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The River City emerges as a hot spot for unseemly noirBrand new stories by Dean King Laura Browder Howard Owen Yazmina Beverly Tom De Haven XC Atkins Meagan J Saunders Anne Thomas Soffee Clint McCown Conrad Ashley Persons Clay McLeod Chapman Pir Rothenberg David L Robbins Hermine Pinson and Dennis DanversFROM THE INTRODUCTION TO RICHMOND NOIRIn The Air Conditioned Nightmare Henry Miller tosses off a hard bitten assessment of the City on the James 'I would rather die in Richmond somehow' he writes 'though God knows Richmond has little enough to offer' As editors we like the dying part and might point out that in its long history Richmond Virginia has offered up many of the disparate elements crucial to meaty noir The city was born amid deception conspiracy and violence These days Richmond is a city of winter balls and garden parties on soft summer evenings a city of private clubs where white haired old gentlemen with their martinis or mint juleps in hand still genuflect in front of portraits of Robert E Lee It's also a city of brutal crime scenes and drug corners and okay everybody go on home there's nothing to see It's a city of world class ad agencies and law firms a city of the FFV First Families of Virginia and a city of immigrants from India Vietnam and Africa to Massachusetts New York and New Jersey It's a city of finicky manners you mustn't ever sneeze publicly in Richmond and old time neighborliness and it's a city where you think twice about giving somebody the finger if they cut you off on the Powhite Parkway that's pronounced Pow hite not Po white thank you very much because you might get your head blown off by the shotgun on the rack

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