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A strange blue light has brought a visitor from the future to an American commune in Nova Scotia The visitor's name is Rachel a beautiful woman from another civilization and another time Her one way mission is simple collect data on the past of the human raceBut why does she risk immortality for this mission? Why are her methods so seductive so devastating? And will this emissary from the future destroy Earth's past?Only time will tell

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    So while this is the second book in the LifehouseDeathkiller trilogy it doesn't actually feel like it until three chapters from the end In which he does the exact same exposition dump thing as in the previous book only even egregiouslyThis was written several years after Mindkiller and the maturation shows There are hints of humor missing from the earlier book and his character building is far better done And I'd liked the characters in the previous book Unfortunately the protagonist gradually reveals himself to be rather problematic deliberately so It's plot necessary it turns out But it means you spend the entire book embedded in the head of someone leaping to conclusions and saying no that makes no sense you don't have enough evidence to believe that Twice his conclusions turn out to be exactly right which is ridiculous The third time his conclusion the most exasperating of all does turn out to be desperately desperately wrong But I'd spent so much time being annoyed that by the time Sam realizes his mistake I'd already written him off It does not help that most of the intricately beautifully drawn secondary characters are also annoying as hell Especially the Sunrise commune gang most of whom I suspect were modeled after neighbors of the author lovingly drawing on their strengths and flaws Unfortunately since I didn't have a preexisting affection for them I just found them all annoying I think perhaps I'm the wrong person for this book I see very little romantic about the hippie commune model of arguing over every last thing to achieve a consensus I've been in that dynamic it's never really a consensus and it isn't here it's just the strong personalities bullying weaker personalities into agreeing but forcing them to also declare that their previous resistance was a form of psychological weakness and hang ups in the processBut really it's the ending The never fully justified near death experience ending that just dumps all the info that's been withheld in the most graceless manner possible The problem I'm seeing here is that Robinson wants to write about huge universe shattering ideas in theory but in practice he actually writes about small people dealing with small problems There's nothing wrong with that only he has the grand master plan running in the background and can't figure out a way to tie them together There is brilliant work to be done about people trying to live everyday lives in the shadow of world shaking events Constellation Games is one I've read recently But you can't make your big events the secretive conspiracy based kind if you want that to be your plot But Robinson wants to have his cake and eat it too he keeps his characters and thus his readers entirely in the dark and then substitutes a grand reveal for a climax Here's what actually was going on all along which no one ever could have guessed Oh and I guess that fixes your little piddly problem too It's a cheat The characters couldn't have guessed because the author refused to tell them Oh and I'm really tired of hearing about every woman's magnificent tits Repeatedly The amount of sex and pot use in both books goes beyond gratuitous into annoyingThere's a third book I read the first two chapters There's a deep heart rending scene about a daughter watching her mother die in the hospital Which is promptly dropped for a sex and drugs scene I like Robinson's character building quite a bit But I'm done with the sex drugs and exposition Maybe I'll try the Callahan series at some point but I'm not finishing this one

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    A science fiction novel with hippies and time travel set in a Nova Scotia commune Only Spider could have wrote this book

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    I didn't know that this was eventually going to turn into sort of a sequel interesting All I can say is I am now definitely indisputably a Spider Robinson fan and his writing style makes it possible for me to not only endure but actually enjoy hard sf plots I especially liked the concept of something bizarre and weird happening to a character and how he rationalizes NOT running from a sight that would set most normal people peeing into their boots Speculative fiction fans have been waiting for a naked chick from the future to appear in the woods all their lives D No you don't run you grin and go forward