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Fiction The mystery of who butchered ethereally beautiful and pregnant Elsbeth is at the heart of Keller's elegant and spooky second novel part of a trilogy after Jackpot Was it the traumatized and fragile narrator Sally whose friendship with the dead woman verged on the obsessive? Or was it Elsbeth's arrogant and demanding boyfriend Drew who resented Sally's relationship with her? Keller flirts with the answer as her novel slips back and forth through time to depict tantalizing glimpses of possible truths filtered through Sally's uncertain memories As her emotions unravel Sally finds solace in the gentlemen who play chess in the park where she breakfasts and maintains however fitfully an uneasy reliance on Lydia a self centered and mean spirited friend who thinks Sally is better off with Elsbeth dead The police bent on extracting a confession from Sally harangue her during increasingly abusive interrogation sessions that provide her a forum for creepily pondering her uestionable innocence This opaue yet beguiling novel showcases the work of a talented and original writer Publishers Weekly

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    My review for Retelling is now live at Grab the Lapels This was my least favorite book in Keller's trilogy but I highly recommend you read Elsa and Jackpot

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    As in Jackpot Keller again portrays a single NY woman's psychological disintegration The way Keller combines a Proustian attention to detail with a Kafkaesue plot and her own insights about friendship and loneliness makes for compelling reading and rewarding rereading

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    Joel says this has the worst book cover he has ever seen

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    A stream of consciousness tour de force a tale of a tight friendship a denotation of the ordinary habits of life and a murder investigation all woven together in the narrator's mind