Improper Relations Lord Shad 1 eBook ↠ Lord Shad

Compromising liaisons crossed wires and conflicting loyalties it's another gem from Regency star Janet MullanyAfter losing best friend and distant cousin Ann Weller in marriage to the Earl of Beresford sharp witted Charlotte Hayden feels inclined to be even ruder than usual to potential suitors But after a compromising liaison with Beresford's wicked wayward cousin Shad she's suddenly propelled into a reluctant marriage and finds herself missing Ann than ever But when Ann returns from her honeymoon she drops a bombshell not only is she not sure she loves Beresford she's also had a child out of wedlock and is planning to betray her husband with her former lover Charlotte's realisation that she's falling in love with Shad only serves to make her dilemma even worse should she keep Ann's secret or tell her husband the truth?

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