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    I don't mind tear soaked sleeves but tissue handkerchief users you'll need a large supply of one or the other if you read MESSENGER THE LEGACY OF MATTIE JT STEPANEK AND HEARTSONGSAs many times as I've read my favorite Mattie Stepanek poems I still suspect that I will read them times than I have already read them Mattie's books should head a list of Books to Read Before I Live so if you are unfamiliar with his work MESSENGER the work with Larry Lindner's assistance of Mattie's mother Jeni Stepanek is a book for those who want to believe in a power that is greater than anything on earth but can't quite get there because the voice calling for proof won't stop dialing their numbers This book is for those who cling to the possibility that the body inhabited now is only one of countless bodies that each soul has inhabited and will inhabit This book is for those who are grateful for whatever suggests that in some mysterious way we are all connected to what is what was and what will be This book is for those who lack the drive to achieve what they know is important This book is for those who forget that A time to mourn is followed by a time to dance And this book is for those who see the end before the fat lady sings My copy of MESSENGER was a Mother's Day gift from one of the messengers in my life my son who knows that this is a book for me

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    Messenger The Legacy of Mattie JT Stepanek and Heartsongs was a powerful read for me I’d seen Mattie Stepanek on Oprah as a child with muscular dystrophy He was wise kind and a poet with a terminal disease This book is his mother’s reflections of their life as a family I cried many times in this book It touched my heart and I hope to be able to do what Jeni Stepanek did for me in helping me heal for other readers with From My Mother

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    Favourite quotesIf you have enough breath to complain about anything you have than enough reason to give thanks about something said the boy with serious respiratory issuesI choose to live until death no spend the time dying until death occursyou can’t lie down in the ashes of another person’s lifeWe still spoke as we did every year about choice about how you can't choose whether you're going to have a disability or your mother is going to be in a wheelchair or your parents are going to be divorced or you're going to be so without means at times that you have to stand in line for handouts at a church food pantry Mattie lived a life in which these and so many other things happened that would never have been anyone's choice that we made it a point to list the things you could choose whether to talk about someone behind his back whether to be your best self and do your best work whether to focus on what you do have instead of what you don't whether to go forward despite challenges or sink into despairDon’t breathe simply to existSad things happen They do But we don’t have to live sad foreverThat’s the beauty We are a mosaic of gifts each of us has our inner beauty no matter how we lookLife is a gift True it can be hard it’s not always the easies thing The challeneges of our life are a part of our life that’s how we learnWe always have to choose to live our lives to the fullest No one is better or worse than anyone else We are different beautiful“Our Heartsong is our reason for being If you want to understand what a Heartsong is think about what matters most to you What do you want? What do you need? Not a toy not a thing but what do you as a human being need? You understand why that matters? That’s what you are called to offer other people That is your Heartsong You should share that through something you enjoy something that you are good at”“Even though the future seems far away it is actually beginning right now” breath to complain

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    Mattie is so inspirational The doctors predicted his death right after he was born but he lived They said that he would never learn like a normal child They were right Mattie started homeschooling when he was 10 at the learning level of a 9th grader He died for five and a half minutes once He's a miracle child born July 17 on the 17th minute of the 17th hour 517 PM measuring 17 inches and weighing 2017 grams His shyness eroded at age 6 and he began writing poetry he called his Heartsongs He was touched by God and even became known a messenger because of his revels he had with Him Early in the year he predicted the dark day on March 30th and on that day he woke up in the hospital stricken with temporary blindness then fell into a weeks long coma He awoke again alert and himself Some time later a piece of skin caught and clogged his airway in his trachea and he passed out When the nurse removed it he woke up saying Don't believe the Christmas trees Everything is so much beautiful and wonderful and glorious then we can imagine or create especially the lights and the angels The angels are nothing like what you put on a Christmas tree He wrote poems for the families of those kids who died around him He met famous people who fell in love with him He lived to be 14 years old and died 6 years ago in 2004 And his shadow remains and it whispers