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A true story of a young German woman hired to raise a Saudi royal's son She does a wonderful job adapting to the culture and in raising the boy but things go wrong and she is suddenly let go due to private family reasons Quoting the book's inner jacket Within the desert palaces of the Saudi royal family Rosemarie Buschow spent two years as governess Privy to a way of life never before witnessed by any Westerner Miss Buschow tells what life is like for the lonely luxury loving princesses whose incalculable wealth buys everything except the love they desperately desire Dramatic moving story that began with the promise of love and ended in tragedy when young Princess Mishaal and her lover were publicly executed for adultery

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    Waargebeurd maar vond het boek geen echte hoogvliegerKon het gemakkelijk aan de kant leggen

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    So eloquent and well written Loved this book