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Barricaded into a city block called The Station two hundred souls have survived the apocalypse So far Was it a bomb? A biological attack? Phase one of an invasion? No one knows The Long Silence has begun After dark thousands of the city's inhabitants neither living nor dead prowl the streets snatching survivors The Station is under constant threat Each day a lottery decides the seven members of The Kill Crew a night shift of civilian soldiers Their mission is simple Extermination Sheri Foley a nobody in the days before the Long Silence discovers she has the heart of a survivalist She becomes one of the toughest members of The Kill Crew But there are enemies inside the Station too The evils of the old world persist and Sheri Foley must fight them all

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    Barricaded into a city block called The Station two hundred souls have survived the apocalypse So far Was it a bomb? A biological attack? Phase one of an invasion? No one knows The Long Silence has begun After dark thousands of the city's inhabitants neither living nor dead prowl the streets snatching survivors The Station is under constant threat Each day a lottery decides the seven members of The Kill Crew a night shift of civilian soldiers Their mission is simple Extermination Sheri Foley a nobody in the days before the Long Silence discovers she has the heart of a survivalist She becomes one of the toughest members of The Kill Crew But there are enemies inside the Station too The evils of the old world persist and Sheri Foley must fight them all I am a big fan of apocalyptic fiction I enjoy reading it because I am slightly obsessed about survivor’s stories I also use this as an excuse to try out authors whose work I have never been exposed to before I reckon if you can tackle the end of the world as a theme then you can tackle just about anything I bought The Kill Crew on a whim I have never read any of Joseph D'Lacey's other novels but I was browsing one day and it came up as a recommendationSheri is an interesting protagonist Prior to the events in The Killl Crew she was just a normal person living her life doing her job and trying to get by She has been forced by events to become a survivor to adapt or die Though she has developed a tough as nails exterior as the story progresses there is genuine insight into her fragile mental state This is the story of a woman who is repeatedly pushed to her limits by situations she finds herself forced intoI've always imagined that the end of the world would never be a happy place and the writing here offers the reader a glimpse of that D'Lacey very effectively captures a sense of impending doom and bleakness that makes for a compelling read I'll be honest part of me was expecting a by the numbers tale of zombies but The Kill Crew is much than that The ambiguity about the cause of the outbreak they grim determination of the survivors the despair that permeates their existence all adds extra layers of depthI was also pleasantly surprised by the story's final act The narrative veers off in an unexpected direction and ends on a poignant bittersweet note that contains what may be just a glimmer of hopeLess than eighty pages long The Kill Crew is easy to read in a single sitting and definitely falls into the category of small but perfectly formedNow that I am hooked on his writing the only question that remains is which of his other novels should I read next?

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    After the apocalypse a couple of hundred survivors hole up in a ring of barricaded buildings and fight off the zombiefied commuters that attack every night But is the greatest threat from without or within?The setup of The Kill Crew is far from original we've seen much the same thing before in Day of the Triffids 28 Days Later I Am Legend Dawn of the Dead and so on In the early pages especially this book felt like a grab bag of random elements from films a mysterious mist zombies cars not working etc and they didn't seem to fit together all that well The zombies in particular seemed rather underwhelming and zombies isn't really the right word they're people in office clothes who wander around crying They aren't undead and they don't eat peopleWith an author I'd read before I'd probably have been trusting but in those early pages I felt very much as if D'Lacey had put the cart before the horses he'd come up with the rather worrying image of people blasting commuters with shotguns but struggled to come up with an actual reason for it happening It felt a bit too contrived But as it turns out the book saves its originality for its second half By the end the commuters have become extremely alarming antagonists and the book's various elements come together very wellIt was never quite clear why The Kill Crew a team of monster slayers sent out to battle the commuters every night a went out at night when the commuters were active instead of hunting for them while they slept and b went out at all since the commuters were hardly bothering their community any It seemed like a really bad way to go about things but then the book makes the point that these aren't soldiers they're just everyday people struggling to cope Perhaps it's just the human desire to do something asserting itself at a very bad time Or maybe it's survivor's guilt a deathwish And the book would have been much duller if they hadn't left the compound the sequences where The Kill Crew has to high tail it back to the Station were exceptionally thrillingThere are a couple of editing glitches For example there's a passage where a guy called Lee stops talking because someone's given him something difficult to think about Sheri then explains to the reader that she's happy when everyone's quiet because it means they are concentrating on the job which makes little sense when we know Lee is quiet because he's thinking about something else Commuters is capitalised or not fairly randomly Apostrophes are up to their usual high jinks Stopper's with this problem Load you're gun babeBut those minor things weren't enough to spoil a very exciting and at times very frightening book and in the end the publisher takes responsibility for those rather than the author I enjoyed it a lotWhat's most interesting and impressive about The Kill Crew is the way it skips the actual apocalypse to focus on what it's like to be cooped up in an enclave fighting for survival The book conveys brilliantly a sense of how thoroughly depressing that would be of how such a life would wear a person down Many post apocalyptic books are about rebuilding about beginning a new cycle but this one is about attrition about an apocalypse that won't give up until it has utterly destroyed us And if it doesn't destroy us physically it'll erode our humanity until we have no reason left to liveIt may not be the most original book ever written but it's very well done psychologically very rich and extremely efficient in its eighty pages Anyone who enjoys survival horror will find this very satisfying

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    This may be a short story but damn D'Lacey packs a lot in Not only does it offer a fast paced story a post apocalyptic mystery and a fight for survival it also adds in a psychological edge and a bit of social commentary not to mention a twisted form of nature possibly seeking revenge I can't mention any as I'll end up spoiling it for you My only issue is that it is too short and leaves everything on a knife edge so so cruel

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    a well written and almost non horror novella by d'lacey continues his theme of eco horror from Meat and features a uncliched take on the cliche warrior woman ignore the horrible cover this is a thoughtful book and not one of cheesy formulaic adventure it features a lottery that determines the make up of nightly 'kill crews' and zombies who weep and display Invasion of the Body Snatchers tendenciesand a narrative that somewhat gently prods its protagonists into contemplation of themselves the unpleasantly changing world around them and their surprising new place within it

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    I relish every minute I spend reading a book written by Joseph D'Lacey He was recommended to me as a good horror author And yes he does write good horror Still there's than monsters mayhem and mutilation in his stories There is a human factor that makes me stop and ask if this is than just an entertaining blood bath I like that in a bookAnother well written book

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    All electrical components are destroyed A strange green glow is in the air Office workers are turned into strange mute creatures that wander the streets The survivors have built a fortress like structure in the city to defend themselves from the creatures called The Commuters that patrol the night crying waiting to grab the unsuspecting Each night a Kill Crew are sent out to thin out their numbers and keep the survivors safe a job not everyone has the stomach for You can volunteer for the Kill Crew as often as you want though only seven of the volunteers are sent out each night Once a week a lottery of all non volunteers is done to keep things fair If you fail on Kill Crew you are dragged away by the creatures and somehow turned into one of themSheri was an ordinary person Before a hairdresser with a normal life Now she likes to have some purpose by being part of the Kill Crew with her guns Kane and Abel On the nights that she isn't crewing she sometimes spends it with Ike the boyfriend of convenience that passes her time As the numbers of zombies grow it makes it harder to predict their movements and it seems like they might be developing a plan to get to them making daylight just as risky to move around in It is a grim life of survival and little hope and I liked the way the author is able to build this world in such a short story You can feel the tension and despair and understand why the survivors are one step away from suicideOn this shift Sheri is crewing and the team are surprised to find The Commuters hiding nearby waiting for them despite the Kill Crew using different exits each time they leave It becomes clear that it is an ambush The closer they get to home the dangerous things become A non volunteer on her second crewing mission is in a state of panic forgetting everything she has been taught and putting the other six at risk New tactics occur as the Commuters start running and working in packs Sheri is torn between saving herself and saving someone else It was an exciting part of the story where the tension is ramped up and you wonder if they will all surviveI feel a bit sorry for Ike in the beginning the way Sheri treats him She is always thinking that he is a mindless idiot with no personality someone she wouldn't bother with if things were different She can't seem to see that he is kind and thoughtful someone who would be a loyal friend even if they weren't sleeping together Sheri always treats him as if he is a pain in the ass there just to annoy her but it is she who is using him when she feels like it pushing him away in a cruel way when she can't be bothered with him Thing is I can get her anger because of the stress she is under and I like him for being so understanding and not giving up on herThe book takes an interesting turn next as Sheri evaluates her life and that of her eleven year old friend Trixie Now it is fellow humans who will be of a threat than the Commuters This was an intriguing plot change which I liked and I certainly wasn't expecting this shocker which turns the book on its head in ways than one Two things happen that I was not expecting and I did not see the hints of it even when I read this until I read it second time round It was an excellent piece of storytelling from the authorI would have liked to see what happens next This could easily be expanded into a full length novel showing the collapse of society or maybe the story after the novella ends I found this story enjoyable and would recommend it for those who like apocalypse dystopia

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    I won this book from a Goodreads competition There was some original trouble with delivery and the author was so kind as to send me another I would recommend this book for anyone interested in delving into the minds of others The author does an amazing job of showing you the life and thoughts of Sheri Foley She's not exactly a nice person and has terrible taste choosing her partners but her memoirs are written in such a way as to make the human in her appeal to you than her faults Her experiences are easy to relate to and her philosophy of life is gritty and stark like anyone changed by such a disasterThe plot wasn't mediocre either The twists were just twisty enough to be surprising and just surprising enough to become effective storytelling The book is very short and the cover is low resolution and could be better by far but in this case it is certainly not prudent to judge a book by it's coverIt is perhaps a little too short and the story could have been expanded to fill a bigger book without having to compromise on any of the remaining mysteries My last fiction book took me a fortnight to read this one only took me an hour In it's favour though despite being quick it succeeded in drawing me inI did not enjoy the frequent references to her as a woman Not just a normal woman A woman holding a gun And the usual rhetorical question about How could that have come about? as though it was some huge thing for her to not still be hairdressing I got to know her as a person first and a woman second and the references to how strange it is for women to hold guns seemed forced and unnecessaryI am also not such a fan of swearing and sex references so early in any story However in this case the swearing is a big part of her character and the Can I get laid now? bits turned out to be part of the later plot where a character takes on a disturbingly paedophillic view of Hobbes' LeviathanFour stars with extra kudos because the author is such a nice guyEDIT I came to realise recently that this book is by far the best and most entertaining novel given to me to review and I actually find myself wanting to read it again someday soon So I have changed my rating to five stars

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    Well well That's some awesome sht I didn't think much of it when it laughed down at me from a displaying shelf at the library The cover didn't particularly scream at me but I thought it would give me a good time reading some short book inbetween the stuff I have to do I must say that I had a good time reading that one It starts with a short introduction to the crumbling world Sheri finds herself in Sheri is our protagonist here a ballsy woman who roams the streets at night with the kill crew she finds herself on every other night voluntarily to kill off the Commuters On one day all electricity ceased to function no TV no radio and no internet connection any No TV no problem A world with no music or internet connection is a shtty place There I said it They are down to about 200 people so called Stoppers who live in a bounded and secured zone The Station watched with gunmen night and day Outside meaning in the town roaming people at night so called Commuters with the goal to take down every living soul that's left Its not the peoples town any but the CommutersIt's a picture I can imagine myself in a few years or 20 or 50 years when some kind of weapon hits us and only a few of us make it or aliens invade us hahaha I easily connected to Sheri her personality and her surroundings The end of the story got me I saw it coming but still I keep thinking about it Well done

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    I received this book for free through one of the Goodreads giveawaysWell that was a waste of time Poorly written poorly developed unlikeable and unrealistic characters and a tired overused idea with a twist that could have been used in a clever way but just wasn't The dialog and characterizations felt forced and stereotyped and I didn't care a bit when any of the characters died

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    I quite liked this little tale The twist on zombie stories was especially nice and unexpected I kept thinking of the computer game Plants vs Zombies what if the plants WERE the zombies Another winner by JDL