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Tschiffely rides again But this time in a 30 horse power Ford The most famous euestrian explorer of the twentieth century decides to make a perilous journey across the Atlantic His mission? To return to his old haunts in South America and undertake a harrowing 7000 mile journey through Argentina across the inhospitable regions of Tierra del Fuego and over the majestic Andes mountains One of the finest travel writers of his day Tschiffely packs his story with a host of adventures and colourful characters including riding with gauchos and staying with the legendary Ona Indians In addition This Way Southward details the adventurer's emotional last meeting with his two legendary Criollo horses Mancha and Gato These were the euine heroes Tschiffely had ridden for 10000 miles in 1925 from Argentina to Washington DC and who were now living in retirement on the wild South American pampas Lavishly illustrated with maps and numerous photographs taken by the author This Way Southward is a rare treat for anyone interested in the travels of this famous traveller No euestrian travel collection is complete without this famous classic

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    This book follows the authors travels south from Buenas Aires to Tierra del Fuego with some side trips into the south of Chile This time the author travels in a car rather than by horse for which he is well known in one of his earlier books he travelled from Buenas Aires to Washington by horse His reasoning for the vehicle there was insufficient time to travel by horse before the winter and he couldn't spend two years on the tripThe winter certainly did follow his efforts every time he settled in for than a few days the weather became colder and he had to set off againI enjoyed the writing in this Tierra del Fuego is an interesting sounding place not written about too often although he only spent a short time there of the book was about the mainland travel Tschiffely's writing is like a series of short stories He has many friends and acquaintances in Argentina and he runs into them in the most out of the way places So many people seem to know of him due to his earlier exploits and many ask after his famous horses Gato and Mancha who he visits in their retirement several times in this bookAs well as his stories about places and people and the chronicling of his current travel the intelligence memory of horses gets plenty of time in this book it is a theme the author returns to a number of times He has a number of anecdotes to illustrate this but none obvious that his own horses reaction to his voice having not seen them for seven years He also dips into the history of various places adding a depth to his storyThree and a half stars rounded up