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FBI trained US Federal Postal Inspector Eamon Wearie can't resist exploring the dead letters in Balti's warehouse There he discovers clues to a gruesome murder that lead him to an eerie Pennsylvania town Suddenly out of a job and in over his head Wearie finds his search leads straight to hell

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    Postal inspector working out of Balti MD investigates porno snuff photos being sent through US mail but he is distracted by love letters being sent to a dead man which he traces to a lonely woman in PA He arranges to meet her Meanwhile he traces the porno mail through some unusual stamps that were used to a hermaphrodite who liked to kill athletic boys Not really a mystery or police procedural emphasis on character development Sounds sleazy but not too bad

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    As an avid letter writer I was intrigued by this book Postal detectives that go against the current to solve the mystery they encounterI would wish people would stand up for the things they believe in or really want badly