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Heroes Gods and Monsters in Ancient Greek Mythology' is a collection of classic archetypal Ancient Greek myths including the stories of Jason Perseus Odysseus Heracles Oedipus and Theseus and many dark and delirious famous Ancient Greek myths These stories which have had a great influence on thinkers throughout the centuries inform popular culture even today Here they are told as if by a fireside storyteller detailing the horrific perils these heroes faced A historical introduction explains who the Ancient Greeks were describing their beliefs and customs and a 'Finding out ' section provides you with the tools you need to discover even about this increidble civilisation and their beliefs

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    Çok beğendim

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    A nice short overview of Greek Mythology for those who cannot keep track of it all ME Loved the illustrations

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    Mitolojideki birçok klasik karakter ve olaya değiniyor ve bunları basit akıcı ve olabildiğince yalın biçimde aktarıyor Kitabı okumak gerçekten keyifli Gereksiz detaylardan kaçınılmış bilmiyorum belki normali böyledir ve bol bol resimle desteklenmiş Her şey çok iyi de bana sanki biraz kısa gibi geldi Bir de Tanrıları daha çok anlatır diye beklemiştim Sanki çok az şey anlattı gibime geldi ama Yunan mitolojisine de çok hakim değilim belki bu kadar yeterlidir bile Ancak ben tam tatmin olamadım Her şeye rağmen gayet keyifli bir kitap

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    Heroes Gods and Monsters of Ancient Mythology was a Great book for basic mythology such as as Odyseuss Perseus Hercules The Trojan War Theseus And Daedalus' Labryinth It had all the stories you wanted and of mythology I learned a lot about other myths from this book If I had to pick my favorite story it would have to be the Trojan WarI would give this book 45 stars for getting most of the facts right In my opinion this book was very good and fun to read If people have never heard of these myths I would recommend this book to them It was pretty short but it was good for what it gave

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    I got this as an e book for my nine year old but I ended up without a book on hand and gave it a whirl It was a decent overview and refresher of many Greek myths The writing style was less formal suitable to children It definitely did not have the depth of the Edith Hamilton Mythology that I read in high school Still some good light reading and it covered the basics including super condensed accounts of the Trojan War and Odysseus's travels

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    Good for a short guide but not enough detail for my liking Recommended for young ones

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    A fun telling of the great Greek talesLiked it