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Read Natasha Mostert's posts on the Penguin Blog From the acclaimed author of Season of the Witch comes a supernatural thriller blending magic science and martial arts with a uniue vampire hunter heroine Mia Lockhart is descended from Keepers women who were warriors healers and protectors in ancient times But as Mia practices her craft in South London she has no idea she is being watched Adrian Ashton is a brilliant scientist He is also a skilled martial artist and a modern day vampire He has mastered the art of draining the chi of his opponents the vital energy that flows through their bodies And Mia finds herself drawn to his dark genius though she has given her heart to another When Ashton targets the man she loves Mia is forced to choose between them and the choice results in a fight to the death in which love is both the greatest weakness and the greatest prize

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    Pearl RuledRating 2 of five p141The Book Description A highly original supernatural thriller blending magic science martial arts and the greatest desire of all to live foreverMia Lockheart has a secret Her mother was a Keeper as was her grandmother women who were warriors healers and protectors As Mia practices her craft among the boxers and martial artists of South London and begins a romance with her childhood friend the fighter Nick Duffy she has no idea that a man who calls himself Dragonfly is watching from the shadowsAdrian Ashton is a brilliant scientist an expert in the breaking field of biophoton emissions from cells within the human body He is also a skilled martial artist and a modern day vampire With the aid of the enigmatic Book of Life and Death written in the thirteenth century by the legendary Chinese physician Zhang Sanfeng he preys on other martial artists and drains them of their chi the vital energy that flows through the bodyMia finds herself drawn to his dark genius but when he targets Nick as his next victim she is forced to choose between the two men It becomes a fight to the death in which love is both the greatest weakness and the biggest prize My Review Oh for goodness' sake Really now I made it to p141 the end of chapter 27 by dint of the good things I'd heard about the bookinteresting conflicts good writing and so on The following is said of a hungry vampire“His heart trembled He couldn't remember desiring anything so much” p141And that's where my give a damn gave out The writing's okay not by any stretch of the imagination awful or even tedious but with a tendency to the over the top that wore on me It doesn't help that Mia the main character is so annoying to me that I want to cause her painSo on balance I think not And I'd steer you away from it too if unbearable aches and eternal yearnings and the like make you twitch the way they do me

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    Fascinating supernatural thriller Set in and around modern day London the story is set around Mia a tattoo artists her long time friendboy friend Nick and a mysterious stranger Ash Martial Arts Zen inner lightall move the story forward but it's the mystery that keeps the pages turning Super

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    REVIEWED BY KARRABeing a Keeper a woman who meditates and invokes the power of her own chi to protect the warriors that are under her care Mia Lockhart leads a life that’s anything but boring Her life encompasses all things martial arts training as a “vogue” a martial artist who practices choreographed forms and the men she protects are fellow martial artists who compete in the extreme world of fighting Before a charge’s big fight Mia meditates for a week revving up her chi or energy force before “stepping out” the night before having an out of body experience into another realm where she discharges her chi to the man she’s protecting This extra boost of life force typically helps keep the fighter safe and sound during his various fights which is the goal of a Keeper’s life When several fighters simply drop dead one of them her own charges Mia’s worried that something unnatural is happening in her seemingly safe world Despite this weird phenomenon her best friend Nick decides to enter into a fight and even though he’s not one of Mia’s charges she tries to find a way to protect him Since the men who’ve died so sporadically all did so within days of their own fights she has no real reason to fear for Nick’s safety as she can’t find a connection between any of the deaths Well not until Adrian Ashton enters their lives and changes all the rules Ashton is a gorgeous man who somehow draws Mia’s attentions to not only his perfect fighting skills but also his incredible mind He seems to know a lot about the martial arts and when he’s interested in getting a specific tattoo from Mia’s tattoo shop—from Mia herself—her attraction to him grows He seems like the perfect man easily enfolding himself into the dojo’s tight knit crew and into their lives He even becomes Nick’s training partner for the fight and though he’s a hardcore trainer Ashton turns Nick into the professional fighter he needs to be in order to win So what’s not to like about Adrian Ashton? Well little does everyone know that he’s a vampire of sorts who steals the chi right out of his opponents through the use of various combat moves As this could pose a problem especially when Ashton makes Nick his next target it’s up to Mia to figure out the truth behind Ashton’s motives as well as a way to stop him from draining the life out of the most important man in her life Wow I read this book in one day even though it’s over 300 pages just because I couldn’t put it down Keeper of Light and Dust is such a refreshing interesting concept in storytelling and chock full of so many martial arts facts that I feel like I should take up wearing a judogi head down to the local dojo and kick some butt or fall on said butt under the guidance of a sensei Before I do any of that though let me explain why this book is well a keeper We all know that vampires are hot right now in the literary world and though that theme can get a little stale at times it’s nice to find an author who can utilize the appeal of vamps but twist their nature around a bit so that instead of gorging on blood Natasha Mostert’s vamp just gorges himself on the direct life energy of his victims He literally drains the energy right out of them all without necessarily spilling any blood So if you like the thought of vampires but are a bit sueamish you’ll like Adrian Ashton Besides a mysterious martial artist vampire who is hotness on legs the book is filled with muscle bound fighters and gives a glimpse into the world of fighting and what these men and perhaps women go through before competing The idea that Mia is not only a practicing martial artist herself a tattoo artist and shop owner but also a mysterious Keeper who protects the fighters of her choosing seriously gives the girl some depth She’s an interesting character and her love triangle between Ashton and Nick reveals her struggles between choosing a man she’s merely attracted to versus a man who’s loved her since childhood Nick is a sweet guy who’s always known Mia was destined to be his so not only does he want to cement his place in her life but also in her heart Fighting for her in every sense of the word is something he knows he must do in order to keep her The writing can be confusing at times as facts are simultaneously thrown out but this doesn’t hinder the story in any way Also the reader knows most of Ashton’s secrets before the other characters do so it makes it a fun experience being the fly on the wall and watching at Mia attempts to unravel the truth that cloaks Adrian Ashton’s very existence The ending is realistic albeit a little sad or I’m just a sensitive freak but it ties everything up nicely and makes you wish you had to read I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns in Keeper of Light and Dust and if Ms Mostert’s other books are anything like this one then I can’t wait to read them

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    Mia is a Keeper a guardian and healer who watches over a small group of martial artists She is descended from a line of women who have guarded warriors as they go into battle though the tradition has been mostly lost over time and Mia is one of very few Keepers who still practice their mysterious art Keepers are masters of the use of chi and can funnel their own energy into those in their care But someone else has developed their own deadly version of the Keeper's art One that steals the chi or life force from the chosen victim and the latest target is one of Mia's fightersAfter the death of one the fighters Mia used to protect Nick Duffy a childhood friend of Mia's begins to suspect foul play and starts to investigate a series of deaths involving fighters Little does Nick know that the killer a man who refers to himself at the Thief has targeted Nick as his next victim just as Nick finally gotten the courage to act on his longstanding love of MiaKeeper of Light and Dust was a very interesting book for me to read yet also very hard to review There's no denying that Mostert is an excellent writer She can command the reader's interest whether the story has a lot of action or not Mostert heavily incorporates martial arts into her story and as anyone who has read this blog should know I have been a martial arts practitioner since 1992 so this aspect of the story had personal interest to me The main character Mia is an expert at the style of martial arts that focuses heavily on the flow and movement of katas; in slang terms this kind of fighter is referred to as a vogue The down and dirty type of fighter is called a grunt which is where I would categorize myself in case you wanted to knowBut Keeper of Light and Dust goes way beyond martial arts as a subject matter Mia is a tattoo artist as well as a Keeper so we spend as much time in the tattoo parlor as the dojo But where Mostert gets really ambitious is when she tackles the topic of chi or the life force that animates each of us as well as the subjects of biochronology and astral travelWhether or not someone would like Keeper of Light and Dust may very well depend on what they look for in a story If you like introspective writing that delves into esoteric territory then you will probably love this book; likewise if you're drawn to romance If on the other hand you're drawn to action and suspense you may find the story disappointing as the excerpt at the top of this review is one of very few scenes of its kindAs I read this book I found myself doing something I rarely do wanting to rewrite the story to fit my vision of what it should be uite a conceit on my part I believe the reason for my need to rearrange things to my own liking comes from my background in martial arts I won't for a second claim to have knowledge than Mostert I don't What I do have is lots of first hand fighting experience and because of that I know that sport fighting is not generally life threatening Sure mixed martial arts can be fierce and can lead to some pretty serious injuries but it is still a controlled environment and that in my opinion takes a lot of tension out of what could have been a very suspenseful novelMostert never makes it clear why Mia guards martial artists who fight for sport versus men who put their life on the line in really dangerous occupations I kept thinking the story would have made so much sense if Mia's charges were soldiers heading onto a real battlefield or even men with a dangerous profession such as police officers or firefighters Because the men are not naturally in any real danger I felt that the plot line involving the Thief was somewhat contrived to give the story a feeling of suspense that didn't naturally existI also wanted detail about how Mia guarded her men We learn that Mia uses a form of astral travel and during that time she goes to a place called the Retreat But we're never taken through the process in which Mia either guards or heals the fighters and the reader is left without a clear idea of what Mia's process is We're essentially told what Mia does without ever being shown how it's doneKeeper of Light and Dust is at its best when it explores the mystical topics related to the chi and the romantic aspects are also well done But the premise of the book led me to expect a much higher level of tension so for me the story was a slight disappointment when it didn't live up to that expectation But I hesitate to discourage readers who find the premise interesting from picking up this book because it is well written and could be very interesting to someone who is looking for something thoughtful and less action orientedA portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go toward funding the Cooperation For Peace and Unity's CPAU Fighting for Peace Fighting for Peace is an initiative aimed at empowering Afghan women through boxing Visit Natasha's website to learn about her involvement in this program

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    Rating 355Keeper of Light and Dust is mixture of martial arts science and mystical intrigue told from the three main characters' point of view It also offers a very different look at the makeup of a vampire Instead of the traditional immortal vampire living off of a person's life blood the vampire here lives off a person's life energy to obtain immortality Natasha Mostert has a very easy writing style that's easy to follow and she's subtly reveals secrets about each character as you read keeping you glued to the book There's also a great deal of historical facts and information about the different martial arts disciplines which will make this great reading for those who enjoy these elementsMy favorite part of reading Keeper of Light and Dust was the interest tidbits dropped in about martial arts and beliefs from different Asian cultures I've never practiced any martial arts myself but I've always been fascinated by it and the discipline it takes to perfect these arts And I was intrigued by the fact that Mia wasn't only a practitioner of martial arts but also a tattoo artist these talents gave her such an interesting air about her that I wish she was someone I could actually sit down and have a long chat with I also found myself drawn to the bad guy Adrian than the good guy Nick That’s just my preference for the tragic bad boy personaWhile I did enjoy reading it and how it ended I found myself wanting to happen than what did by the end of the book Plus Natasha Mostert had created such fantastic world surrounding Mia’s heritage but I felt just the surface was skimmed in the story in regards to itKeeper of Light and Dust was a suspenseful psychological thriller steeped in mysticism and modern day science that made for fast enjoyable reading And it isn’t as steeped in the paranormal and fantasy as the typical Urban Fantasy novel; it had a mystical air to it I liked Natasha Mostert’s writing well enough that I plan reading her other stand alone novel Season of the Witch

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    Natasha Mostert is a rare stylist in her writing; she combines metaphysical elements with suspense exploring the darker side of desire In KEEPER OF LIGHT AND DUST she brings to life an eually unusual milieu the arena of amateur boxers and tattoo artists Mia is a respected tattoo artist who also happens to be a Keeper or guardian of men who box She is descended from a line of Keepers who mark their charges with symbols in ink and step out of their bodies to ensure these men are safe during their fights But when a stranger intent on draining the life source or 'chi' from Mia and her charges invades her life she must confront her own innermost desires and fears in order to defeat him and save the man she lovesOn the surface this book is somewhat hard to define; the storyline is deceptively simple a modern take on the vampire legend What makes it so fascinating is Ms Mostert's vivid insider look at the mysterious world of martial arts which she entwines with ancient Eastern medicine and spiritual beliefs as well as her signature eroticism This novel has one of the best love scenes I have read in modern fiction; and her cast of characters is both engaging yet flawed which makes them human and accessible Coupled with a story that builds at a relentless pace this is a Gothic scientific thriller that defies the usual clichés of the genre

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    An interesting novel with a touch of the paranormal I like to read books where people add an extra element like that and yet they are still very realistic in nature This is written like a suspense novel although it's pretty obvious from the beginning who the bad guy is The interesting part is the journey and the story behind the characters

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    Debated between a 3 4 It was an interesting story and the characters were good yet I wasn't fully engaged I would recommend the read based on the concept as long as expectations are n't too high

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    Still letting this one settle in Inspiring references to eastern culture of chi and martial arts

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    A wonderful book The ending surprised me I wasn't expecting that at all I know nothing of martial arts but I still managed to follow along