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Determined that no one should dare to consign her to the dementia basket having reached the grand old age of nineteen years Truffles the ever so refined tabby cat has kindly condescended to regale we rather inferior humans with further advice reminiscences and comical observations in this her third published diary As she aims to sleep for 22 out of every 24 hours this is an admirable accomplishment indeed Cataloguing further recollected antics and daring escapades involving the feline and canine friends and foes introduced in her first two diaries Truffles’ Diary and Truffles’ Diary One Year On Truffles once again offers her pearls of wisdom about life poking a proverbial paw in the short sighted badly focused eye that is the highly flawed human condition Now in her twilight years who could be better placed than Truffles a self proclaimed highly intelligent ‘aristocat’ and who would dare to argue? to share the secrets of longevity and the essential clauses required in human servants’ personal job descriptions to ensure that every feline whim is catered for to an exacting standard Warning Do not under any circumstances let your cat read this book

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