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They left the tyranny of England for the freedom of the American frontier But sins of lust and secrets of the heart shadowed their journey into the brave new landELI MAKERS a blond giant who worshipped his land and his God but not his wifeLINDA whose radiant beauty had tempted mant a heart but who lived in fear of her stern husband's wrathPHILIP hopelessly torn with love and desire for Linda joined the expedition just to be near herJUDITH her passion for Philip was strong enough to endure even his worship of another woman

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    Fascinating novel about the world of cruelty lust and greed which only Love can overcome But there very little Love in this worldThere are many things in this book that I hated I was twice on the point of closing the book but I didn't because of exciting unpredictable for me at least plot and good language As for bad things they are faults of the world not the author