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Whether you're interested in walking its elegant Georgian streets finding the perfect pint of Guinness or tracking down the haunts of James Joyce this definitive guide will ensure you make the most of this thriving and intriguing citypulli16 page full colour map sectionlilidiscerning coverage of the city's best eateries from classic pub lunches to gourmet dining experiencesliliunique walking tours to help you discover Dublin off the beaten tracklilispecial section on the city's finest pubs both old and newliliwide range of excursions from the city including picturesque monastic ruins and charming seaside suburbsliul

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    Review on English followed by the Bulgarian one Ревюто на английски е първо следва това на българскиVery useful little guide of Dublin and its nearest surroundings Well written and handy to useVisiting this place for a weekend with my friends was a blastПолезна малка книжка за Дъблин и близката околност Написана е добре и е удобна за ползванеПосещението на града бе истинско удоволствие за мен и приятелите ми

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    Having used the Lonely Planet guide to Ireland fifteen years ago when I spent a memorable three months hiking all over the country I immediately thought of them again when looking for a Dublin guide for my recent trip I had only a few days to spend in Ireland's capital city after my time taking a language course up in Donegal so I was looking for something to give the highlights By and large I was pleased with Fionn Davenport's guide which contained descriptions and directions for a number of places of interest to me as well as a fold out map covering the city center that was very handyThat said there were some omissions that puzzled me There was no mention of Bewley's Cafe in the food section which struck me as extremely odd given the fact that the Grafton street cafe is something of a landmark and also a really cool place to visit for a meal and would definitely be of interest to tourists Even troubling to this linguistic enthusiast and student of Irish was the fact that the list of bookstores book shopping being an important part of any trip contained nary a mention of An Siopa Leabhar Dublin's only Irish language bookshop Now I understand that not every tourist will know Irish but something so unique to Ireland really deserved a mention Certainly I recall that it got one in the Dublin section of the general Ireland guide I used years ago so why not in a Dublin specific guide? Very puzzlingOf course I do understand that no guide can mention everything But it did sometimes seem as if the amenities listed here were a little bland a little less than unique Take the restaurants I tried out two of the upscale eateries recommended in the guide and came away somewhat less than impressed They were of good quality but nothing spectacular I had a memorable food experience in the restaurant I picked out at random my first night in town nothing I couldn't get at home And when I'm traveling I generally want something I can't get at home Still overall I found the guide helpful even if I thought it left out some jewels and was just a tad too focused on the conventional for my taste

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    If you're coming to Dublin read it It was a big help for my friends Dublin appears to be a big town but it's actually as big as the square meter of your local pub It's such a great cozy and welcoming cosmopolitan little place

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    Good hints and tips

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    I really found the book useful but I wish it had a method to highlight must see things better I was in Dublin for a very short trip and had difficulty combing through the book to figure out what I should prioritize for my limited time In retrospect I wish I had purchased the Ireland guide rather than Dublin so it would have been easier for me to pick out the key things to see On second thought I might not have had the great detailed maps if I had done that so maybe I went the right routeI've had great experiences with Lonely Planet guides in general though I also love Let's Go They don't have as many out there but I buy the Let's Go version if it's available better info for people on a budget and lots of great off the beaten path suggestions

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    Used this Lonely Planet guide on my first trip to Dublin this summer I found it very useful in planning out sights to see during my ten days there particularly its suggestions of what to see dependent on how much time you had in the area The prolonged histories probably made for an interesting read but in a guidebook I want less heft actionStill useful and a lively read I remember noting the particular author because I liked his style

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    Used this book during my trip in February 2009 It provides a lot of background and useful information like bus lines which is very helpful considering that Dublin itself does not provide much information to tourists about which buses go whereThe only downside which can't be helped in our economy is that the prices are all at least a Euro or off

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    These Lonely Planet books are an excellent book for planning for they includes the websites for attractions and museums These whet my appetite for the places I want to visit and for the places I did not know exist prior to my research

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    The tone of this book was awesome A little self deprecation goes a long way I am now super excited to go to Dublin Will have to get this book again closer to our trip

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    Very helpful for planning a trip to the city I only wish they had bus maps as they're really tough to find online or in Dublin for that matter The walking tour was fun