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A lively laugh out loud journey from Oklahoma beauty queen to show biz sensation“Life’s too short I’m not” You might know her as a Tony Award–winning Broadway star who originated the role of Galinda the Good Witch in the smash musical Wicked Or you may recognize her from her starring roles on TV— The West Wing Pushing Daisies and Sesame Street At four foot eleven Kristin Chenoweth is an immense talent in a petite but powerful package Through a combination of talent hard work and she’s quick to add the grace of God Kristin took Broadway and Hollywood by storm But of course into every storm the occasional drizzle of disaster must fall and Kristin reflects on how faith and family have kept her grounded even in tough times Filled with wit wisdom and backstage insight A Little Bit Wicked is long on love and short on sleep It’s essential reading for Kristin’s legions of fans and an uplifting story for anyone seeking motivation to follow his or her dreams—over the rainbow and beyond Featuring Chenolicious recipes Kristin's advice for young actors and much

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    I am a big fan of Kristin Chenoweth so this was definitely a treat for me to read I listen to the soundtrack for Wicked on my iPod all the time I only wish I would have seen her perform as Glinda in Wicked live with Idina Menzel But nonetheless she was my favorite character on Pushing Daisies as Olive Snook Oh and did I mention her fabulous cameo on Glee to die for So I couldn't help but picking up this book in order to get insider information on this tiny with a very big voice galThe moment you open the book you quickly hear Kristin's voice you can hear her southern drawl and her personality really shines through with each paragraph Reading about her trials and tribulations made me love her even At first the time line is a bit confusing because she runs back and forth from past to present but her tone of writing is so fun that you can definitely overlook that After awhile you get used to the skipping around and it just becomes part of the charm I loved getting insight into the workings of Broadway how she felt about being adopted her faith her schooling Wicked her love life that huge mega hit Kristin and it all wrapped up into this tiny package that you can definitely envision as being KRISTIN I thought it was interesting light and than once found myself laughing out loud If you're a fan of Kristin Chenoweth then you definitely have to read this although I will forewarn this not a tell all book she doesn't dish on any co stars or friends and I really appreciated that

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    I don’t normally venture into the non fiction section of a bookstore unless by accident but when I spotted Kristin Chenoweth’s memoir A Little Bit Wicked I knew that I had to read it because 1 I love all things Wicked although it does not dominate her story and 2 I fell in love with Kristin Chenoweth when she played Olive Snook in Pushing DaisiesTHE GOOD BITS{A little slice goes a long way} I loved the format of this book Yes Kristin Chenoweth goes in chronological order but it never felt that way A Little Bit Wicked seemed like a compilation of bits and pieces of Kristin Chenoweth’s life never quite connect the dots but everything had its time and place and I felt lucky to be reading about it I ate A Little Bit Wicked it up in one evening but this book can easily be stretched out like a decadent and rewarding dessert for 16 evenings{Warning Avoid any liquids while reading} I guarantee that there are a whole lot of snort worthy moments and I giggled my whole way through reading Kristin Chenoweth is honest to goodness adorable even when she has her non bubbly moments and I love how the writing captures this effervescent woman She is 100% human I know I had concern that she was all bubble with hurts and hopes trials and triumphs and she knows how to throw a decent punchline From the truth behind where babies come from to her eat them and maybe die White Trash Cookies to the inspiration behind Ellen The Musical to being tricked into a date with a pilot while racing across the country it is hard to NOT laugh at Kristin Chenoweth’s mishaps on her rise to popularity{On Aaron Sorkin} So I didn’t know much about Kristin Chenoweth’s love life before I read A Little Bit Wicked and really the her current status is nobody’s business but her own but can I say that I adored Aaron Sorkin’s own account of how he fell in love with her? All I can say is that in A Little Bit Wicked I can sense how much Kristin Chenoweth and Aaron Sorkin care for each other – even if they were off and on even if they never get back together – despite everything Aaron Sorkin wrote a beautiful piece for A Little Bit Wicked and I think it was pretty cool of Kristin Chenoweth to share it with the readerTHE BAD BITS{Wicked ly disappointed} Okay the lack of Wicked was not exactly the end of the world and I am sure Kristin Chenoweth may be all Wicked out but I had thought there would have been dish on Wicked as suggested by the title There were a few brief mentions but if you shared my expectations of Wicked delights this is not the book for you This is for fans of Kristin Chenoweth and perhaps GLEE hardsTHE OVERALLI don’t know how A Little Bit Wicked does it but somehow it embodies the bubbly known as Kristin Chenoweth and delivers anecdotes that can either make you laugh or cry or even sniffle with a hint of chuckle A Little Bit Wicked may have be Wicked in name only but it is everything I expected from Kristin Chenoweth A Little Bit Wicked may be short in length Kristin Chenoweth most definitely is not – and I hope that there may be stories to share in the future

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    After reading this book I want to shake Kristen Chenoweth by the shoulders and say Listen honey life isn't that great Cheer downSeriously I love Kristin Chenoweth's perky upbeat personality But in a book length autobiography there is a thin line between perkiness and superficiality and this book seems to cross it Chenoweth is a highly successful singer and entertainer but there is little sense of the struggles headaches and rejections that a young girl from Oklahoma must have dealt with on her way to the top of one of the world's most competitive professions Everyone she meets is an utter joy and she loves them God seems to have handed her one opportunity after another which she made the most of through her cockeyed optimismHer relationship with Idina Menzel her co star in Wicked is a case in point Rumor is that the relationship between the two is strained in part because both were nominated for a Tony in Wicked and Menzel won I'm guessing that the relationship is indeed strained but not because Chenoweth openly admits it I'm basing that instead on the fact that a Chenoweth seems to heap less praise on Menzel than she does on almost everyone else in the book b the most she'll say about the subject is our paths haven't crossed enough for a mediocre rivalry let alone a healthy steam of hatred and I'm not a hater It takes too much energy Also and I found this rather interesting c she says this of the Tony Award I wasn't at all surprised when she Menzel won and I couldn't have been happier Remember when Chenoweth sang I Couldn't Be Happier in Wicked? Her character wasn't very happy when she was singing that song Is Chenoweth giving her fans a Wicked little hint here? Why doesn't she just come out and say it?If you are interested in cute perky stories about Chenoweth's glide up the ladder of success and particularly if you are interested in her recipies for cookies and pies which are for some reason scattered throughout the chapters this could be the book for you If you want the behind the scenes inside story of her Broadway stage and television shows and her road to success check out the internet gossip sites

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    Bought on AudibleActual Rating 45 Wine GlassesWhat I Loved Kristin Chenoweth is just such a delightful personality She has great stories from her life both professionally and personally I don't feel like she held anything back She does it with such poise humor and a little winknudge to her friends This was like getting a glimpse into what I think is one of the most down to earth celebrities there is today It might be her southern roots but you just feel like she is someone you could sit down have dinner and chat about day to day stuffWhat I Liked Her friends family and moments that just made me giggle hysterically I love that she tackled everything faith failed relationships the theater her friends and hair mishapsAudio Specific Review Kristen read sang and giggled her way through reading this It was fantastic and the way I would suggest getting this bookWhy I gave it a 45 It was 7 hours of just plain funWho would I recommend it too Kristin Chenoweth fans

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    Kristin Chenoweth is such a spunky fun loving kind woman I would like to adopt her as my baby sister

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    I wanted to read A Little Bit Wicked because I am a big fan of Kristin Chenoweth Kristin tells her story about the beginning of her life struggles and decisions in a refreshingly honest funny and endearing manner When I read her story I didn't know as much about her background education adoption early life in Oklahoma and her formative years developing her considerable talent Her first big break that occurs in New York City leads her away from a career in Opera and on to Broadway TV and movies She recounts how her faith and family have kept her grounded In her own words the book is a tell a little not a tell all I would definitely recommend this book to any of her fans Jacque C

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    I enjoy Kristin Chenoweth in moderation so I liked this book It was pretty middle of the board for me There were some stories I just didn't care about and then some that I wanted to hear about Her stories about her hair particularly the one where she basically had to cut it all off was entertaining and sad at the same time I loved hearing everything to do with Pushing Daisies and it makes me want to rewatch it again A show gone too soon I loved all the stories about Wicked and didn't know a fair amount of what she talks about From injuring herself early on to all the little funny things that happened on stage I had no idea she dated Aaron Sorkin I also didn't know she was on West Wing but I was never an avid watcher of that one Some of the stories she talks about makes her seem overly peppy and superficial but it didn't bother me It's a pretty harmless autobiography that has its entertaining moments She breaks out into song a few times but it's such a tease that I wish she had sung for longer I'd recommend this book for those who are fans of Kristin