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Real people don’t run away fromBut real people can run away to  In 1936 a child is born in the mountains of West Virginia In 2005 he scatters his past into a deep canyon of rock The Pale Light of Sunset Scattershots and Hallucinations in an Imagined Life illuminates the journey of this boy a constant tourist and visitor who travels everywhere yet belongs nowhere Through tales of swarming hornets and swinging bullies love affairs with the land and its people and near death by frostbite and heat stroke the absurd hilarity and clear tender voice found within this story navigates a surreal road paved by the experiences of one man Author of nationally acclaimed and locally banned novels Crum and Screaming with the Cannibals Lee Maynard details an imaginative account of his journey through seventy years of hard living—from West Virginia to Mexico the Arctic Circle and beyond Scattered and hallucinated The Pale Light of Sunset grants a long awaited glimpse into the bent condition of the Maynard brain  

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    Wow Lee Maynard has again blown me away with this book of related short stories that carry the reader through a life before unimagined I laughed I smiled I felt my throat tighten and my eyes puddle Maynard paints his childhood in sepia tones with unexpected splashes of breathtaking color I love these characters Yet some of them I despise But all of them feel real to me and I think I once knew them Writing can’t get much better than what Maynard has put on these pages Every sentence is tight weighted with meaning and nothing herein is wasted Lee Maynard is the Appalachian Hemingway Highly recommended This is a novel I will read again and again

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    Loved this book Fresh perspective in every chapter Never a dull moment