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A poignant and fantastical first novel by a timeless new literary voice With all the elements of a classic fable vivid descriptions and a wholly unique style this idiosyncratic debut introduces a new and exciting voice to readers of such authors as George Saunders Kurt Vonnegut and Yann Martel In Light Boxes the inhabitants of one closely knit town are experiencing perpetual February It turns out that a god like spirit who lives in the sky named February is punishing the town for flying and bans flight of all kind including hot air balloons and even children's kites It's February who makes the sun nothing but a faint memory who blankets the ground with snow who freezes the rivers and the lakes As endless February continues children go missing and and adults become nearly catatonic with depression But others find the strength to fight back waging war on February

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    This is a terrible book of lies This book makes me out to be such an awful person when in reality I'm not Please don't read it