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Why do we enjoy pop songs or not? Why do they mean so much to us? What do they mean? Is it the sounds the rhythms or the words? Is it the singing the personae of the stars or the messages and images that the songs conjure up?Plenty of people have written about pop personalities the music industry or about their own tastes but serious analysis of the songs themselves is still rare This collection of essays all previously published in the leading journal Popular Music brings together key studies by many of the leading scholars studying pop music today Together they add up to the first substantial anthology to focus on musical texts Collecting a wide range of approaches and looking at songs by performers as varied as Irving Berlin Hank Williams Chuck Berry Buddy Holly Bruce Springsteen Prince Peter Gabriel Jimi Hendrix John Mellencamp David Bowie James Brown Randy Newman and John Zorn the book marks out a distinctive new territory characterized by the fusion of cultural studies and pop musicologyReading Pop will be reuired reading for all serious students and lovers of popular music

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