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Based on her hugely popular sex blog Abby Lee's Girl With a One Track Mind was a publishing phenomenon Unfortunately for Abby her true identity was revealed shortly after publication andher private life now public was thrown into disarray Suddenly all her friends family and colleagues knew her most shockingly intimate secrets In her follow up book she details how she coped once the whole world knew she was Britain's most famous sex diarist and reveals her attempts to lead a satisfying sex life once Once again this results in hilarious adventures from doomed sex with a rock star and uneventful sex with a newspaper columnist to an on off relationship with a tv presenter and a one night stand with an internet celebrity In spite of the disastrous dates Abby doesn't give up on her search for a meaningful relationship with a trustworthy companion With her life on display she dates in secret until now As entertaining witty and wise as her first book with the same humorous 'The Girls Guide to ' advice sections this is the book Abby's many fans have been waiting for

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    Interesting throughout relateable in parts The blog part is very interesting sometimes insightful sometimes humourous As sex is an extremely personal topic one can only relate to author in parts in parts she seems like a very strange creature The 'exposed' part is touching It's also food for thought awe inspiring Despite all the support that author is fortunate to have she's exemplary tough This book is no sob story It's not porn either After the exposed part blows over the books drags a bit but then it is non fiction the author is brave to put her insecurities to fore which are bound to draw some judging So yeah I judge you Girl not for being one track mind but for being desperate anxious about a relationship also for judging potential dates based on CHANGEABLE characteristics like using txtspk a person can be requested to stop doing that you know?

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    Bright unpretentious candid and in her self concept shallow I don't agree that Abby Zoe qualifies as shallow She incorporates much introspection Does she have idiosyncrasies? Yes indeed Most of us do if we're honest with ourselves I hope that Zoe lives joyously and peacefully wherever she may be On a later article it was disclosed that she had moved to NYC An adventurous spirit thrives anywhere

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    During my time in London we saw posters for this book everywhere When we got to London Heathrow's ridiculous ass mall inside the airport I decided to buy the book as a souvenirCompared to the last couple of books that I've read this book is Maury Povich absolute trash but I still give it 4 stars because not only is it that important and relevant no one is claiming that it should be compared to any other book On its and Abby's OWN merits it's a pretty damn good blogbook Or at least it was important to me to hear a woman in her mid 30s state that what she wants is someone who would want to settle down and have kids with me as well as regularly fuck me rotten I mean Abby Lee didn't pull her punches she is as vulgar and direct as guys regularly are chided forThe awesomeness of this book comes from the fact that Abby Lee never planned on a book deal and wrote truly believing that she was completely anonymous Not only did she put the details of her sex life out there but she also put some extremely detailed and honest thoughts about her life on the wholeAgain this is no Walden She certainly isn't a Kerouac or a Pirsig or an Orwell or a Plato or a Suzuki It's just one girl's real thoughts about her lovesex life At no point while reading this did I get the feeling like she put extra on it simply to shock people If anything I felt it was a little too real And it was much appreciated

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    I haven't read a non fiction book for a long time and this book was a refreshing read I haven't read the first book but do not feel that it is a requirement you get the idea of what the book was about On the eve of releasing a book based on her blog entries about sex the author is outed and exposed This understandably causing stress and panic The author worries about family and friends reactions It changes her life and her outlook on life Reading her thoughts on sex and men was Iinteresting and captivating Reading about sex from a woman's point of view and how much she enjoyed it It was very open and honest and I'm intrigued to read the original book now I think all women should be as brave as the author and not be afraid to say what you want and enjoy from a partner I feel that there is room for another update on her life I want to know if she does find someone who has potential husband material her words Like I said knowing this is none fiction I'm now curious about her life

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    Loved the original book which was simply a collection of Abby's blog entries I was originally a little put off by the style of this book which although laid out as blog entries appeared a 'story' of Abby's outing in the newspapers and the atrocious impact on her friends family and the loss of her job but importantly the loss of her self confidence The format didn't detract from the amazing inner strength and detemination of this amazing woman I have the greatest of respect for her and love to think that we'd get on like a 'house on fire' if we ever bumped into each other in a bar Go Abby

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    Extremely erotic bold shocking magnifisently funny Abby or Zoe same lady is just another average woman who wasn't afraid to expose her anonymoty She's a sex blogger that is completely honest about her sex life and brings you closer to her sex practice ieads thinking that is so realAfter reading this book you won't be ever ashamed of your sexual orientation you will become open confidentBest book ever of 2010