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Rich Dad Poor Dad is Robert's story of growing up with two dads — his real father and the father of his best friend his rich dad — and the ways in which both men shaped his thoughts about money and investing The book explodes the myth that you need to earn a high income to be rich and explains the difference between working for money and having your money work for you

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    I bought this book on the recommendation of a client and from page one I was feeling uncomfortable with it I pushed aside the part of my mind that was shouting This guy is trashing highly educated people and the working poor and I was able to actually become enthusiastic about the message of the book Here is the message of the book and as far as I can tell the only thing of value in its pages When you own something it is either putting money into your pockets or taking money out of your pockets Owning a business or earning royalties creates income Owning a house and a car incurs expenses Try to own things that put money in your pocket If you rely on earning a wage or salary to put money in your pocket you will be forever caught up in the vicious cycle of needing money earning money and spending money There you go That's the big message this book will impart to you and it will do it slowly and repetitively in the first three chapters leaving the remainder of the book for the author to drone on and on about how turned 60000 into 80000 without ever going into specifics Early in the book the author lists royalties as a form of income Later in the book he disparages a young writer who laments that she hasn't been discovered yet He tells her to take courses in marketing which horrifies her as it would me He goes on to explain that his best selling books are best sellers because he knows how to market them I then saw the 10 I dropped on this book as just another dollar in his pocket He writes about 200 pages of repetitive non specific advice with only one interesting message see above and people line up to throw money at him because of a compelling title and a tough love story Towards the end I felt embarassed to be seen with this book in public just like I'd feel for responding to a get rich uick spam mail

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    This book may do a good job of getting you excited about your financial future but the false information it teaches negates any benefitsI believe this book does a disservice to the public I suspect it was written to appeal to those who are failing in the world's conventional definition of success Didn't go to college? Can't hold down a stable job? Good for you You haven't fallen for that waste of time and stupid rat race like all those other suckersSaying that higher education isn't worthwhile is misleading I agree it isn't essential and possibly not even helpful in rare circumstances but the high correlation in the general public between education and wealth cannot be ignoredHe also gives poor advice in finances and investing For example not adhering to diversification Or getting out of a stable job aka rat race where even if you win you're still a ratThe author praises learning correct accounting but then proceeds to butcher even the most fundamentals For example his first rule is You must know the difference between an asset and a liability but then he proceeds to claim that your home is a liability not an asset Completely backwards Any accountant will tell you soThe book is full of exaggerated and sometimes completely false anecdotes for example it appears the entire premise of the book is false there never was a rich dad and Robert wasn't wealthy until he embraced MLM and started selling get rich booksIf you just want some motivation please try another book such as The Millionaire Next Door If you want sound personal financial advice please read The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever NeedSee for an in depth critiue of Kiyosaki and charts showing the correlation between education and wealth

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    This book is not just about money It's about how we are taught to think; how we are programmed by schools family and friends to look at the rich as greedy no good bloodsuckers and opportunities as risks It is an attempt to reprogram minds to look at why we do what we do why do we buy all these shoes clothes cars jewelry have we earned it or are we just trying to maintain an image? To me the most important thing it teaches is that being educated is the key educated in our motives in money in the world around us educated does not always mean a degree lessons can be learned anywhere at anytime The book is great for people like me who think in pictures and in theory He explains his financial theories clearly and adds diagrams to explain how money flows into and out of our wallets I have read other financial self help books and they were too detailed too do thisdo that For me that didn't help or motivate me because I don't do anything unless I want to do it Other books never really gave me the why They told me what I needed to correct but if I don't see anything wrong in what I am doing why should I take steps to correct it? This book broke down to me the whys And now I am ready for action

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    This book has a picture of the author on the cover I should’ve considered myself warned But here’s the thing I’m 28 years old married with no kids spent the better part of the last 10 years at uni and I work full time I have spent my entire life studiously avoiding economics finance accounting and all associated disciplines instead always choosing the historypoliticssocial sciences path and then studying law As a result I have a big gaping hole in my knowledge and no idea about what to do with the money that I’m currently saving Also I have this thing where I through phases of obsessively reading and learning about new things A few months ago it was fish and auariums I’m not kidding Now it’s learning about finance I actually can’t believe I’m writing this but I amRich Dad Poor Dad is a book that both taught me some things and made my blood boil It borders on negligent in many areas and is downright offensive in the guise of being ‘helpful’ I absolutely agree with one of the premises that many people are financially illiterate I also agree that many people aren’t able to teach their kids money stuff because they don’t know that much themselves This book made me think about what I’m doing with my money and gave me some insight into the kind of things I am now going to look into and research But it also scared me This book is a libertarian’s wet dream that was written to be a bestseller He won I guessIt’s terribly written – it really is abysmal This book bats you over the head with a few ideas one of which is that The Poor should just stop being so poor through numerous “conversations” with his Rich Dad who is supposedly the father of his friend It’s horrendous dialogue; it actually I just can’t It’s horrible It talks about his father the Poor Dad who is university educated and hard working but supposedly foolishly believes that getting an education and then a secure job is a waste of time Education – what a joke right? What a waste of time and money that could otherwise be spent on high risk ventures that will always make you millions That can be further invested to make billions Rich Dad however never finished high school and owns numerous companies that employ The Poor read stupid idiots who work for him because they’re The Poor Rich Dad teaches us how The Rich do things and why that’s all we need to do to join their ranksThe thing is not everybody is afforded the same opportunities and the point about high risk is that risks are high Sometimes it all comes crashing down The world is not comprised of “the rich” “the middle class” and “the poor” and even if you look at it that way it is a dangerous and derogatory to consider that people are poor because they don’t make their money work for them Because they’re “losers” I shit you not who are too scared to take a risk It is fervently anti intellectual It totally disregards that not everybody has the capacity or opportunity to “pay themselves first” before paying bills or uit their job to make money work for them Money doesn’t just come to you if you try hard enough Sometimes you need to actually pay your bills because there are real life conseuences to failing to do so Like your utilities being disconnected Your credit rating being destroyed In my view and in reality not everybody can be an employer Employers need employees There is actual intrinsic value to things other than being an employer running a company and making money Things like helping people making things research writing hell – even working I find it scary that people would pick this book up be motivated by it because if nothing else it’s motivating Because everyone can be The Rich and be lulled into a false sense of entitlement purpose and safety by its messages I imagine that in person Kiyosaki is a cult leader type person As I mentioned I’m not well versed in financial or economic things – but I can smell bullshit and see when inconvenient facts or complications are glossed over This one is getting filed in the bin and I’m going to continue my learning elsewhere

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    Rich Dad Poor Dad Rich Dad #1 Robert T Kiyosaki Sharon L LechterRich Dad Poor Dad is a 1997 book written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter It advocates the importance of financial literacy financial education financial independence and building wealth through investing in assets real estate investing starting and owning businesses as well as increasing one's financial intelligence financial I to improve one's business and financial aptitude Rich Dad Poor Dad is written in the style of a set of parables ostensibly based on Kiyosaki's lifeتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز شانزدهم سپتامبر سال 2011 میلادیعنوان بابای پولدار بابای بی پول؛ نویسنده رابرت تی کیوساکی؛ شارون ال لچر؛ مترجم پروین قائمی؛ تهران، معیار اندیشه، 1385؛ در 270 ص؛ شابک 9646617751؛ چاپ دوم و سوم 1386؛ چهارم 1387؛ پنجم و ششم 1388؛ شابک 9789646617759؛ چاپ هفتم 1389؛ چاپ دوازدهم 1392؛ سیزدهم 1393؛ موضوع سرمایه گذاری امور مالی سده 21 مافراد با آگاهی از گردش مالی قادرند، خوشبخت و مرفه باشند شم مالی، نوعی جریان فکری است که از طریق آن می­توانیم مشکلات مالی خود را حل کنیم جهان امروز، جهان پیچیده، متغیر و بسیار بزرگتر از دنیای گذشته است، در این دنیا کسی جام جهان­نما ندارد در این نکته کوچکترین تردیدی وجود ندارد، و آنهم اینکه تغییرات آینده در چهارچوب ذهن ما نمی­گنجد، و هیچکس از آن خبر ندارد یکی از دلایل پولدار شدن پولدارها و بی­ پول شدن بی ­پولها، و دست و پا زدن طبقه ی متوسط در قرض و بدهی، این است که موضوع پول، صرفا در خانه مطرح می­شود، و در نظام آموزشی جای ندارد برای پولدار شدن لازم است در ابتدا یاد بگیرید، که با مخ خود پول دربیاورید آدم­ها وقتی واقعا فقیر می­شوند که از تلاش کردن ناامید شوند، مهم­ترین مساله وارد شدن در میدان، شروع کردن به کار است اغلب آدمها یک عمر درباره ی پولدار شدن، حرف می­زنند و خواب آن را می­بینند، ولی هیچ کاری نمی­کنند داشتن ماشین و خانه­ ی حسابی، لزوما به معنای پولدار شدن نیست آدم­های پولدار پیش از پولدار شدن نخست پایه ­های یک امپراتوری مالی را می­ریزند ا شربیانی

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    I read this book while in an Entrepreneur phase On one hand it is rather inspiring in a John Madden sort of way You see John Madden American football broadcaster always makes everything sound easy which may be how he coached the Raiders to the superbowl He'll say something like now what they need to do here is score a touchdown I think that if they can do that they will turn this game around I still recall a memorable game where a uarterback's contact fell out and while he and the refs looked for it Madden said now here's a guy who when he wears glasses he can see better When it's explained in such a simple way it really seems like the easiest thing in the world Unfortunately one must remember that the 6'5 defensive line is not just going to roll over and say 'uncle'Real estate isn't any easier There's always some conflict around the corner to trip you up and send you back to suare one or often suare negative one So while this book gives you such excellent advice as learn from failure make profitable deals and work hard for yourself it doesn't actually give you a system or method to make moneyThis seems a strange irony to me as this book is clearly marketed to people who are not smart enough to realize that they should 'work hard and not give up' if they want to succeed but who are smart enough to be able to figure all the rest of the logistics out by themselvesNow there are supplementary books that give a lot in depth information but they still tend to fall into similar traps It seems to me that you are either the self motivated entrepreneur type or you aren't and that difference will show itself often and early in life The self made may use this book but to continue projects they are already working on not to start their 'dream business' from scratchThere is another option for the marketability of this book but it is not one I like to think about depressed people who feel their lives going nowhere trying to stave off depression by clinging to untenable dreams For these types self help and new age books act like a surrogate or additional religion bolstering their self esteem and making them feel as if their dreams are truly within reachThen years go by and the dream draws no nearer They get depressed So they whip out this book or another one like it and suddenly feel like their millionaire retirement is only 6 months away This makes them feel self satisfied and complacent so they end up doing nothing until suddenly months later they realize they're no closer to their goal I'm not saying people shouldn't have dreams and I'm definitely not saying not to follow them and I know people get attached to their denial but it's not going to make your life any betterMore than anything this book is a symptom of the cult of the real estate bubble for whom property was never a bad investment it would never go down and rates would always get and favorable To say that their view was naively rosy would be kindOne day so the story goes Joseph P Kennedy was getting a shoe shine when the shine boy started talking about what stocks were good to invest in This is what we call 'market saturation' when one area of business becomes popular and suddenly it seems like everyone is joining in Kennedy got out before the crash of '29 and an intelligent investor seeing how many books and reality shows there were about flipping houses should have seen the real estate crash comingUnfortunately the fiscal prophets of the self help section were unable to predict the coming apocalypse so it's lucky for them that their money was tied up in book sales and speaking engagements rather than in the real estate deals they were pushing on others I'd like to think that these sales would drop off after the 'miracle of real estate' turned out to be another hollow investment bubble but in these dire times people are even desperate to find the path to economic stabilityNow I know that most people who don't say 'peddle' don't say 'peddle' market these self help or new age products are not usually scam artists Most of them believe in what they do; they believe that they are helping people; and I hope sometimes they do However there is a difference between being a doctor and telling someone they have cancer to help them move on and lying that there is no cancer because it seems 'kind' or 'uplifting' The latter is of course morally reprehensible said the atheistKiyosaki has built an empire off of this book and made himself a pretty penny He has also been investigated by some critics who have challenged his assertions about his wealth real estate successes and the very premise of the book There is no evidence that his 'rich dad' ever actually existed and Kiyosaki has said in interviews that the character is at best a combination of people However at other times he has stated that he definitely does exist And that doesn't even go into his support of con artist Casey SerinMaybe I'm wrong maybe you will buy this book and it will turn your life around maybe Kiyosaki is relating a true story of struggle and inspiration but maybe not maybe it will just be another 5 in his pocket and less room on your bookshelf for real economic and legal texts

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    Read this one in 2004 but maybe I read an earlier editionI think I rated this one 5stars I have to review my journals it's been too long I can't remember what I've written I'll be back with this one 😅😅😅

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    This book has taught me the difference between an asset and a liability something I am still pondering right now and probably will for the rest of my life

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    I've been wanting to read this for a couple of years After some recent events in my life I wanted to understand the financial thinking of people who were raised wealthy and those who were not The first chapter was great The storytelling was simple and informative It made so much sense to me and I related to it Then I started Lesson Two Why Teach Financial Literacy It was this chapter that I realized that homeboy Kiyosaki is uite pompous I understand that he was using specific examples in his financial success which is essential for writing a book in this genre but he was just being pretentious and inflatedIt was a line in chapter six that made me halt and decide to put down the book for good It was an example of how his friend bought a rundown house Kiyosaki writes It was spooky to look at What? did this supposedly financially intelligent man just say It was spooky to look at? He did He's not worth my timeI checked out this book at the library If I would have bought this book I would have made him 1695 richer and me 1695 poorer He does know how to invent money by creating a need The need is for people to buy his books and products Kiyosaki's lectures and advice may appeal to some but I felt like I was being swindled I won't finish this book and will read financial advice from people who are intelligently wealthy humbled and less pompous

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    This is a GREAT book I can definitely say it changed my life and they way I look at money and finances For example my husband and I bought investment properties after I had him read it as well It is very easy and interesting to read READ IT READ IT READ ITHere is one of my favorite lines from it approximately uoted I have never met a rich man who hasn't lost a lot of money but I have met a lot of poor men who have never lost a dime True SO TRUE Everytime I lose money in an investment I remember how much better I am for investing and making my money work for me than just hiding it and hoping nothing bad happens to itAlso I loved the story of the young talented writer who came to Robert Kiyosaki and lamented not being able to get published He told her she was very talented and that she should take a sales class She was mortified SALES? She was a gifted writer not a lowly salesperson I excelled at sales so I personally already was thinking she was kind of dumb Robert Kiyosaki pointed out that the cover if his book said Best SELLING author not Best WRITING author She was miffed He was rightI saw some other reviews saying they disliked the way he talks about people with tons of education always being poor as if he is above them and so much smarter Honestly there is nothing wrong with having lots of education and still being poor if that's all you want This book is about how to be smart financially though Feel free to be poor I want to be a millionaire soon So I learn about money And I love and learn from Robert Kiyosaki who is great at that Lots of people look at him and get annoyed that he is so rich and successful and don't like him I instead look at how he is rich and successful and try to figure out how he did it Amen