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As a young widow midwife Hannah Trevor is regarded by the law as unable to support her daughter Jennet and at any minute the eight year old may be taken away from her and sold as an indentured servant When she becomes the suspect in a murder Hannah must save not only her own life but that of her daughter's as well

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    This is the second Hannah Trevor book I've read It's a sorta mystery series about a post Revolutionary War midwife I know where do I find these books? I enjoy the period details and the slice of life view of those times A big theme in the book is what happened to the wives of Tory sympathizers after the war was over I never thought about that before The book was interesting from that perspective and is well written but it wasn't great

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    Great second book of the series if a bit depressing in its accuracy This is the Revolutionary War at its worst Be forewarned Lawrence has a deft hand expanding this world

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    Fast paced and historically interesting customs

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    This book has such a good ending that it’s a little weird it’s not the last instead of The Burning Bride which I haven’t read yet but will soon I wish I had had the will to reread Hearts and Bones before starting this— it’s been eight years which is long enough to have forgotten most of the particulars— but I remembered it as validatingly feminist in nature and this certainly lives up to that To think this is a twenty year old book If Margaret Lawrence RIP were living now I think she would have had the same things to say and the same kind of story to tell I hope to become a Margaret Lawrence completionist in the near future

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    Blood red roses DB 46974 Lawrence Margaret Margaret K Reading time 13 hours 11 minutes Read by Annie Wauters A production of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped Library of Congress Subjects Mystery and Detective StoriesSeries Hannah Trevor mysteries volume 2Description Maine 1786 In this sequel to Hearts and Bones RC 43725 midwife Hannah Trevor's young daughter Jennet is being forcibly taken from her to become an indentured servant Political rebellion is brewing and violence is spreading when a family found murdered in the woods is identified as Hannah's Tory husband and dependents Hannah soon becomes the primary suspect Some violenceTo be honest I tend to shy away from anything that is classified as “literary” because in my view good literature is far far than good writing and all too often “literary” novels in any genre are pretentious self conscious and are concerned with how a story is told than with the story itself So I began this historical mystery with than a little trepidation and found that yes it was a little self conscious and yes sometimes the symbolism and literary devices obscured the story being told but that story and most of the characters in it were so powerful that they than overcame these issuesThis book tells essentially 3 stories that are braided very nicely into 1 and none of them could exist without the others First there is the mystery and its resolution and that is handled with subtlety and mastery The 2nd story involves a very difficult period for the very new United States and a revolution which could have and possibly nearly did end our Republic before it got on to its feet The 3rd story involves a group of characters but especially Hannah a midwife her deaf daughter and both her husband and the man she loves All the stories are so well intermeshed they can’t and shouldn’t be separated and the characters are so vividly drawn that those characters make themselves at home in the mind and heart of the reader True there are a few characters who are rather too symbolic to be credible but fortunately they have fairly minor parts in the story so I could consider them embellishmentsWhat does stand out about this book though is the absolutely glorious writing Don’t get me wrong I dearly love words and the ways in which they can be used but making lovely words just for the sake of making lovely sentences and paragraphs leaves me cold Here though the writing winds around and through the story and supports it giving it life breadth and depth without every trying to overshadow it This is the kind of writing that is so richly textured that it engages all the senses Sometimes it is so beautiful that I had to stop my player just to allow my mind to re listen to a phrase and experience it again Each feature of the story each object of person in the book is touched and made than 3 dimensional Even the weather is a living breathing and possibly sentient character no not really but reading the descriptions of some storms and fogs makes it feel sentient This was an absolutely enthralling entirely satisfying reading experience and this is a book which will haunt my memory and pluck my heartstrings for a very long time I think

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    The novel takes place in the 1780s with a midwife widow Hannah Trevor as the key character This is the second about Hannah's life In this one her missing husband shows up under another name but is murdered by someone And you guessed it She is accused of his murder Her daughter Jennet springs from a romance that Hannah had with Daniel a wealthy married man whose wife's frail health confines her to her room much of the time Drawn to each other their love is the talk of the community The local sheriff Trapp is a cruel opinionated man who is convinced of Hannah's guilt possibly implicating Daniel as well In addition Hannah's husband has another wife and family all of whom were cruelly murdered too As Hannah copes with ostracism in her community and continues her life she finds that someone wants her daughter and takes her away as Hannah and Jennet attempt to flee from this lifeThe tale is fast paced exciting and fun to read For me this is one of those difficult to put down reads

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    I like Lawrence in small doses The historical perspective into this under explored time post Revolutionary America is something I really appreciate and Lawrence doesn't pull punches But she writes in such a flowery and oblique way that at times I just get annoyed Some of the images are great such as when a woman's daughter curls up like a squirrel Some are just pretentious such as when a woman's lover was born in her born in her bonesI think I really notice it because I have a tendency toward pretentious discursions too hangs head

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    This wasn't as good as the first book Hearts and Bones but still captivated me bc of my interest in the time period Plus I'm rooting for Hannah Trevor the main character so I want to stick with her to see what happens As in the first book this one is a murder mystery revolving heavily around women's issues such as quilting both books are named for quilt patterns midwifery marriage laws women in widowhood etc I'm going to stick with the series and read the next one too

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    Moving the story this is the second of a series along about Hannah and Daniel was a bit important than the murder story It also was a bit on the slow sideHowever the history of post Revolutionary War society the reprisals and the place of women especially Tory wives was fascinating

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    The sequel to Hearts and Bones Hannah Trevor is a widowed midwife who must solve the mystery of a man who was murdered The only witness to the murder is her eight year old daughter who cannot hear or speak