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Four year old Lisa's world turned upside down when her step father moved in Most of the time he was just violent but then he started making her do things to him she knew were wrong Soon he was visiting her at night Lisa begged her mother for help but she just shrugged telling Lisa he would have his way It was the greatest betrayal of allAt first Lisa's step father would just make her stroke and massage his feet hitting her if she stopped but he soon wanted Much By the time she was 12 he was regularly abusing her One day when Lisa turned 16 she came home to discover that her mother had swapped bedrooms with her 'You're my girlfriend now' her step father told her Lisa turned to her mother for help but was met with a shrug She wouldn't hear a word against her husband 'Don't blame me' she said Her step father's abuse was horrific but what completely tore her apart was knowing her mother knew and encouraged itTrapped and increasingly desperate Lisa tried to find a way out But her isolation was complete A few months later her mother told her she'd arranged for Lisa and her step father to move into a flat together down the road It was too much for Lisa to bear 'Please don't make me please' she sobbed But her mother just ignored her Lisa was marched around to the flat with her possessions and her nightmare was completeAlone with her step father Lisa's life became even unbearable Then one day finally she got the chance she'd been looking for to escape Lisa bravely struck out on her own petrified her mother would find her and hand her back into the waiting arms of her step father But Lisa's mother had no idea how determined she was to break away

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    I don't even know where to startThis review may contain spoilersFirst I have to give this book 5 stars because I was in it from beginning to end and couldn't put it down It's written wonderfully I still can't believe I spent most of my day reading it and was able to endure it I didn't enjoy the content but literally couldn't put it down I had to know what was going to happen to Lisa I'm so angry about what happened to her and how so many people failed her Her step dad the worst and then her mother Forget mother this lady is no mother shes just flat out mental and should've never had kids in the first place Its almost like the world is against her Gosh I just can't even believe this actually happenedAn entire childhood and even young adulthood in ruins It breaks my heart I was literally yelling throughout the book I hate that so much time went by and nothinggotbetterIt only became worse Even time goes by and consistently the ball just keeps getting droppedI don't want to completely spoil it for others so that's all I'm going to say If you read this just be prepared for serious emotions