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Delayed gratification has its place This wouldn't be itHalle Pumas Book 5Gabriel Anderson has accepted a unique position in the shifter world He's about to become a Hunter one of the few trained and sanctioned to hunt down the rare rogue shifter dangerous to humans and shifters alike There's one catch until his training is complete he must hold off on marking his mate No problem after all she probably couldn't handle the sexual demands he dreams of making on herHer mate's apparent desertion devastates Sarah And his friendship with another woman threatens the bond they should be sharing and building Maybe flirting with another man will make him sit up and take notice and finally win Gabe's heart It works Almost too wellOne touch of another man's hand on Sarah's tempting body brings every ounce of Gabe's possessiveness roaring to the surface He wastes no time making his erotic dreams of dominating her a reality whether she's ready for it or notIf she's not the only place he'll ever have her is in his dreams

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    I don't know what happened I loved all the other books in this series then I get this book and Hell to the no Gabe was a shitty mate I couldn't stand him He did everything wrong and if he was my mate I would demand a refund I felt bad for Sarah Since I hated Gabe so much I didn't get invested in relationship so yea total disappointment

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    I hated the asshole main character in this book and I felt bad for his mate SarahReason One In the beginning of the book he meets a man who tells him that he is Hunter and has to leave for six months for super special training This man he has known for all of five minutes tells him that he should not claim his mate that he should leave her to the dreams until he can claim her when he gets backReason Two With the AWESOME advice from reason one note the heavy use of sarcasm here he leaves without consulting his mate or talking to her making the decision himself cause that is just the type of guy he is No he calls her from the airport to tell her even lying about his whereabouts cause nothing builds trust better in stressful situation than lying to a person you are supposed in love withReason Three So now you are apart and it hurts soooooo bad and you just can’t suffer talking to your love So you get the brilliant idea to talk to another woman about your daily activities and have her tell you love Yeah cause they will be fast friends almost sisters with all the trust building you have instilled from reason one and twoReason Four You keep a mental tally of spanks to the ass you are going to give your love for all the offenses she has done during the day Such as dancing with another man singing karaoke refusing your mate mark just defying you in general I mean how dare she be pissed that you are hanging out with another woman giving her Christmas gifts when you didn’t get her anything stopped calling her then come back all indignant and try telling her what to doReason Five When your love who is the Omega and is in touch with the whole prides emotions shows you just how she felt with what you have done to her you feel bad I mean not bad enough to stop pressuring her to let you mark her and not bad enough to walk over to the other woman that has caused a lot of the pain and start talking to her I mean you are talking to her on how to make it better your love will understand right?So yeah I fucking hate the main character in this he was a arrogant twat that I wanted to see be hit by a bus then lit aflame negative stars would be appropriate goodreads I really want them

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    This the most current offering in the Halle Pumas series before we shift over to Halle Shifters with Bear Necessities that is is an important installment in the story but I'll say at the onset that I didn't enjoy this one as much as I did the others Don't worry this book is still enjoyable and it adds important things to the series but there were enough loose ends and elements that didn't quite add up that I can safely say that there are other installments that I enjoyed much Gabe and Sarah are a lot alike in that each has a special position within their world that carries a lot of responsibility and garners them each a lot of respect Gabe is a Hunter or rather he finds out at the beginning of this book that he's a Hunter and has to be trained on how to do the job a process which will require him to be away from Halle for six months He takes the advice of his supervisor and mentor and doesn't claim Sarah before he leaves as he thinks the separation would be too hard for her if he did this mistake just goes to show that you should do what you think is rightSarah is okay with waiting until Gabe is done with training to begin their life together what she is not okay with is having to find out everything that's going on with Gabe through Chloe a close friend of his Gabe remains in close contact with Chloe and seems to share a lot information with her than he does with Sarah and this doesn't sit well with Sarah or anyone else in Halle since for all intents and purposes it looks like Gabe has a girlfriend on the side Chloe doesn't do anything to discourage the rumors that are flying about her and Gabe either which is one of my issues with the book and something that I'll get to in a minuteSarah isn't a wimp and she decides that if Gabe can lollygag around with his female friends then there's no reason why she can't do the same with her male ones She strikes up a friendship with Jim the town veterinarian who's also Chloe's mate there's a weird love cube going on here at this point with hurt feelings and mixed signals thrown together that makes for a lot of problems that everyone has to deal with if they're going to move past all of thisThe whole premise of the tangled relationships and the trying to make your beloved jealous to draw their attention back to you isn't one that's brand new but the execution of it here was a little disjointed when compared to the rules of the world Probably the biggest issue that I had was that Sarah is the freaking Pride Omega she has the ability to know what any Pride member is feeling and as a result they can't lie to her or disguise their emotions Therefore it would have been easy for her to find out that a Gabe loves her beyond all reason b that he isn't cheating on her and can't image ever doing so or even wanting to and c that he and Chloe are just friends albeit close ones She doesn't seem to really accept any of these truths even at the end of the story and while I get it that she's new to being the Omega this frankly does not make sense to meSecond I didn't really understand why Gabe and Chloe didn't realize what people in Halle were saying and that nobody bothered to follow up with any of the involved parties to try to find out the truth I know I know people will gossip the tongues out of their heads while simultaneously saying they don't want to pry into other people's business but apparently Gabe didn't talk to anyone in Halle while he was away except for Chloe and when he could reach her Sarah I wasn't able to buy into the idea that this colossal misunderstanding was allowed to go down without anyone really taking an active interestI don't want people to leave with the idea that I didn't like this book I did and it contributes a lot to the overall series the dynamic between Gabe and Chloe and Chloe's issues with getting Jim to accept the idea that she's his mate play a big role in Bear Necessities an awesome awesome book that widens the playing field to include all kinds of shifters I was just left feeling like the hero and heroine had to go through an awful lot of pain in this story that ultimately wasn't fully resolved or addressed Still I highly recommend this series and reading all of the installments this one includedOverall Grade B

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    The 5th book in the Halle Puma series takes place 2 days after book 3 ends events occuring at the same time as book 4 and afterwards This book focuses on Gabe and his newly discovered mate Sarah Unfortunately circumstances take Gabe away from Halle for 6 months before he can mark Sarah and we follow the aftermath of that decision Lots of bad decisions manipulation doubts and second guesses plague the couple throughout Throw a werefx and a human into the mix and we have a very bizarre quadrangle that at times you wonder just what else can go wrong I certainly joined Sarah on her rollercoaster of emotions in this one I wanted to strangle some people If you enjoy this one I'd recommend reading Bear Necessities Halle Shifters Book 1 We find out about Chloe and the other types of shifters who visit Halle

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    My Thoughts 5 out of 5 Unicorns I loved it I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me I bought this book but no one tells me what to think feel or write about any book I own the whole setThe cover is not my style and it definitely doesn’t let you know it is a shifter readThis is the 5th book in the series and it is for adults only due to the steamy content While it isn’t mandatory to read in order I highly recommend it because it makes it so much betterThis is Gabe and Sarah’s story I loved the book but there isn’t much action in this book It is about drama and misreading situations on both of their parts It all starts with Gabe leaving for Hunter training There is also an awesome part at the end that if you have been reading the series you want to read about but I’m not spoiling it by telling you what happensI love Dana’s writing style She gets the right amount of humor snark chaos and romance to make it perfectI highly recommend to any shifter fan who loves humor romance and HEAs Can’t wait to read of Dana’s work

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    While I liked this one it seemed like it was missing something I understood Gabe's problem here is is slated for a great job in the shifter world but he has to put off his mate At the start I even agreed with his waiting to mate her but where he lost me was how he treated her when she was gone I sided with Sarah on this one By his actions he made it seem like Chloe was important than she was I liked how Sarah dealt with his suddenly showing back up giving him a taste of his own medicine I was glad that Sarah really made him work to get back in her good graces and that she was able to really show him how she felt

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    The misunderstanding ruined this story for me I found the hero's attitude troubling

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    I have to say I have some mixed feelings about Only in My Dreams by Dana Marie Bell This latest installment of the Halle Pumas series had its good and its bad aspects A lot of emotion relationship struggles and hint of romance mixed with erotica made the base of this story between Halle Pumas Gabe and SarahGabe has just been contracted to become a Hunter for all the shifters in his region It's the opportunity of a lifetime only he knows that Sarah is his mate and has yet to claim her Sarah has been waiting for Gabe to finally claim her as his mate and when he goes off to train for his new position she doesn't know what to do or how to show him what he's missing They'll have to connect in their dreams if they want to make their relationship a reality I found Sarah to be way too whiny for my liking She was also a bit hypocritical with Gabe as well She made the same mistakes he made only he didn't punish her for them like she did I also thought their relationship was just okay as far as the previous characters' stories went in the Halle Pumas series I did like the side character developments both previous and newly introduced I liked the way the story ended and I will be reading on because these stories are just addicting to me I like the way the author writes and I enjoy the premise of her books but this one just wasn't one of my favorites which happens in most series I'm realizing I would give this read a 2 12 lower 3 star rating for sure

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    The Halle Pumas series is one of my feel good float away de stress series I had put off reading this book based on the description of a delayed romance with the main characters being separated for a time as well as the mention of a friendship with another woman all in the book blurb I tend to dislike such stories so much so that I skipped this book and read the first in the Halle Shifters series which was alot of fun So I will just admit it here I hated Chloe and if I had known what she did in this book before I read the first in the Halle Shifter spin off then I would have looked at that story a little differently If Chloe has her own book I really do not want to read it So that aside I loved both of the characters in this book I completely understood Sarah's reactions and even though Gabe was rather slow on the uptake he was still a great lead I tend to make excuses for men than women which I know is an awful double standard but I expect from women and I do not care if that makes me a hypocrite or whatever This book novella? was a little heartbreaking which made the end that much sweeter Also light dominancesubmission themes for those who gravitate to such stories

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    Fifth and final book I’ve read all of these back to back so I don’t think I could have missed anything but feel like I missed something Only in My Dreams is Gabe and Sarah’s book we were introduced to them both in book 3 Here’s the confusing part at the beginning of the book Gabe is contacted by “James” about becoming a “Hunter” at this point we’ve never met James or heard of Hunters The couple also knows they’re mates and the last time we saw these two he was ignoring her and she just had a crush I wonder if there’s a spin off book my best guess is Halle Shifter series that overlaps and set this up ??The main conflict in this book is that Gabe leaves for months to “Hunter” train wout claiming Sarah he also becomes BFF’s with a fox shifter Chloe never heard of and seems to be keeping in better touch with her Chloe than Sarah while away Hurt Sarah becomes good friends with Jim a human vet I felt confused for much of the first half because I didn’t know that Chloe Jim are mates must have been in whatever book preceded this So in hindsight it makes sense that Chloe made Sarah jealous because she was hurt about Sarah hanging with her mate Jim is clueless about everything because he’s human He just thinks Gabe's being a shitty b friendGabe returns to find his mate hanging with OM and ignoring him The author was a bit all over with Chloe sometimes she’s portrayed as young and silly and completely innocent of intentionally causing issues Other times it’s portrayed that she did it on purpose because she was jealous Regardless it was shitty and I found myself annoyed with both because she continues to reach out to him after she’s aware of the issues she's caused and he still hangs with her what was up with him dancing with her at the end? Maybe wait a minute dude The last part of the book we get cameoupdates from all the previous couples as they all head to Disneyland of course where Emma is marrying MaxBottom Line It was ok but I do think we missed something and it was confusing I hate it when authors crossover with their series because that’s a lot to ask us as readers I was doing good finishing this one I did like that we didn’t have all the sillyjokey crap of the other books This one had a mature feel to it We don’t get a big series ending epilogue my guess is these characters will continue to pop up in her other series