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When the Motor City 5 stormed the stage the band combined the kineticflash of James Brown on acid with the raw musical dynamics of the Whogone berserk It s a unique band that can land itself on the cover ofRolling Stone a month before the release of its debut album and then bebooted from its record contract just a few months later Rock had neverbefore seen the likes of the MC5 and never will again Many of us whowere floored by the 5 in concert were convinced that this was the mosttranscendently pulverizing rock we would ever experience while many who heard or read about the band dismissed the 5 as a caricature afraud White Panther bozos play acting at revolution There was alwaysplenty of humor to the 5 visionary knuckleheads though the questionwas whether they were in on the joke Frequently ridiculed during theirshort career they ve since been hailed as a primal influence oneverything from punk to metal to Rage Against the Machine to the Detroitpopulist resurgence of the White Stripes Kid Rock and Eminem

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    this book is like fine if you are interested in 1 the MC5 2 detroit music history in general 3 john sinclairthe white panther party—i came for all 3 equally so there was enough interest for me to not feel like it was a huge waste of time that said this is not a very interesting book—it's very short so i was able to blow through it on a bus ride from ann arbor to detroit fitting right? but if i had put it down at any point i doubt i'd have picked it back up the writing isn't terribly engaging and i also don't find the story of the MC5 to be all that compelling—i'm a big fan of music nonfiction like 'our band could be your life' the holy standard of punk raconteurism which hooked me even with little to no knowledge of or investment in any of the bands profiled and this is definitely not in the same tradition if you don't love the MC5 skip this one—it's not a very good introduction to the band not because it isn't clear or informed which it is—just because it's pretty dull i'd recommend this for someone who lived through the band's heyday and just wants a rehash and if you do end up getting nothing from it at least you only wasted about an hour