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Amidst an uneasy peace between the Autonomists and the Terrans Major Ariane Kedros and her partner Matthew Journey have discovered alien ruins on a remote planet ruins that bear evidence to an ancient and highly advanced technology But their discovery has drawn the interest of high stakes players from every corner of the universe including that of the rogue leader of a fringe Terran sect Ari must find a way to stop him before they all become ancient history

10 thoughts on “Vigilante

  1. Terrific Lots of action and a complex plot but characters were not neglected Everything felt so real from ships to strategies motivations to emotions Even minor characters were presented in a way that made them feel completely real I didn't exactly enjoy reading about the crazy misogynistic terrorist but it certainly drove a complex plot forward In addition the fascinating Muse 3 developed further and faced greater dangers Some details about the Minoans were revealed leading to even curiosity on my part And there was a lot of character development not only about major characters Ari and Matt but also Parmet and his wives Edones Joyce the Terran Maria and a few new characters as well I'm looking forward to book 3