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Flogging the uill is a one book remedy for a host of beginning novelist ailments a tune up for published authors and a resource for editors Rich with advice and coaching from editorauthor Ray Rhamey Flogging the uill’s primary focus is to lift a novel manuscript to a publishable professional level The book’s sections cover storytelling determining what drives a plot the six vital story ingredients and tools for spotting shortcomings in a narrative Writers also learn experiential description how to handle the tricky character description hurdle staging and overwriting The when to tell how to show lesson has been praised by literary agents and college teachers I’ve read many submissions that were near misses If the writers had had the benefit of this book they’d be published right now —Editor and publisher Laura Abbott It’s a must have for any novelist —Bestselling author Tess Gerritsen

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    I learned so much from reading this book After reading just the first couple of chapters I was ready to go back and revise all the short stories I have written and haven't been able to publish The best part about this book however are the examples They really drive the author's point home and make the lessons memorable This is something I will be returning to again and again as I work on any future stories or novels

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    If you're writing a book this is a very useful reference to have I was hoping to swap for it but finally broke down and bought a new copy and I'm not sorry I've been through it in its entirety several times Bonus if you buy the book the author will critiue the first chapter of a prospective novel

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    I really liked this book I especially liked the straight forward way the author presented the information I'm editing my manuscript now using many of the suggestions in this book I feel knowledgeable and confident in my writing Definitely worth a read if you're a writer

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    I believe this is one of the better books I have next to my writing chair Well written with plenty of examples I highly recommend this as a writer