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Love Carolyn Faulkner? Then get ready for three times the heat with this exciting trilogyIn Angel of Sudden Hill and The Centurion you'll be transported to Rome for adventures and spankings you won't soon forgetIn Sold you'll travel ahead in time to the Old West where a man isn't afraid to lay down the law to the woman across his lap

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    I really enjoyed these short stories purely from an erotica point of view and not from any type of a plot This is a bit rougher than one's normal romantic erotica so keep that in mind when you purchase I personally liked Angel of Sudden Hill and Sold a lot Both of these short stories got right to the point sex and spanking and both of them had character's that had feelings for each other in the end Centurion however I was not a fan of at all The male character in the first part of the story was brutal and cruel yet I still felt as if he had some type of feeling for the heroine and she to himSPOILER ALTERI guess I was wrong about that because near the end a total change came and the heroine ended up with another man