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And Baby Makes More Known Donors Queer Parents and Our Unexpected Families explores the role of the known donor in the queer family structure what happens when would be dyke moms or gay dads ask a friend or acquaintance to donate sperm or an egg or to act as a surrogate? A quirky funny and occasionally heartbreaking collection of personal essays this book offers an intimate look at the relative risks and unexpected rewards of queer do it yourself baby making and the ways in which families are re made in the process With no clear models to follow these new versions of the queer family are creating their own addressing questions such as What's the difference between being a donor and being a parent? What happens to non biological parents when a known donor is also part of the picture? When and how does biology count or does it? Why do parents choose known donors and what happens if things get ugly? And what does all this mean for queer families already facing extraordinary social pressures? The contributors donors biological and non bio parents and their children offer provocative nuanced insights into what it means to be or use a known donor and how queer families are being reconceived to include new roles new rules and kinship ties that transcend biology

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    My girlfriend picked this book up for some close friends who are diving into baby making with a known donor who is also my close friend and housemate I saw it on the table picked it up and couldn't put it down the intended recipients had to wait for me to finish I loved experiencing the vastly different perspectives roles and backgrounds represented in this book Many of the folks represented here are different from me in a variety of ways class race even values but that's part of what I loved This book really made me recognize how deeply I appreciate being queer and the tremendous gift of the opportunity to construct family in new ways and to develop new language to describe our experience as we try to create the world we want to live in babies or not

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    I wanted to like this book than I did sadly The quality of the essays felt uneven for starters I'm well aware that some of my reservations about the book are because I'm well past the spoog in a jar stage and it's no longer that interesting Also my kids' other mom and I are no longer in relationship and if forced to label myself I would say I'm a single dyke mom with halftime respite care Given my current life situation in the Midwest with very little in the way of queer community reading about the proverbial army of ex lovers that cannot fail and fluid networks of extended queer family rings hollow The essays I enjoyed the most were by grownup kids reflecting on their experiences growing up in non traditional families There's no story reflecting my parenting reality in a isolated less queer friendly environment perhaps that is my tale to tell

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    I am so glad this book exists and that i had the opportunity to read it It's the most radical view of what it means to be a parent I've read As the fetus soon becomes a baby I felt the least alone I have felt in months while reading this book and that my parentnot parent dilemma might be shared by some other folks out there Tho I'm the second adult in this household not the donor I found all these stories interesting and supportive of our attempts to do this differently