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Ryan Buell star of the hit AE series Paranormal State takes us behind the scenes of his most intense supernatural encountersFollow Ryan Buell on his extraordinary journey as he seeks out the truth behind terrifying demonic disturbances hauntings and paranormal phenomena to solve unexplained mysteries that have been plaguing frightened families who have nowhere else to turnIn Paranormal State Buell gives readers a chilling in depth look at some of the most disturbing cases—including some that have never been aired—revealing startling new facts and incredible new discoveries Buell relives the origins of the Paranormal Research Society—discussed here for the first time—and the strange path his life has taken since the show's beginning With unparalleled candor Ryan discusses the intriguing mysteries the difficult decisions and the struggles with questions of faith sanity and the very concept of reality

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    A lot of people have a real hate on for Ryan Buell the host of AE’s Paranormal State and the author of this book about his experiences making the show Basically they think he’s a real douche I never had much of an opinion of him either way except that I really loved the show but now that I’ve read the book I have to tell you all you seriously need to give the guy a breakThe problem with any reality type TV show as everyone should know is with the editing Two days of footage is a lot of material to fit into 23 minutes As Ryan himself said it would be great if each of these shows was a feature length movie But they’re not and that’s just how it goes TV is TV I don’t remember feeling that the show was rushed while it was still on the air but after going back and watching almost the entire first season of which the book is based on it looked rushed as hell It becomes all too obvious that there’s a whole lot missing from these episodes and what Ryan has done in this book is fill in all the blanks for us He adds a ton of detail so it’s an incredibly great companion for any fan of Paranormal StateWhat became clear to me as I read was that what people perceive to be douchey ness is actually Ryan’s passion for his work and strong sense of integrity for the show This guy is no pushover and he’s willing to fight for what he believes in If he thinks a mistake is being made he wants to correct it To be a douche would be to have an inflated ego but Ryan absolutely does not have this and he never comes across as the least bit arrogant or self serving His writing style is very honest genuine and pleasantly conversational He’s not the greatest writer who ever lived and there are still a few issues with the editing but there’s a warmth here that gives you the sense that he’s writing directly to you and this is difficult to achieve He has absolutely no agenda to push and wants only to share an important part of his life He’s honest about his weaknesses and his doubts He admits his mistakes I gained a lot of respect for him and when he drops a personal bombshell in the middle of the book I gained a lot of compassion for him too Ryan is a good person He’s the kind of guy you want on your side and to his clients that must be incredibly important They’re very lucky to have him aroundPeople have also accused the show of being too Catholic leaning and he addresses this as well Ryan is a practicing Catholic himself and he’s very open about this and about his strong spiritual convictions along with his personal and professional ones But never once does he approach anything like preaching and he’s absolutely respectful of other people’s own belief systems He’s the good kind of Christian the kind that does what he believes is right free of any hate or hypocrisy And he has good reason for this because as you will see he’s been on the receiving end of just this very thing himself We also need to keep in mind that most people in America are Christians and Ryan always strives to align the help of his team with the religious beliefs of his clients The fact that most clients are Christian and so the aid they provide will be Christian in nature as well is to be expected There’s no conspiracy here it’s just common senseNor does Ryan ever try to convince anyone of the phenomenon on the show You don’t have to be a believer in the paranormal to enjoy the book and the many insights within it He presents the facts simply as he experienced them and when discussing his beliefs he’s always quick to offer differing points of view At the end of each chapter each based on one episode of the show there are asides with further information on topics that have been discussed such as EVP or cryptozoology and these are the sections that are uninfluenced by his experiences They are only matter of fact there so you can further appreciate and consider the book’s content These sidebars also contain a few stories and information about the other members of his teamSo I have to end by saying that this book is not only entertaining but very smart The structure and the style make perfect sense and I believe that they accomplish exactly what Ryan set out to do here He’s just sharing information and himself Not preaching not pushing not trying to prove anything He’s just sharing his experiences the same way he would to a very good friend That’s how you’ll feel by the end of the book and I can’t wait to read his next oneOther recommended reads The Demonologist

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    Paranormal State is an autobiographical account from Ryan Buell about the work that he and the rest of his research group did investigating the supernatural during the first season of their AE show Paranormal StateI think Buell did a decent job on this book We see a lot of the background about the group and what went on behind the scenes of the television show He also tells us about a lot of the material that was cut from the show so it would fit the time requirements quite a bit was left out apparently The group covered a variety of cases and they're discussed in the order they occurred and were filmed rather than when they were aired on tv The majority of the cases are spirit related though It's clear from Buell's writing that he and the rest of the group takes the investigations quite seriously It's interesting to see the various research methods the group uses as wellWe're also told a fair bit of Buell's personal life such as his previous encounters with the supernatural growing up the effect it had on his life as well as several cases that take place before the start of the show He talks a bit about his spiritual beliefs as well as those of the other members of the group and what brought him to where he is in his life spiritually I don't know if it was intentionally done given the scientific apporach he takes to describing the cases but it made for quite a creepy read That's what I get for reading a large part of it at night over the weekend I guess I'm glad I picked it up I'd definitely recommend it to fans of the show or people interested is the scientific side of supernatural research

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    I have had to really think about how I felt about this I have watched the first two seasons of the show Paranormal State merely out of intrigue and curiosity Like most paranormal shows I try to dismiss the crap I was reluctant to read this when it fell on my desk but after reading the personal testimony of Ryan Buell he appears to be a well thought out individual with a natural ability to motivate people in a positive way This being said this book really is a journey of his growth through the experiences he has had on the cases of his first season of the show The book offers a another look at the cases with add scrutiny that the television show omits It makes a lot of what you see and hear a little believable or debunked Ryan's own personal philosophy is so well written that it's hard not to put even the slightest bit of faith in the kid The most important point in this book is that he believes and hopes he really is helping people whether it is supernatural or just stress and a series of coincidences Helping people recognize what is really going on in their lives and helping them to move forward and take back control of their lives appears to be his mission There is no greater teacher than personal experience Ryan Buell demonstrates this in this book on than one level which makes this personal story great We see a young man driven by faith transform into a man willing to accept all possible accounts and drawing rational conclusions rather that jumping to themThe layout of the book made for a quick read and not once was I bored to put it down and walk away as if I cared less There is a growing philosophy that I will actually walk away with after reading this And I will definitely give some benefit of the doubt to some personal testimony of the paranormal

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    Reading this book is like reading a letter from a friend It's unsophisticated but passionate and the information presented helps you get to know the person better Basically a case by case review from the time PRS started to the end of it's first season on television Missing I Am Six which probably deserves its own full length book but covers Ryan's personal experiences with demons

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    For the longest time I refused to watch Paranormal State Like most people I figured it was fake Then around December I stumbled upon one episode and thought what the heck? Lets give this show a chanceNeedless to say I became hooked The show was indeed pretty cinematic for a documentary and the fact that episodes were edited out of order annoyed me very much Yet something about Paranormal State made me want to know Especially about Ryan BuellMy sister bought me this book for Christmas I was jumping up and down like a child I swear However I did have some concerns Like can this guy actually write?Again I ate my words I can't even express how much credit and respect I have for this man after reading this book It provided a window into his life and a behind the scenes look at the making of Paranormal State Season 1 Being an actress and the type of person who just loves to know the back story to EVERYTHING I ate it all upI learned so much about the paranormal Granted I knew a lot to begin with but nowI really understand it This book made my passion for the paranormal grow It showed me the paranormal isn't just about spirits It's about pyschology history and above all skepticism After all the best way to prove a haunting to to disprove it first But aside from the paranormalthis book about someone's journey I can relate to that I think everyone can What amazes me to most is how Ryan took something that scared him and turned it into something positive It crazy how many people don't have to courage to do thatI'm rambling I know Obviously I can talk for hours about Paranormal State but the bottom line is this book is GOOD Give it a chance

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    Don't make fun of me I read this and enjoyed it Don't be a Judge Judy

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    interesting kept me reading

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    Paranormal State is honestly not my go to ghost hunting show because it's probably the one that I see as the least genuine This is partially because of the fact that it's shoved into a half hour timeslot and it's really hard to get anything credible in a 30 minute timeframe and also because some people who aren't necessarily members of PRS are a little prone to dramatics Looking at you Chip That's not to say I don't enjoy PS just that it's not my favorite of the crowdSo with that I was a little hesitant to read this book because I just didn't want of the same hyped up overdramatic screaming that we get in the episodes But it was on sale for kindle this month and I figured I didn't have a whole lot to lose I'm really glad I picked it up because I unexpectedly found myself enjoying it This book covers the first season of the show so if you haven't seen the show it's probably not going to make much sense to you I was glad to see the level of skepticism and the apparent integrity that we don't necessarily see on the tv show There was a lot about how the production crew changes the way an investigation goes and since I've watched every ghost huntingparanormal tv show out there I have always wondered this I was glad to see its inclusion I do still think that Chip is a little too melodramatic but I now see how he had to prove himself and I might actually like him a tiny bit too I definitely feel like I have a higher level of respect for this team and for Ryan Buell after reading this book

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    I'm a huge fan of ghost hunting shows and the like and Paranormal State while enjoyable was not one of my favorites because I liked seeing the evidence found However after reading this book and reading Ryan's reason for why his group and show are so different from others such as TAPSGhost Hunters I have a new appreciation for it and I must say it's quickly grown on me This book takes the readers through episodes of the series and I'm disappointed with how much the show leaves out Now I wish each episode was an hour long rathern than half so viewers could see much I also enjoyed Ryan's very candid discussion on his religious beliefs paranormal beliefs and his sexuality To open up like that is something very brave and I commend him for it I hear that he has a second book in the works and I honestly cannot wait for it I hope it offers just as much insight For anyone that is a fan of the show this is a must read For anyone interested in paranormal studies this is also a must read Getting into the show? Read this while watching the episodes I'm going to rewatch the first season now with a new appreciation

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    Ryan Buell is the lead investigator and founder of the Paranormal Research Society a student organization of ghost hunters out of Penn State Buell goes into detail on what went into creating the show as well as the challenge of not losing the paranormal integrity that the research society has worked hard to achieveThis book is written for supporters of the TV show Paranormal State A reader with no familiarity with the show will get very little from the book but as a follower of the show I did enjoy the book and would recommend it to others who also watch it 4 Stars