Walking Through Fire A Life of Nawal El Saadawi PDF/EPUB

In A Daughter of Isis Nawal El Saadawi painted a beautifully textured portrait of the childhood that moulded her into a novelist and fearless campaigner for freedom and the rights of women Walking Through Fire takes up the story of her extraordinary life Famous for her novels short stories and writings on women Saadawi is known as the first Arab woman to have written about sex and its relation to economics and politics Imprisoned under Sadat for her opinions she has continued to fight against all forms of discrimination based on class gender nationality race or religion  This autobiography shows the passion for justice that has shaped her life and her writing We read about her as a rural doctor trying to help a young girl escape from a terrible fate imposed on her by a brutal male tyranny We follow her attempts to set up women's organizations and to publish magazines later banned by the authorities or endangered by fundamentalist threats We travel with her into exile after the publication of her name on a death list We witness her first marriage to a freedom fighter hounded into drug addiction by a system that has no mercy We share her struggle against her 'false self' and a second husband who offers her financial security and comfort provided she stops writing We live the beautiful moments of her third marriage with a man released after fourteen years of imprisonment and hard labour their love companionship and shared struggle  Nawal El Saadawi has carved a place for herself in the universal struggle against oppression 'Words should not seek to please to hide the wounds in our bodies or the shameful moments in our lives' she says 'They may hurt give us pain but they can also provoke us to question what we have accepted for thousands of years'

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    This book has been a surprise I was into unknown territory as this was a Rakhi gift Thanks Drashya However the author's life amazes me She has such a strong backbone This read has been captivating in that this extraordinary woman exemplifies the very act of being alive in a society where she isn't paid her dues But she does not give up And this had made for an incredible journey I would definitely recommend reading this book