strengths and weaknesses and how God can bring healing to our very brokenness Ultimately the characters felt real and I enjoyed getting to know them all

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    Warning Spoilers May Follow Read at your own discretionI felt bad for Rachel when her dad wanted her to be strong and she was afraid of the dog and afraid to tell him because she didn't want to let him down I do think it is wise to teach children how to problem solve but maybe the dog wasn't the right problem to have her solve on her ownI was glad to see Conor grow in his character I can understand him being angry that his wife gave up and didn't fight to stay alive to be the wife and mother she could have been I can even understand him wanting his daughter to have a strength of character to be able to survive in a rougher environment I do think he took it to a bit of an extreme and was glad he was able to see that and rein it inI can also understand Virnie's feelings of not being enough based on her past I was a bit angry at Miss Price for cutting Virnie off from her family and it did make me wonder if she had ulterior motives though when we do finally meet her in person at the end of the book she doesn't seem toThere was still a bit too much of the I love himher but I shouldn't but I do plot lines for my taste so I can't give it than an average rating

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    5 Stars I just loved the character development in this one This is the third book that I’ve read by Mrs Linda Ford and hands down it had the best characters I loved the backstories the lives the characters had before we met them the bible scriptures that were uoted added beautifully to the story The relationships that unraveled and grew throughout the book were done really well I can’t say enough about how wonderful this book is

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    I really liked this story and at the same time I was fustraighted with the characters Virnie White a pretty young lady comes out west to be the best teacher she can be and ends up butting heads with Conor Russel who believes pretty is weak The first half of the story Virnie gets attached to Rachel Conor's daughter and teaches her some domestic skills In doing so Virnie shows Conor that pretty doesn't eual weakness Then Virnie is somehow fighting with herself about thinking she's not good enough for anyone and is afraid of letting Conor down as well as God I wanted to to yell at her and help her to see the light especially since she helped Conor to realize that pretty doesn't always mean weakness Will she finally let God help her realize that she's fearfully and wonderfully made? Will she give Conor a chance? Read and findout

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    Sweet characters good story line Great christian values of love acceptance and dependence on God for our sense of worth and strength While I found Virnie frustrating I could readily understand her reluctance to leave her hurts behind and accept love Her fear caused her to push everyone away thinking it would be better than disappointing them Connor and his little girl Rachael cause her to reconsider the walls she's built around her heartAll read

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    I love the cover on this book

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    I enjoyed reading this book as Linda is a very good writer