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Open the hood of your car and you’ll find a confusing mishmash of wires tubes and mechanical devices What are all of those things? Written for mechanical novices who may not know their catalytic converters from their universal joints A Field Guide to Automotive Technology will help them gain a basic understanding of how their automobiles function How does an airbag know when to deploy? What is rack and pinion steering? And where exactly does a dipstick dip? Even seasoned gearheads will learn from this guide as it traces the history and development of mechanisms they may take for granted  A Field Guide to Automotive Technology has than 130 entries each with a clear photo to make recognition easy Devices are grouped according to their “habitats”—under the hood inside the car and —to help the reader identify the technology in question Once the “species” is discovered the entry will tell you its “behavior”—what it does—and how it works in detail This guide also includes sidebars on related technical issues such as how to mix up a batch of homemade windshield wiper fluid It even discusses other vehicles found on our nation’s highways—buses motorcycles bicycles and —as well as a few off road vehicles

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    I always see this book as a child's read Good introduction to parts of a car Not overly complicated and very easy to understand It's amazing how the author managed to convey a good understanding of technical basics without the help from a diagram