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Her love rapidly turned to hateGael had easily been won by Leo Kane's handsome looks and savoir faire She eagerly accepted his marriage proposal and looked forward to the adventure of living in Indonesia But her bridal hopes were uickly shattered when she discovered Leo had staged their marriage for revenge He wanted to make her pay for a wrongdoing he thought she'd committed Unfortunately Gael couldn't prove her innocence All she wanted to do was escape the husband she now despised She must find a way to avoid being part of his crazy scheme

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    I was tempted to make a new shelf called “like being punched in the stomach” for this book but people might misunderstand and think that was a bad thing This is one of those books where the sane part of my mind the one that says things like “this is abusive and horrible” just has to leave the room for awhile so I can have fun Oh the hero is so cruel Mostly psychologically “Do you think I enjoyed having to be with you? Knowing all the time what you’d done and having to be pleasant to you? I had to force myself to touch you it filled me with revulsion when I had to kiss you to keep you sweet God I was glad to get away; you clung like a strangling vine” Oh OUCHGael falls in love with a much older man she barely knows marries him and travels to his new job in Bali But on what she thinks will be her wedding night she discovers the horrifying truth Leo married her for revenge because he thinks she ruined his life And he insists she stay and pretend to be a loving wife because he needs one to keep his jobI don’t think I’ve ever read a romance before where the hero really truly hates the heroine not lovehate not attraction despite anger just straightforward loathing It’s all seen from her point of view and it makes for a really intense excruciating read This story could easily go too far and probably does for many readers but ultimately everything satisfied me There’s an appropriate comeuppance for Leo after he regains his sanity and conscience Gael has some backbone and dignity which saves the story from getting too lachrymose and I liked that she is a somewhat flawed character not a sweet suffering angel There's no forced sex just a kiss or two And I really liked that the happy ending was not dependent on Leo discovering that Gael was innocent all along

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    35 stars rounding down out of disappointment re the endI've seen this rec'd on almost every thread about vengeful heroes andor Hns heavy on the crazy I finally had to track down a dead tree copy and give it a whirlIt's hard to put down and I definitely see why it's memorable for so many There are some twists here that are not as common even though I've seen the bones of this plot several times It's the old gem where the hero seeks misguided revenge on the h because he thinks her carelessness caused the death of someone he loved Naturally she actually she was innocent and covering for someone else So it's common trope but the plot unfolded differently than I expected in some waysSpoilersview spoilerFirst of all the hero did not love the heroine all along and subconsciously use revenge as an excuse to be near her Nope I was pretty convinced he actually hated her and even though it was all from the h's POV I didn't catch any sexual tension from him at least not until later The hero doesn't sleep with the heroine discover she's a virgin and then know she's innocent of all sins Because obviously virgins are physiologically incapable of driving drunk or doing ANYTHING wrong for that matter In fact they never have sex period The ending scene is a fade to black of their first time Frustrating I'll have to admitAlso the big reveal of the truth wasn't the impetus for the H's change of heart In fact that was somewhat swept under the rug Definitely not the usual 360 degree turnaround from hatred to love the moment he found out the truth or the fact that the h is still a virginFinally the setting was rather uniue No private Greek islands or lush Italian villas hide spoiler

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    Wow Mrs Wentworth is the HP author that awakens the most emotions in me The hero was so cruel I wanted to cry half the time I really felt with the heroine The storyline is the usual the Hero thinks that the heroine is responsible for the death of someone he loves and he marries her for revenge What follows however is violent and mean than usual This book is nothing for readers who are looking for a modern romance book For me it's a definite keeper

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    375🌟Got to give it to heroine Gail to hold back the hurtful truth she got a heart He deserves it all for his treatment of her

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    This would have been a 5 star read because it was just so compelling The reader knows from the blurb that the Hero’s main motive for marrying the heroine was for revenge He betrays her in Bali rather he reveals his betrayal as soon as he brings her to BaliThis happens in the first 30% of the book so the rest of the time is both of them living with his revenge scheme The Hero is uite cruel but he thinks the heroine is responsible for the death of his fiancé But what makes the book is the heroine herself is uite feisty She doesn’t take it lying down and although the Hero thwarts her mini rebellions a couple of times she doesn’t let this daunt herI was actually cheering her on when it seemed she was still able to make a semblance of life for herself when she found a friend and a sanctuary Even later in the story when the Hero is finally remorseful and has a change of heart she still gives him a hard time As another reviewer pointed out it was nice knowing he fell in love with her even before he knew that she was not the one responsible for his fiancé’s death And that’s where the story loses a star She reveals this to him in the last two paragraphs of the book What an abrupt ending no discussion about it at all I think maybe the author would have liked to have expounded but ran out of pages However there were several chapters in this book that didn’t aid the story at all They could have cut out some of those instead

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    I was clearing up and came across this book Wellthat was the clearing done I had to read this I remember reading it many years ago and its always stayed with me Its a hn vintage classic The cruelty in this is pretty much unmatched to any in other hn's and the ending is not a happy one for us becuase the hero needs to suffer and he doesn't Regardless its compulsive reading

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    So this was a bit different but then SW tends to write different story lines The hero marries her for revenge really doesn't like her does things like choke her and push her to her knees butfor some reason I didn't really feel the angst I think that it was a result of not being fleshed out well We find out that she was involved in the accident that killed his fiance but we never really get the sense that he loved the fiance It was mentioned once You killed my fiance and by the way I need a wife to get this new job so you'll take her place And then since all of the book was in the heroine's POV there is a lot of day to day actions in her life without him while he's at work and an occasional BTW the hero ignores me and it sucks that we have silent dinners together sort of mentioned in passing I can't really care that he treats you bad or whatever if the scenes are not shown and the tension built up but good for you that you found some place to paint? Therefore I couldn't really care or buy into the change he makesStill pretty readable and I read it straight through

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    Hmm I'm surprised this book has over 300 stars in the rating Give me a horrible hero every day of the week but this guy Leo was in so awful there was no way I could stomach it Tbh even given the era this book was written in I can't imagine anyone being able to look past his actions I really like Sally Wentworth but this is a really poor book

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    This is the worst book I've ever read I'd have literally rather ate taco bell baja blast diarrhea with a side of jellied nutsack for breakfast lunch and dinner for 10 years This wet foreskin of a book was offensive to every single sense I have I'm so mad don't even know what to say I read this to practice my speed reading 186 fart smeared pages in an hour and 38 minutes That comes out to nearly 2 pages per minute which is solid There are a few books by this author sitting around the house for whatever reason; definitely gonna use em for givin' my whiffin' woofin' pooper tooter a good wipe a day and a half after having granny's sweet sweet bolognese leftovers for lunch Granny's sweet sweet bolognese leftovers

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    This is a perfect old school Harleuin by Sally Wentworth I always really like her booksLike revenge porn basically The 'hero' thinks the heroine was responsible for view spoilerthe death of his fiance in a drunken car wreck hide spoiler