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In his family life Angus Stonefield had been gentle and loving in business a man of probity and in his relationship with his twin brother Caleb a virtual saint Now Angus is missing and it appears than possible that Caleb a creature long since abandoned to depravity has murdered him Hired to find the missing man William Monk puts himself into his shoes searching for clues to Angus's fate and his vicious brother's whereabouts Slowly Monk inches toward the truth and also unwittingly toward the destruction of his good name and livelihood

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    William Monk was perfectly horrible to Hester She really didn’t deserve it I really enjoyed this story although not so much the ending Monk is very lucky that Hester is loyal to him that’s all I’m saying

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    I am a big Anne Perry fan especially of her World War I series and have liked her Monk mysteries very much But this one just didn't have the grab I've come to expect in her works Monk was like a cardboard stereotype grousing through the novel licking his ego and being unconscionably cruel to Hester even to the point of calling her names He seems oblivious to the goodness of her service the hint that this may be an underlying rebellion against something awakened in him by their kiss in an earlier novel just doesn't justify his borishness Were this my first Monk reading I'd be so put off by him that I'd probably not bother with subsequent novelsThe subplot an attempt to ruin Monk's reputation was a good foil to his egocentric pride Unfortunately it was solved too readily by the every caring Hester Presumably the person making the threat will fade into memory and Monk will never know that Hester avoided the tragedyThe plot itself has tension and introduces some well drawn characters especially from the slimy sections of London Perry's strength is in descriptions and she gives her readers a good shuttering feel of the filth darkness disease and danger that haunts the poor trapped in their area The plot undwinds in court of course Unfortunately Perry had to find a deus ex machina way to undo a previous situation that would have made the final outcome impossible For all of its flaws the book has gripping movement and the outcome is bizzare if not totally satisfactory It is a difficult book to put down and I do recommend it with reservations

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    Anne Perry's books tend to be multi faceted On one side is the main plot the mystery while on another is a look at a certain aspect of life at the time another shows the lot of women another contains introspection on the part of the main characters and still another reveals the depth of the supporting castHere the main plot is a devoted and kind husband who never returned from meeting his brother His wife fears he is dead and worse that she'll never be able to prove it and being a woman has no control or legal claim over any of her husband's property or money She engages Monk to ascertain what has happened to AngusAt the same time typhoid has broken out in Limestone one of the poverty striken areas of London naturally Hester is amongst the few from the higher classes who reach out to do what they can As she explains the true nature of poverty the reader also joins Enid's startling realization of what this level of poverty really means The same pan for scrubbing the floor for bathing the baby for waste at night and for cooking in It's no wonder typhoid spreads especially in these days before clean water was readily available and before sewer pipes were installedHester and Monk are by now both acutely aware of each other's fault You might say overly aware because they certainly seem to be trying to convince themselves of something though his steadfast loyalty and Hester's quick thinking keep bringing them together to shore up the other And then there is Drusilla

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    brilliant as always this was the first one where i actually guessed close to the truth but there was no way to prove it so i moved on to other theories i usually don't guess i HATE guessing but this time it didn't ruin it for me ALL HAIL QUEEN PERRY