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Set in post Civil War southern Georgia the land of the longleaf pines The Woodsman's Daughter chronicles the conflicts of the Miller family seen mostly through Dalia Miller's eyes Dalia is the brassy and beautiful elder daughter of Monroe Miller a shrewd turpentine farmer haunted by a devastating secret Anguished but resourceful Dalia strives to create a better life for herself and will stop at nothing to protect her family but the sins of the father are never far behind Gwyn Hyman Rubio brings to life a South in transition the majestic estates and the humble shantytowns the swaying pines and the insular bustle of small town living Against this backdrop the narrative follows the twists and turns of Dalia's emotions as she struggles with her father's legacy and ultimately her own

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    Depressing Interesting not necessarily good but really depressing I read it for the sake of reading it The plot was slow and dropped off There really wasn't a consistent flow into the 'new century' described in the book and the characters were stagnant in personality Dalia's character annoyed me she was needy greedy cold and plotted against other characters too often She was the villain in a book about her She was the worst main character I have seen in a whileThe best point of view in the book is the father who dies early in the book Katie Mae and Dalia's second mother in law were the only enjoyable characters