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There'd been a time when her people had looked upon theirs as gods and they'd expected nothing less than complete adoration and subservience What began as a determination to bend her to their will however became a desperation to protect the woman who'd enthralled them from the conseuences of her refusal to behave in a manner acceptable as a slave of the Anunnaki The will to survive Emerald discovered wasn't enough in itself to help her comply with the Anunnaki's expectations of a slavebreeder but she discovered they had methods of training that could buckle the strongest will and teach submission In learning to submit to her new masters though Tari and Koryn discovered that Emerald had taught them that it was a double edged sword that could enslave them just as completely Rating CarnalErotic Warning This book contains graphic scenes of BDSM in which the heroine is being 'broken' to accept the status of sex slavebreeder Forced seduction Not for the faint hearted Multiple heroes rough sex alien sex toys Genre Futuristic Romance

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    With a title like Deep Penetration how could I not have High Expectations?But I could not finish this book DNF at 20%I triedI really didI gave it my bestBut my best just wasn't good enoughYou gotta know when to say whenI never imagined Deep Penetration could be so disappointing ;o

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    I kinda should have known that if I read a book with 'Penetration' in the title the chances were high that I would get screwed Yup that bugger there is totally how it happened – and I only have myself to blameThis work was a work balls deep in BDSM and not in a good way Now I don't mind some slap and tickle but the whole grovelling is not my thing There are different layers of dominant men but once you have women who are completely into naughty punishment things have the tendency to get just a little nastyHmmmmSpace Dungeon MasterYeah doesn't float my goat Pretteh cover tho

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    I've been singing the praises of Kaitlyn O'Connor and this is the first lemon in the series of books I have read In order to prepare Emerald for her life on their planet they have to make her completely docile for her own good She can't hesitate when they tell her to do something she can't disagree with anything she can't show that something hurts her So they put this belt on her that doesn't let her climax and then spend hours and hours and days and days punishing her I hated it I hated reading it I kept thinking this will end and the book will get better It didn't And then for Emerald to fall in love with these fuck offs because she thought they were doing it for her own good Oh my gosh how warped is that? Thankfully this is the only book that I've read by this author that I couldn't stand

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    Do Not Waste Your TimeI wish I could give a negative star ratingThe first two chapters are sooo misleading A woman wakes up with no memory doesn't know where she is or how long she has been thereOk sounds interesting enoughOne of the main characters Emerald goes from being an amnesic to a slave to being a free person to being a breeder WTH?Over half of the story Emerald is being tormented teased with an electronic device for hoursnot minutes but HOURSa day without ANY release And to make matters worse the characters who are torturing her act as though it is for her own good right this hurts Me than YoucrapAdding Insult to Injury Emerald suddenly realizes that she is in love 3Wait a minuteWhat?With Whom?Really? How? Can you all say Stockholm Syndrome boys and girls ?? The story is not Sensual or Erotic I stuck with the story line hoping that it would get better and make some kind of sense at the end But it never did I am wishing that this is the worst book that the author has published; howeverI am not willing to find out about the other books Totally Disappointed

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    It was okay but definitely not my favorite Not completely horrible but the author chose to spend a lot of time setting the same scene over and over and over to the point where I wanted to yell Okay I get it Now let's move on please Also the men were supposedly friends for over half their long lives and acted like they were complete strangers and glaredfumedsulkedfought over Emerald when they have shared women in the past Nope not buying it I've enjoyed other books by this author way than this one

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    25 starsThis was than a little difficult to read at times downright cruelty Nice that there was a HEA but getting there was gut wrenching

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    In every Kaitlyn O'Connor novel no matter what happens even in the darkest points humor prevails It makes her stories so remarkable and they never lose that human touch So when she's writing about aliens breaking a human woman to their will to protect her and the psychology and sexual physiology of the situation it makes you uestion the entire dynamic of malefemale relations and interaction I found this story to be one of her exceptional efforts because it was different from her usual fare The heroine's history is murky downright dark with elements of sci fi horror There's denying the fiery eroticism though it's most definitely there along with the romance and love that evolves and is demonstrated Emerald and her captorslovers kept me riveted to the pages and held me there She is a strong woman to endure what she does and despite what she faces I feel her suffering sympathy but I never feel pity she will prevail and she does The alien lovers Tari and Koryn are not the good guys at all; nor should they be They just are They become than what they were and what they are willing to risk to protect and keep her makes them that much human There's an unexpected twist at the end that is heartwarming and I will be first to say I never saw it coming GoodThis is an excellent example of what this author is capable of Her comments on the status of women the progression of our roles in the world is always scrutinized in Ms O'Connor's novels without preaching and pointing fingers Once you're done reading you always come away with something and this is no exception

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    Not nearly as enjoyable as the other books I've read by this author There were oddly done BDSM elements I've got nothing in particular against that but in this book it just didn't make sense and wasn't well done These two guys seemed to be all protective and loving and stuff with no indication that they were so dominant She wakes up they are all 'you're so beautiful and we want you' then they are uestioning her about what had caused the devastation on Earth and where the survivors went and she doesn't know and wouldn't tell them if she did That seems reasonable after all these are two aliens that she doesn't know from Adam Suddenly they are so mad at her that they spend the next month I kid you not keeping her at a sexual peak without allowing her to come I mean continually If she even looks at them sullenly they up the punishment Didn't make sense I'm using horse training experience here but if she never gets a reward for being good then what exactly do they think she is learning? So suddenly they are all in love Right They hadn't given her any pleasure to be grateful for and dependent on just physical agony for a month I'm sure that would make me love someone Stockholm syndrome wouldn't even get a toe hold here The second half of the book was better but it was too late by thenOne plus is that the men totally didn't want to share and were jealous and fought a lot So that was at least different to readIf you haven't read any Kaitlyn O'Connor please don't start here

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    where is the hated it button? normally I really like the authors books but this one gahhh i despised the male leads and could not work out WTF she saw in them or even why she would fall in love with them it was like reading a train wreck you know its bad but you keep thinking surely not it cant be this bad but it was sigh

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    im a fan of this author but this wasnt a nice story crude cruel rape is not sexy