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Sophie Rose is a crime reporter at a major Chicago newspaper and the daughter of Bobby Rose a charming gentleman and big time thief When asked to write an expose about her notorious father Sophie quits and goes to work at a small newspaper covering local personalities such as William Harrington the 5K runner whose trademark is red socks Those socks with Sophie's business card tucked inside are practically all that's found after Harrington is killed near Prudhoe Bay Alaska seemingly in a brutal polar bear attackSophie heads north to investigate but danger follows in her wake After one attempt on her life she's assigned brash but sexy Jack MacAlister as a bodyguard But Sophie and Jack will soon be fighting than their growing passion for each other Powerful forces will stop at nothing to prevent the exposure of the sinister conspiracy Sophie and Jack are about to uncover

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    I don’t know if I’ve read a Garwood novel before but this one probably wasn’t the best place to start I had heard she was a humorous writer which is probably what tempted me to borrow this audio copy from the library but either my sense of humor has gone on an extended vacation or I missed out on the funny because I didn’t smile once during the reading of this And as usual I came into yet another book mid series According to Goodreads this book is 7 in the series If I had it to do over again I probably would’ve skipped 7 Maybe the funny resides in the earlier books? This is going to be a bit ranty and possibly spoilery so you may want to skip reading further if this in your to be read pile The heroine is Sophie a beautiful reporter who grew up with loads of money and the best of everything that cash could buy She has decided to take the hard road to life by getting a job giving up her car and refusing to accept daddy’s money because she’s been guilted into it by her friends Her dad is on the run from the IRS the FBI and hoards of folks who claim he’s stolen their life savings hey wouldn’t the IRS have cut off the funds anyway? She ain’t fooling me Sophie is a confusing character one I never could connect to on any level She whines over not being able to buy “stuff” weeps over the demise of a Dolce Gabbana blouse and her “one of kind” Gucci bag but yet gives her money away to the homeless shelter because she says its something she has to do Her materialism is supposedly an act but I don’t get it Why would anyone purposely want people to think they’re so shallow? I found all of the whining about her “stuff” obnoxious The only time she perks up in the entire story and shows emotion is when her designer things are damaged Then she goes into a screechy rage but other than that she’s a generically flat character This book is supposed to be a romantic suspense but it was nearly halfway over before I figured out who the freaking hero was supposed to be FBI agent Jack MacAlister loses a bet and is assigned to watch over her after the dimwit gets herself shot by answering an anonymous phone call It goes something like this ominous unknown voice says “Go stand in the window so I can see you better move a little to the left wait now move a bit to the right now stand still” and Powie Have no fear however because the buckle on her Gucci purse saves her life Now I see why so many women are obsessed with the brand Sophie’s obviously a super tough chick because after nearly getting shot in the chest she goes about her life like nothing happened and doesn’t seem at all afraid of dying Maybe I’m just whimpy but if some stranger called me attempted to shoot me dead and was still on the loose I’d be hiding under my bed while peeing my pantaloons But then again I don’t own a Gucci anythingAdding some mystery to this is a weird subplot about an insufferable man with a fetish for running and red socks who gets eaten by a polar bear in Alaska and another subplot about a bunch of money grubbing mad scientists experimenting on wolves and people Sophie of course gets messed up in this but sadly does not get munched on by the polar bear WTF does all this have to do with the romance you ask? If you must know you’ll have to read the book because I’m not sureOverall it was just strange boring and unfunny The romance lacked chemistry and there was no emotion between them She dubs him the “hubba hubba hunk” honestly I did not make that up they have sex because they’re both so hot and all and can’t help themselves and it’s all so tepid that I’m asleep before they are After they escape danger and solve the X Files mystery they declare themselves in love None of these storylines meshed well together I may not have everything correct because I admittedly dozed off a time or two during the listening If you pick this up may your experience be a better one than mine

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    I see that most people have given this book 4 or 5 stars but for me it was only about a 3 maybe 35 It was good to the point that I didn't mind reading it and I'll read any other books to come in this unofficial series of connected characters but I also thought it was a bit flat and bland Fire and Ice brings back one of Garwood's previous characters Sophie Rose whose father is an infamous Chicago Robin Hood type criminal Though Sophie loves her dad she does best to keep her life separate from that of her father but when he's rud to have been involved in the downfall of a popular Chicago company she starts getting death threats When her best friend Reagan's husband Alec an FBI agent gets involved Sophia meets his partner Jack MacAlister There's an instant chemistry but Jack is an FBI agent She doesn't trust lawnman They've made her life hell because of her father Things get weird for Sophia when a man a dreadfully boring narcissistic man she interviews for the paper she works for ends up dead after being attacked and eviscerated by a polar bear named Barry Sophie thinks there's something to what happened to him Some of the things he'd told her made her curious So she travels to Alaska to investigate Jack having lost a bet and ordered by his boss to accompany her goes along and he and Sophie can no longer fight their attraction But meanwhile someone apparently wants Sophie dead only they don't really know who and have to find out before it's too lateThe plot of this book kinda goes every which way There are so many spokes on the wheel that your never quite sure which way the story is going You've got the thing with her father and the Kelly's Root Beer company the story with the guy who was polar bear lunch a sleazy coworker doing nefarious things a romance with JackIt just never feels like any of the threads picks up enough steam to drive the story With the sort of lack of a definitive direction I ended up a little bored There was one point where I looked up to see what page I was on and saw I was on page 220 And I was just like wow 220? I'd read all that and it seemed like hardly anything interesting had happened in the book A lot of build up but little zingTo me the story just had no intensity I kept expecting it to kick into high gear and it never exactly did It just had a very lackadaisical pace that made it easy to put down the book for a while and not feel a dying need to get back to itPlus interspersed between every chapter were these journal entries by a scientist about studying wolves And you know they have to have something to do with the story but they're so obtuse and it's like why do I have to read all this? They also take up a lot of space I think there's about 33 of them in the book each a page longthat means these random journal entries take up 33 pages of a 320 page book That's a lot I think Garwood could have conveyed what she needed to convey with maybe 10 of these journal entriesThe romance was okay There was some good chemistry between Jack and Sophie but I didn't feel any emotional bond between them Near the end there was a scene where Jack goes to Sophie and tells her he's there with her and to deal with it and as she's falling asleep she's thinking all negatives And then first thing in the morning when she wakes up she says she loves him I could only blink and think what? It was so out of the blue I didn't feel they were at that point at all Then all you get was half a page of them together and they're getting married I wasn't buying into itSo yeah for me the book was okay but I didn't find it all that engaging I started it on I think Thursday read some Friday then didn't touch it for the whole weekend It didn't draw me in and was easy to set aside But at the same time it wasn't bad I guess I just prefer romantic suspense novels with a high level of intensity Having said that I'll most likely still read the next book in this series that is if there is one

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    October 2017 Series Reread and Review Another great reread with the girls reunited for Sophie's book We first meet Sophie Rose in Murder List as one of Regan's best friends along with Cordie who both have roles here Sophie has basically been in the care of the Madison family since she was nine years old due to her father's business practices Sophie loves and adores her father regardless of all the accusations and shady business practiceshe is continually wanted for questioning by the FBI but Bobby Rose is really not a bad guy he's a sort of modern day Robin HoodSophie is a newspaper reporter who works for a small newspaper after quitting a lucrative job when they insist she write an exposé on her father Now she works for a smaller paper writing human interest stories her current human interest story has taken on a whole new outlook when the man she was doing a story on is killed Now she's caught up in a murder mystery and she's determined to find truth Jack McAllister is Alec Buchanan's partner who is close to Sophie because of her bond with his wife Regan Soon Sophie's murder mystery puts her in danger and after one attempt on her life the FBI assigns Jack to protect her Needless to say sparks fly they half heartily resist and eventually fall in love As much as Sophie fights the attraction she's a goner for himwhich doesn't sit well with her Father to say the least Now all Jack needs to do is find a killer before he gets to SophieAll in all the back story on the research facility was kind of weak and a bit boring BUT I love Sophie her BFF's the protective and loyal support system Sophie has and swoon worthy Jack and of course her father So totally worth the read to me anyway Narrated by Rebecca Lowman who does a great job Originally read July 2011

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    My girlfriend just raved and raved about how good an author Sandra Brown is and how I should get over my biases about her To prove the point she gave me this book to read Ummm this book is by Julie Garwood But I read it anyway I did learn some facts about Alaska like that in some places it's illegal to lock your cars Why? Bear attacks If car doors can't be locked anyone can jump into the car when a bear attacks and maybe be safe But I've gotta tell you For once I'd love to see a short plump woman with pendulous breasts become the love of someone's life Oh wait Maybe I need to write that one since I'm living it

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    This story is a romantic suspense with two stories happening over two time periods One in the present and one in the past that slowly catches up the the events happening in the presentSophie is a journalist who is pulled into a murder investigation when her business card ends up at the scene of a gruesome and fatal accident between her latest lead William Harrington and a giant polar bear What looks like a random animal attack stirs suspicion with Sophie Following the few leads she has Sophie and her reluctant FBI bodyguard Jack head to Alaska to find out the truth behind William Harrington death In the wilds of Alaska what started as a simple observation of wild wolves quickly turns deadly when a small group of ambitious scientists turn to dangerous experiments Their jump from animal experimentation to human testing – resulting in the mysterious death of William Harrington – leads Sophie right to their doorThis was my first audio book and I think I just wasn’t used to having another voice inside my head reading to me Also it took me a while to figure out I can speed up the pace of the reading? I was kicking myself for not speeding things up early on I think that would have helped a ton in the beginning The story itself was good and I liked the mystery but it took a long while to warm up to the MCs It was a bit slow to start the MCs don’t meet until almost 2 hours into the audio And they didn’t have any one on one time until well after the 5 hour mark Which is about 50% into the story and too long IMO I also found the voice of the reader to miss its mark when anything humorous or sarcastic was said Instead of being funny or witty it just came off as awkward or mean Sophie ended up sounding catty and whiny rather than endearing or sweet Her rants about her designer clothespurses had me rolling my eyes The deeper tone used when reading any male character but especially the Hero’s was so cut and dry His tone never changed and that was jarring whenever something flirty I couldn’t differentiate his emotions Was he angry? Teasing? Concerned? I don’t know how to explain it just that it her tone never changed and instead of being gripping most scenes felt monotone Would I recommend? Not sure audio is a good fit for me but overall the story was good I think I would have enjoyed it if I read it rather than just listening in SAFETY INFO view spoilerAges Sorry but I can’t remember any ages being specifiedCheating NoneOMOW drama NoneSeparation 1 2 weeks – no mention of OP both remained celibate during separationPushPull Sophie does push Jack away because she thinks that a relationship with an FBI agent is impossible because of her infamous father Main Pursuer of relationship Jack is the main pursuerPossible Triggers animal experimentations murder some actionEnding HFN with an engagement party for the MCs in an epilogue a few months later hide spoiler

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    Julie Garwood's newest contemporary Fire and Ice is a fast moving exhilarating read with an unlikely lead couple and a twisting mystery The heroine was introduced in Murder List but now Sophie gets her own story and her own FBI heroSophie has left her big journalist job to work at a smaller paper outside Chicago At least this editor agrees not to pump Sophie for information about her father But when her father is implicated again in a possible crime Sophie prepares herself for another round of questioning from various government agencies not to mention threats from his enemies Then one of Sophie's local intereste interviewee's turns up deadin Alaskaeaten by a polar bear Surely a trip to the frozen north will give Sophie a break and it couldn't hurt for her to have a little distance from totally unsuitable Jack MacAlisterJack would have to be dead from the neck down not to notice how attractive Sophie is But Bobby Rose's daughter? How inappropriate is that? Too bad that it seems Jack's libido isn't listening And when Sophie is injured Jack quickly realizes that she could use a little muscle on her trip to the frozen wastes of Alaska And good thing Jack's handy with a gun when it appears Sophie's trip didn't deter someone who wants her deadSeveral different stories come together and require the reader to track carefully if they want to figure out who's trying to kill Sophie and why The banter and sizzling attraction between Sophie and Jack add just the right amount of humor and heat to Garwood's latest romantic suspense Another hit for me and one I couldn't put down till the end

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    I love Julie Garwood Really I do She is a literary goddess and I worship at her feet However as divine as she may be Fire and Ice is anything but ambrosiaHonestly it kills me to say this You must understand that I cut my teeth on Garwood's brilliant romantic historicals I have spent a good portion of my life collecting each and every one not to mention reading them again and again to the point of memorization Sad I know but the woman is after all a goddess There was a time that I would count down the days until a new Garwood was published like a crack addict awaiting her next fixUnfortunately those days are now goneI have known it for a while but with each new book since the debut of Heartbreaker I have watched this author turn her back on every talent in her arsenal witty hilarious dialogue fast paced plots fabulously interwoven and highly entertaining sub plots sigh worthy love stories interesting historical facts and side splitting chaos to reach out for the murder mystery world where she simply doesn't shine Ever since Heartbreaker I am not even going to bring up Shadow Music Don't get me started on that trainwreck I have had to read the same basic plot over and over again each time growing and disenchanted and disheartened The smart yet naive sexy heroine is in danger from a psycho killer but refuses to actually believe that and it's only the big bad loner lawman who is going to be able to save the day PS They fall in love somehow along the way Did I mention that?Now I will tell you that I am not a huge fan of the murder mystery romance genre This is why it has taken me this long to speak out or type as the case may be I kept thinking it was me Well guess what? I just read this latest book Fire and Ice and I can tell you one thing for certainThe problem isn't meNot only are we dealing with the same plot as all the others but we also have the incredibly quick development of Jack and Sophie's relationship It's like someone injected them with steroids or something One minute they barely know each other the next he's announcing that they'll be heading off to bed by 10pm Huh? I am all for quick romances and I have seen plenty of authors pull it off dozens of times This one just isn't believable to me These two just get to head off to Alaska jump into bed dodge a few bullets as well as a crowbar ouch and BOOM live happily ever after Sophie herself even tries to figure out why she's so involved with someone she barely knows Honey if the characters are asking these questions don't you think the readers will too?Then there is the mystery plot It was far fetched for me to believe that someone like Sophie would really pursue this Harrington fellow as much as she did after he disappeared He was irritating boring and colossal waste of brain power every time she was in his presence He disappears before a race So what? I was a journalist for many years Believe me reporters especially those who work for smaller papers have too much to do and too little time to do it in to worry about people like that especially when the guy is a self centered egotistical creep Even if you honestly want an apology you wouldn't try to track him down because you would be too worried that he would suck you into his narcissitic vortex again No you'd put him in the weirdoes to be avoided in the future file and move on to the next storyBut let's say Sophie is jonesing for an apology so bad she tracks him down Why on earth would the bad guy actually call her? And if he did only call her to find out what she knew it was obvious she knew next to nothing about the whole thing or at least not enough to piece anything realistic together We'll leave out the fact for a minute that Sophie is automatically suspicious of all lawmen and nevertheless answers every question fired at her by two strangers on the phone calling from Alaska Harrington's death was ruled an accident The bad guy is in the clear Why would he keep calling her trying to get her to come to Alaska? Does he want someone to connect him to the Harrington death? The bad guy is supposed to be this smart educated scientist I know rednecks who aren't that stupidI could go on and on about all the issues I have but I won't I could tell you the few things I liked in this book and there were actually a few but they're irrelevant It comes down to this If you love Julie as I do you would buy a copy of the phonebook if she put her name on it But in return for this devotion it would be nice if she'd forget about all this foolishness of trying to be this thrilling Queen of Suspense and write to her strengths Julie Just tell a good love story that has heart and rings true If you still feel the need to toss in a body or two along the way I'll surviveMaybe she'll listen Maybe she won't Until then I guess I'll just be doomed to disappointment

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    3 5 Stars

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    35 stars

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    This is probably the lowest I've ever rated a Julie Garwood book but her writing style just keeps deteriorating She sacrifices character study for a fun joke which would be forgiveable if the joke was actually interesting and she creates these twists and turns that are as twisty as a prairie roadNo I'm not sure where that came fromI'm probably going harp on this for an annoyingly long time but god William Harrington the man who dies and starts Sophie's quest to find out why is a boring narcissist who uncomprehendingly is successful with women I say uncomprehendingly because if his interview with Sophie is an example of his so called charm I'm not sure how he's able to get laid at all Isn't charm something that engages another person? An interest in another person that makes them feel connected with you?How is this boring long winded narcissist able to stop talking about himself long enough to engage a woman in conversation which would convince her to have sex with him on a short acquaintance? How? Are Julie Garwood's pretend women that dumb? Is this her statement on women who would sleep with a man without being in a relationship? What is she trying to say?Or is she just not able to portray a character fully without resorting to her written tics of bad people written as stupid bad and ugly while good people are beautiful smart and engaging?I don't know why I keep reading her novels except that there are times when she's absolutely brilliant even if they are few and far between I just keep hoping for and I'm continually disappointed when it never reaches that that I hope forRecommendation? I'm not going to stop you from reading the book I just think expectations should be tempered Don't go in expecting an amazing read go in expecting a very quick read with bad characterization and a few laughs