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What does the world's most famous equestrian explorer do when he comes home to England after making a 10000 mile ride from Argentina to Washington DC? He writes a best selling book about his adventures Tschiffely's Ride then sets off on a new horse to explore rural 1930s Britain Through the ancient New Forest over the lonely mountains of Wales and across the rugged landscape of Scotland the renowned author investigated the nooks and crannies of this island kingdom Mounted on his gentle Cob mare Violet Tschiffely details the last roving adventure of its kind Bridle Paths is a final poetic look at a now vanished Britain as it was before the advent of suburbia changed it forever This superb book is amply illustrated with Tschiffely's own pencil drawings As a bonus it includes a special appendix listing the equipment used by the mounted traveler as well as detailed sketches of the method he used to pack his horse No equestrian travel collection is complete without this classic tale

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