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Among three lovers there are ties that bind?Business partners and best friends Grey Richards and Heath Solis are as different as night and day Grey is calm confident and always in control Heath is as passionate as his smoldering looks No woman can resist them and it's always been easy to share Until now?Grey is head over heels in love He?ll do anything to see Antonia Kearny smile to hear her breath catch to make her scream his name And when he realizes that Toni wants another man?and that it's Heath? he?ll make the ultimate sacrifice?On a decadent weekend in Mexico Toni will experience the hunger the touch the taste of two men But will her desire bring them together or tear them apart?

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    This book is all kids of stupid Also the book description is incorect It says Grey is calm and confidant He's anything but In his inner monologues he is insecure jealous and whines like a little bitch He invites his friend for a theesome but in his inner monologues keeps thinking about wanting to punch the guy for touching his girlfriend When a said friend of his touches his girlfriends ass and she doesn't protest he is brooding for days not wanting to talk to her and barely looking at her Confidant? Not even a little bit Who in a hell forced you to go through with it?At some point I almost thought I was reading a thriller There was a lot of cock and tongue stabbing The writing is absolutely aweful Not only the story dragged forever without going somewhere the sex scenes were just painful to read through They finally agree to meet to discuss the arrangement and you get to read about them going on and on about the menu Should they get a lobster or a fish? They ate there before and the fish was good but maybe they should try something different this time? Should they drink red or white wine? They get a bottle of each because that's how they roll Here is some juicy tongue action Well not all action was juicy some of it was stiff and dry but the dude made it work “His tongue stabbed into her once twice moving up to the roof of her mouth over her tongue beneath it”It's important for things to fit in If not you are shit out of luck Luckily they do “He noticed his tongue would fit perfectly through the opening in her mouth”He couldn't tell her he loved her with his words his tongue however didn't have that problem even being stiff and dry and all “And when he couldn’t find it in him to speak he used the tongue that felt stiff and dry in his mouth and loved her with it”Again with the stabbing “He stabbed her mouth with his tongue in a kiss that was almost painful in its intensity” “He stabbed her with his tongue again and she latched on to his mouth and sucked him deeper into hers”Here is some erotic tongue loving “His sweltering tongue did erotic things to her earlobe gingerly fucked the crevice”Look at him talking dirty while going for the kill there “I want you inside me” she murmured against his neckHis hand fisted at the small of her back “Count to ten and before you get to three I’m there”Are you wanting to set your underwear on fire yet? I didn't finished this book barely made it halfway through it

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    I presume you know what the book is about I'm letting you know what I liked or disliked about itThis book was smokin' hot At one point while reading outside my home couldn't say where exactly I recall thinking I should look around and make sure no one is watching me because lord only knew what expression was on my face Seriously I liked this book very much

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    This book held so much promise when I started It was actually pretty intriguing and enthralling for the first 50 or so pages Some good character development I could even forgive the typical Man Who Will Never Commit and Plain Woman Who Is Not His Usual Type characters that have been a little overdoneThis plotline grates because we have enough women out there who believe that this type of man will fall forever in love with her and they'll live happily every after I don't think we need to further encourage this behaviorIn this book we apparently have not one but TWO men who will never commit AndAND? They both fall in love with the same plan woman who isn't their type Yup I get it This is the stuff that romance novels are built on Can she tame his wild heart or will he break hers? I mean Harlequin has entire lines built on this premise so clearly it sells a lot of booksBut for me it's getting old and I was hoping to get away from it by moving into the erotic side of romance I was wrongThen we add to that tired plotline some good old guilt and jealousy Grey the main love interest at the start gets decidedly jealous of Heath his buddy with whom he's already had too many to count threesomes with But of course Toni is different He's in LOVE with her but can't tell her that And Toni gets all put out and hurt that during a threesome Grey's sex wasn't him making love with her it was just sex And a fight ensuesBasically the characters that started out great were irritating me so much by page 100 that it drew me out of the narrative and the story and made me want to throw the book AT those characters Maybe it was meant to show how complex and disrupting a menage situation is to a relationship but in the end it just irritated me and made strong healthy characters turn weak and annoyingAlso not as hot and sexy as I would've liked It was disrupted by the characters acting badly once again pulling me out of the story not the goal I'm sureFinally Fisting and I'm not talking the kind you'll find if you google fisting I'm talking about the way overused in romance verb Before 100 pages were through we had sheets hair and a shirt fisted And that's what I can remember Haul out your thesaurus authors There are several other terms you could use which would avoid the rampant overuse of this in the genre ESPECIALLY in erotica you need to avoid it Let's try grip clutch grab twist pull grasp etc I mean I came up with those without even trying Again it's something that pulls this reader out of the narrativeSo First 50 pages fantastic Everything after that just got bad and then worse

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    If you are a fan of menage and don't mind MM interaction you will love this bookAs a lover of menage fiction I have read a lot of thrown together plots held together weakly with sex as the only glue This is not one of those books It is steamy hot fraught with emotion and extremely hard to put down Although not short in length I wished it was longer if only so I could enjoy the world these characters existed in a little longer Made me an instant fan of Red and I have since bought every one of her writings like an eager addict This one is still my favoriteIf you liked the Satin Sash some fantastic menage books areTable for Three by Lainey Reese MFMLaid Bare by Lauren Dane MMFMenage by Emma Holly MMFSusie's choice by Barbara Ellsborg MMFSafe Harbor Love Slave for Two by Tymber Dalton MMF MMFHappy HOT reading

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    This has to be one of the dirtiest sex filled scorching hot books I have ever read Definitely not something overly deep that is going to stick with you but of an explosive one night stand There was a decent story centered about 2 very intense best friends Grey and Heath and Grey's girlfriend Toni The sex was consuming and fierce and every kind of sex imaginable between consenting adults There was also some major jealousy and possessiveness by Grey a little scary he was sort of like a time bomb getting ready to blow A good read but not something I could read everyday

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    Your woman wants me That's the opening line of The Satin Sash by Red Garnier When Grey Reynolds hears his best friend and business partner Heath Solis say this his blood runs cold He and Antoina Toni Kearney have been lovers for two years And in those two years Grey has been consumed by his strong feelings for Toni From the moment he met her he knew that he wanted her And she has made him happier than he's ever been She soothes the darker side of him and she enhances his life in ways he can't articulate Not even by saying I love you Toni is blissfully in love with Grey She's adored him from the moment she met him and always wants him Her desire is a palpable thing for him and he fulfills her every need They are for all intents and purposes living together at Toni's place Sure Grey picks up the rent and spoils Toni excessively buying her anything her heart desires Which can make her feel a bit like a kept woman Especially because Grey has never brought up marriage never even said I love you But overall Toni is happy and mostly content in her life with GreyUntil she dances with Heath Solis When Toni meets Heath she is immediately attracted She can't help herself She adores Grey but Heath intrigues and attracts her in ways she can't begin to explain She and Heath share a very heated dance That coupled with the fact that Heath has flat out told Grey that she wants him leads to an uncomfortable ride home with Grey that night Grey is tortured by the idea that Toni and Heath might be attracted to each other Heath is like his brother really his only friend Toni is his port in the storm The idea that they are attracted to each other torments him He can't stand the possibility of losing Toni to Heath Grey and Heath had a wild childhood often indulging in threesomes and other sexual encounters that werea little less conventional So Grey decides that he needs to see Heath and Toni together and see what happens He decides to plan a weekend in Cabo for the three of them to see what happens Of course Toni is appalled but also can't help but be intrigued She's very attracted to both men and wants this to happen but knows that Grey is extremely jealous Her hope is that being seeing that her attraction to Heath would never impact the way she feels about him But she doesn't count on Heath's determination to have her nor her increasing attraction as she gets to know him better Will the three be able to work out a way to come together? Or will the men's jealousy of each other destroy everything that Toni wants?The Satin Sash is a humdinger of an erotic romance It seethes with tension So much so that even at the end I wasn't sure how things would turn out I found Grey to be an intriguing character one who is a total dichotomy He's at times jealous nasty and confrontational but also tender and loving with Toni I never fully understood his motivation for planning the weekend in Cabo given that he was so jealous of Toni and Heath's attraction It felt almost like self flagellation But his feelings for Toni were undeniable and easily conveyed throughout the story I wish that the author had offered a bit backstory on Heath and Grey's relationship as it was so competitive Throughout the book I waffled back and forth rooting for both heroes to win the girl As the story raced towards a close I still wasn't sure how it would end up This is a very dark book with lots of darker emotions and uglier sides of characters coming out Both Heath and Grey have very unlikeable moments Only Toni remains mostly pure in her dealings with the men As a reader I really understood both men's attraction to her especially given how full of angst both were She seemed like a ray of sunshineOverall The Satin Sash features some extremely hot very emotional love scenes and a lot of dark angsty ness Which of course satisfied me as a reader I'm not sure all readers will enjoy it just because of the male leads both being extremely conflicted I also wish that the book had had an epilogue it was so dark it would have been nice to see the characters in an HEA Especially because I wasn't completely convinced of the HEA given the antagonistic relationship between the male leads But overall the book worked for me and it's one I'd recommend to lovers of darker erotic romanceFinal grade B

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    Gray Heath are business partners and have known each other for years Gray has a girlfriend Toni and has a luxury apartment whilst Heath is bi sexual and lives out of several hotels depending on where he is in the world At a business dinner is where Heath first meets Toni and after dancing with her he announces to Gray that 'Your woman wants me' and offers to be a third in their relationshipGray struggles with this confession and decides to seek out from Toni if this is actually true Toni is at first astounded but little does she know these two used to share women all the time albeit in the very distant past After Toni admits she wants Heath they all go to Mexico togetherbut will this little plan work out? Gray is looking at this as a weekend fling but Heath has been fantasizing about Toni for a whileWow is all I can say to this book It is beyond steamy in several places in the book and it's interesting to find a character like Toni that has a passion for both men and is willing to voice her opinions to 'have her cake and eat it' It does have mm fm mmf scenes throughout the book which are spicy hot A great read The only thing I found was missing was an epilogue to give an idea as to how the ending works out for them

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    This was one of those rare erotica books that made me sad when reading part of it We have 3 people that have a connection and all but one of them fight the connection they haveThis books seems to be divided into parts The first quarter of the book introduces us to Grey and Toni it pretty much sets up their relationship Then business partner Heath enters and shakes things up The shake up ends with the 3 of them in Cabo where the next half of the book takes part Cabo is basically one big sex scene but some really hot ones We start out with the very traditional mfm menage but it quickly changes Those changes in Cabo have long reaching effects and are dealt with in the last quarter of the book When they get back home all things are different Grey is jealous Heath longs for what he knows he can't have and Toni knows what she wants but isn't sure she has the courage to ask for it It is at this point that you are rooting for Toni that she gets up the courage to get what she wants and what both of the guys really need

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    This book had so much promise but I guess I was let down in the end The heroine is the epitome of everything that I hate She just keeps wanting when she basically has Grey on his hands and knees Gah Seeing him hurt was just absolutely horrible And I don't even want to speak about Heath Proper review will come eventually

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    God this was this steamiest damn thing i've ever read The raw emotional hunger and need for each other grabs you from the start Yowza