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Michael Weston is paid well to do his work and ask no questions When you're a professional assassin total secrecy is part of the job But after a successful mission in London the police are immediately on his tail How did they know how to find him? And who is his anonymous employer? Why did he or she want his target a TV reporter killed? Was he set up from the start?The questions lead Weston to his nemesis Hoffer a private detective who has been hunting him for years Ever since Weston accidentally killed an innocent American girl her grieving father has employed Hoffer on a relentless mission to bring Weston to justice Could Hoffer finally have set a snare that worked?Weston sets out to find his mysterious employer traveling from London to Glasgow to Seattle even if it means encountering Hoffer face to face at last With the brilliant eye for character and taut pacing that have made him an internationally renowned bestseller Ian Rankin delivers a gripping story that examines what happens when the assassin becomes the target and proves yet again that in Rankin you cannot go wrong Boston Globe

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    michael weston one of his many names is a paid assassin his latest victim is a married journalist but now it is he who is asking the questions how did the police get onto his tail so quickly? there were 2 other possible victims but he knows he killed the right one but why was she chosen and was the job a set up to put him behind bars? so begins his search which leads him to a cult and other characters who r not playing by the rules who is telling the truth and who is not? his nemesis hoffer is on his tail and also nsa cia among others seem to be involved he will need all his wits and friends scarce though they r to get to the bottom of this and stay alive a well researched novel and well told but what spoilt it for me was the amount of narrative there r also a lot of characters and u have to concentrate on who is whom yes u could connect with michael but in respect of the other characters it felt a though the writer was not interested or understood them and just put them in and then cast them off again until the next time couple of questions no way could he have bought a gun into england on a flight from the states there was no mention of the housekeeper and follow up on questioning her also the husband and son seemed to fade away when they would naturally be the first suspects 375 stars bev