Psychological Commentaries on the Teachings of Gurdjieff ↠ MOBI

This classic five volume set is being reissued in hardcover by popular demand with a sixth volume the index compiled by the Gurdjieff Society of Washington DCPSYCHOLOGICAL COMMENTARIES have their own special value that a polished writing would not have retained for they are concerned with the immediate processes of applying certain deep ideas in daily life Some of the topics discussed include the emotions suffering awareness man as a self developing organism what it means to work on oneself effort prayer dreams cosmology self love memory violence and understanding relationship and habitual patterns

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    New Testament Self Remembering This volume explains many things that open my eyes to how mechanical “I” am Practical insights into how we lose energy by our thinking mental habits negative emotion abound and one sees it is possible to dig ourselves out by Self Remembering

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    It's describing the Enneagram very deeply in a way it's possible to find the relation to Steiners description of the soul