Paperback ï Coyote Epub ò

After stealing a starship full of political refugees Captain Robert E Lee and his crew travel to a distant planetary system with a habitable moon named Coyote with the dream of starting a colony free from governmental and social oppressionThe trip lasts 226 years but while everyone is in biostasis one of the crew members is accidentally awakened With his cell permanently deactivated by the ship's AI communications officer Leslie Gillis is doomed to a solitary life and death aboard the starship When the rest of the crew is eventually reawakened as the ship reaches its destination what they find is extraordinary Once the small colony is established on Coyote they realize just how different their new world is from Earth Exploration begins and although a few colonists are killed by predators the colony survives and even begins to thrive that is until a strange comet appears in the sky

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