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The climb to the top of the Hollywood ladder is treacherous especially in stilettos And as any A lister knows even harder than getting to the top is staying there Hollywood Girls Club follows the well heeled footsteps of three power players who are determined not to lose their footing Jessica the agency president with hot demanding clients and an ice cold fiance Celeste the megastar whose action flick director husband just dumped her for a fresh faced newcomer and Lydia the producer with the magic touch whose new boss is personally waging a campaign to ruin her career They’ve been friends for a long time and in the poisonous petri dish of the film industry having friends with power is crucial but having friends you can trust is even betterFor the first time the stars have aligned and Jessica Celeste and Lydia are all working on the same project a big budget action movie called Seven Minutes Past Midnight The movie is going to be a blockbuster if they can ever get it wrapped But between complicated personal lives mind games and backstabbing and a movie studio head with an unfortunate resemblance to an evil leprechaun there has been than the usual amount of chaos during filming It will take all their collective clout to get this movie into theaters Together with Mary Anne a naive writer from Minnesota whom they plucked from obscurity to polish Lydia’s script the girls fight Hollywood style to make this film a box office hit Shifting from one woman’s perspective to another’s this addictive page turner takes you inside LA to reveal the inner workings of Hollywood and how strong willed women navigate the shifting landscape of influence and control No tales from the assistant’s office Hollywood Girls Club is the story of the players themselves with their sometimes ugly motivations humanizing frailties grandiose scandals and the lasting friendships you can find even in the Hollywood jungle

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    Book 1 in the series Hollywood Girls Club by Maggie MarrSex and the City meets HollywoodIf you are a fan of Sex and the City you will absolutely adore this novel In fact you will devour it just as I didThis was pure unadulterated fun This book was lighthearted and provided me with so much joy and amusement This book was by no means deep let's call a spade a spade but it was just what I neededSome of my expressions while reading this book wereThis book takes place in Hollywood as you might assume from the title and it follows four high powered women in the movie making industry Lydia Albright is a top producer in Hollywood and has an innate ability to produce Her father was a major player in the industry as well Celeste AKA Cici Solange is comparable to Angelina Jolie or Nicole Kidman She is a star Then there is Jessica Caulfield who is the agent you want if you are a major actor or actress in Hollywood She has that je ne sais quoi that most agents don't have Finally the last woman to round out the Hollywood Girls Club is Mary Anne Meyers Mary Anne was practically penniless until one of her scripts that she had written was discovered by Lydia AlbrightThis book follows the meteoric rise to fame of the Hollywood Girls Club and their bumps along the way Even when things got a little bumpy they picked themselves up dusted off their Minolos and Louboutins and kept right on stomping the groundYou go girlsTheir trials and tribulations through out this book made me root and cheer for them At the end of the book I felt like they were my friends and I didn't want to let them go Another facet of this book I really enjoyed was how the author chose to mark each chapter Each chapter would be titled Lydia Albright and Her Black Alexandra Neel Calfskin Pumps or Jessica Caulfield and Her Balenciaga Sandals Every chapter having some relationship to shoes in one way or another I thought that was really cute It also reminded the reader that these ladies liked things in excess and had the means to afford that lifestyle Again You go girls For me the keystone of a great novel is the likeability or relatability of the characters whether or not you are invested in them For this book I definitely was and I will be reading the sequel without a doubt

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    The I read of Hollywood Girls Club the I was sure the author knew what she was talking about There was a definite sense of insider knowledge about the film industry as the book progressed beyond the surface knowledge most of us would know So I wasn't surprised at the end of the book to find that Maggie Marr is a lawyer turned agent living with her actor husband in Los Angeles Shades of one of her main characters JessMy first impression as I started reading Hollywood Girls Club was that this was another Jackie Collins wannabe Sex drugs and excesses with a large dose of bad language not good for using text to speech on Kindle when cooking dinner However as the novel unfolded the characters became less edgy in a good way as far as I'm concerned and that was when I started to care about them and their situationsThe four main characters were women either at the top of their careers or in the case of one just starting out but in a blockbuster way Movie star agent producer and screenplay writer they were four women who had that most surprising of commodities in Hollywood true friendship It's this friendship that is the glue for Hollywood Girls Club By the end of the novel I was cheering each of the ladies on Hollywood Girls Club was an enjoyable diversion All fairly predictable but that didn't spoil the story It was a light easy read However readers should be aware that this book does contain some coarse language and sexual references together with a small amount of drug use by one of the main characters

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    This was a very nice quick read It wasn't deep but I didn't feel like I wasn't getting anything out of it reading it In finishing it I actually think feel like my friends have gone away I can't wait to read the next one so I know about what they all do There are 4 maybe 5 main characters in this Hollywood Girls Club one not technically in it but set up like she could be Celeste the star aka actress Jessica the agent Lydia the producer MaryAnn the writer from the midwest that the girls give their big breaks too and Christina who I hope we see of in future books is the daughter of the director of the movie and after college wants to be an agent Each was individual and had a different way you could relate to them but it still made since why they all got along Overall have to say I really enjoyed it and can see myself reading it again and that if you like Chick Lit you should read it

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    So many questions left unanswered why was Ted kept unnamed until the most integral part of the story? Because he was the most powerful man in Hollywood? And what was with the sudden change in Mitsy? She started off very mid western 50s era housewife then after Mary Anne told her off she pulled a Sandy from Grease They never explained how she became so different All in all I enjoyed how catty the characters could be It was like a modern day Valley of the Dolls and after saying that I will definitely read the sequel

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    I picked up this book because I wanted an escape from my own writing which normally deals with intense subject matter The author delivered exactly the kind of escape I needed The book was so much fun to read and i didn't want it to end It reminded me of Jackie Collins books yet refreshingly different It is clear that the author is well versed with the entertainment industry she writes about The plot the setting and the characters were very well developed and realistic I especially loved the relationships between the four leading ladies They were mature intelligent and looked out for each other It was also good to see them grow as the story progressed This is a mature version of sex in the city I highly recommend this book and I am looking forward to reading the author's next book

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    Other reviewers compare this to Jackie Collins but that isn't really accurate This is the story of four powerful or up and coming powerful women who succeed in Hollywood while learning what is really important to each of them One is an super agent one is a successful producer one is a superstar actress and the last is a long struggling but recently discovered writer They have paid their dues and clawed their way to the pinnacles of their careers with very little help if not outright sabotage from men While there are men in the story they are not main characters and while there is sex in the book it isn't the detailed style of Ms Collins It is instead a peek behind the curtains in Hollywood where lies are told people are tossed away and revenge is a dish best served with sushi

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    A fast paced read about a celebrity producer agent and writer who share a unique friendship in a cutthroat industry Fun fact Each chapter is named after one of the main characters and a pair of shoes