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The Social Movements Reader Second Edition provides the most important and readable articles and book selections on recent social movements from around the worldWith selected readings and editorial material this book combines the strengths of a reader and a textbookReflects new developments in the study of social movements both empirical and theoreticalProvides original texts many of them classics in the field of social movements which have been edited for the non technical readerSidebars offer concise definitions of key terms as well as biographies of famous activists and chronologies of several key movementsRequires no prior knowledge about social movements or theories of social movements

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    I liked this a lot I am interested in social movements because I grew up in the 1960's and 1970's with parents who were involved in various social movements from the civil rights movement to the women's liberation movement to the gay rights movement and to the Vietnam War protest movement This book has excerpts from many authors who interviewed people involved in those movements and at the time they occurred and much research on what makes movements tick There is even a section on cults and charismatic leaders If you would like to better understand social movements this is a great place to start

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    An excellent overview of the field with dozens of short chapters on issues like the collective action problem framing etc

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    This is a good reader The intro chapters introduce key concepts in a clear and straight forward though not always exciting manner The selection of readings is varied both theoretically and substantively I will be using this reader for my spring Social Movements class and I plan to assign about 60% of the chapters

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    A good collection of essays on various aspects of social movements Many of the essays are excerpts from books or longer papers which is why I only give this 3 stars I found myself wanting with some of them and feeling that some of them rambled on needlessly in sociological jargon without really getting to a good solid point I would like to see an updated version with essays relevant to today's social movements All in all this was a valuable resource for an independent study I am doing on social movements

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    Reading for class some of the essays are better than others later

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    I use this book as a texts in my social movements classes

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    I registered a book at BookCrossingcom

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    Especially if you want to connect emotions framing with movements

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    A perfect intro to understanding social movements I'm from a computer engineering background but it was not too difficult to read and understand

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    I read the third edition for my Social Movements class Really good blend of theory with critical thought on real life cases of movements Great organization of chapters into parts with a theme ex who joins SM why do movements decline how do movements interact with others Expanded my ideas of what a movement is