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Wolfstein involuntarily shuddered Cavigni quaffed the liquor to the dregs the cup fell from his trembling hand The chill dew of death sat upon his forehead in terrific convulsion he fell headlong and inarticulately uttering I am poisoned sank seemingly lifeless on the earth Sixty robbers at once rushed forward to raise him and reclining in their arms with an horrible and harrowing shriek the spark of life fled from his body for ever A robber skilled in surgery opened a vein but no blood followed the touch of the lancet Wolfstein advanced to the body unappalled by the crime which he had committed

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    This is Shelley's second gothic novel and in my opinion far superior to his first Zastrozzi Again he has borrowed heavily from established gothic novelists of the time The reader can trace Emily St Aubert from The Mysteries of Udolpho in Eloise moments from Charlotte Dacre's Zofloya and Radcliffe's The Italian It's not so much plagiarism as a pastiche of a lot of contemporaneous works but there is still some really fine writing in here In the grand tradition of gothic novels Shelley has interspersed his heroines' thoughts with some pieces of poetry which of course is in effect some of Shelley's earliest poetry Well worth reading for that alone The other thing I noticed about this is the descriptions of Ginnoti's natural sciences and the description of the demon he encounters in his quest for the elixir of eternal life seems very similar to the appearance of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein's creature and some of the description in her most famous work It always seems to me that all gothic novels are related somehow and some of them seem to be very close cousins indeed I loved the ending of the book although it is a bit rushed at the end still unlike the rest of the book it was original and pretty horrific stuff This is a great gothic novel and very cheap to buy on kindle if you are a fan of the genre or just a Shelley fan then it's not to be missed