Third Wave Feminism and Television Jane Puts It in a Box

The sexual politics of television culture is the territory covered by this ground breaking book the first to demonstrate the ways in which third wave feminist television studies approaches and illuminates mainstream TV Leading voices in third wave feminism focus on innovative US television shows including The Sopranos Oz Six Feet Under The L Word and the reality TV show The Bachelor to take a closer look at the contradictions and reciprocities between feminism and television engaging as they go in theoretical and critical conversations about media culture third wave feminism feminist spectatorship the sex wars and the politics of visual pleasure   The book offers an exuberant and accessible discussion of what television has to offer today's feminist fan  It also sets a new tone for future debate turning away from a sober near pessimistic trend in much feminist media studies to reconnect with the roots of third wave feminism in riot girl culture sex radical feminism and black feminism tracing too the narratives provided by queer theory in which pleasure has a less contested place 

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