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Introducing the first eight volumes of the fan favorite New York Times Best Seller series collected into one massive paperback collectionIn a world ruled by the dead we are forced to finally start living With The Walking Dead #1 48 this compendium features than one thousand pages chronicling the start of Robert Kirkman's Eisner Award winning story of zombie horror from Rick Grimes waking up alone in a hospital his band of survivors seeking refuge on an isolated farm and the controversial introduction of Woodbury despot The Governor

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    I had no clue that the books to this were so much different than the show You have some completely different characters and different endings for so many of the characters If you haven't read the books because of being afraid to spoil the showdon't worry It's different enough that you don't know anything about anythingSome of my favorite characters don't exist in the books and yet I still loved this bookThere is a darker feel to the books More sex dying fighting between the people that should be helping each other Just like real lifeThe governor in the books is the freaking devil I completely now understand the hatred between him and Michonne Then guess who is bad ass in the books but was a whimpering idiot on the show?view spoiler hide spoiler

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    The world we knew is gonenow we live in the world of The Waking Dead This is the first volume of “Compendium Edition” of The Walking Dead collecting the comic book issue from #1 to #48 including the Christmas Special story This is euivalent to the first 8 regular Trade Paperbacks of the comic book series My general rating is an average result of the sum of the ratings of each chapter in the collected editionCreative TeamWriter Robert KirkmanIllustrators Tony Moore Chapter One Charlie Adlard Chapters Two to EightAdditional gray tones to inking Tony Moore Chapter One Cliff Rathburn Chapters Two to Eight Chapter One DAYS GONE BYE Rating 5 stars Rick Officer Rick Grimes at your service This chapter is the epic beginning of the mega popular franchise of The Walking Dead that first was comic books then expanded to a TV series and now there are even prose novelsThis first chapter has the great artwork by Tony Moore that certainly made it iconic The work of Charlie Adlard in the rest of chapters is really good too specially on the details of things and backgrounds but definitely if I’d be able to choose my pick would be on Tony Moore it was sad that he won’t keep doing the illustrations on the rest of the comic book series As additional info Tony Moore remained in the creative team for a while doing the covers of the first twenty four issues and the covers of the first four regular TPBsA good thing about The Walking Dead if you want to enjoy it in comic books along with TV series is that both storylines are different sure there will be connecting points here and there and you will meet the same names of characters in some cases but they aren’t the same persons and trust me while this is my first compendium in the comic book’s storyline I have been watching the TV series since its own beginning and both stories are different both truly great but different so don’t afraid of spoilers in any of both formats since the events are developed uite different You may think of the “other storyline” of any format comic books or TV series as “the road not taken” But truly loyal to the spirit of the franchiseOfficer Rick Grimes from the Sheriff Deparment in Cynthiana Kentucky suffers a shot injury on duty and he falls into a coma When he wakes up in a hospital bed after several weeks he finds himself alone in the building or at least he thinks that he is alone Soon enough he meets several “things” walking “things” that only a word not matter how nonsensical it sounds is able to describe those walking “things”ZOMBIESAnd if things aren’t bad enough Rick doesn’t know the whereabouts of his wife and sonRick’s first stop on his own home leads him to meet Morgan and his son Duane Morgan explains him how the world gone to hell while Rick was in comaThe US Government was asking population to go to big cities to be defended there by the army and since Lori Rick’s wife has family in Atlanta Rick decides to go there to search for his wife and son CarlOn Atlanta he finds Glenn an Asian American young man who explains him how the world works nowRick Grimes’ world would never been the same any Chapter Two MILES BEHIND US Rating 4 stars Okay What the hell are we going to do now? The body count started on the first chapter making them to realize that ANYBODY may be the next one to fallAmmo is scarce so that’s why that being able to shoot and doing it with precision becomes a vital skill where Andrea a young blonde woman is showing to be the best shooter of the groupRick’s group is on the road trying to find some safe place to survive in this nightmare that it’s their reality nowHowever that seems to be an impossible goal since there are zombies everywhereAny potential paradise reveals a hidden biting snake Chapter Three SAFETY BEHIND BARS Rating 5 stars I ain’t gonna bury you again you son of a bitch In our society you never would want to go prison but in an apocalyptical dystopia plagued with zombies a prison would look like the logical choiceRick’s group finds a federal penitentiary that it seems to be the place to expiate their sins but also they can be a site with its own kind of sinnersA shocking revelation will expose a new facet about their life and death conditionAnd also they will find soon enough that zombies may be deadly but men are evil Zombies aren’t guilty of their actions men are uite aware of theirsAnd men are able to do horrible things than any zombieUntil now you haven’t seen anything yet the really gruesome things starts here Chapter Four THE HEART’S DESIRE Rating 5 stars Cry me a river Enter Michonne mysterious Afro American woman with a samurai sword ‘Nuff saidRick’s group has troubles in all fronts Menaces outside and inside of the prisonRick finally realizes that any sentimental sense of righteousness is long gone in this insane world and now he is taking the hard choices if he really wants the survival of his group Some decisions will pay out some don’t but nevertheless Rick needs to call them Chapter Five THE BEST DEFENSE Rating 5 stars Wait you’re feeding them? What the hell are you feeding them? Enter The Governor no time to introduce him Run everyone RUNRick’s group is finally establishing a secure place in the prison when a falling helicopter in the sky making to go out to investigateRick Michonne and Glenn while checking out the helicopter they reach a fortified townWelcome to WoodburyThe Governor rules the town of Woodbury and the lives of Rick’s group would never been the same anyThey would wish to face a legion of zombies instead rather than The Governor Chapter Six THIS SORROWFUL LIFE Rating 5 stars Don’t you know what people is capable of? Rick Michonne and Glenn are trapped in WoodburyAnd each one of them never would be the same anyZombies are merciful they kill you uick and you aren’t aware of a single thing any You cease of thinking hearing and feelingMen aren’t merciful at allHowever they are similar in an aspectthey have to be dealt in the same way Chapter Seven THE CALM BEFORE Rating 4 stars I just don’t need to hear you say it I can’t hear you say it Rick’s group is reunited again and they remain in the prisonHowever Woodbury’s people is out thereThis is only the calm before the storming arrival of the dwellers of Woodbury to the prisonIt’s not a matter of “if” but a disturbing certainity of “when”Rick’s group is doing their best to keep on with their existence along with doing their best to be prepared for the unavoidable confrontation Chapter Eight MADE TO SUFFER Rating 5 stars I don’t think we can do this This is itThe showdown that you all have been waiting for during the entire compendiumWoodbury’s people versus Rick’s group Now we’re cooking Villains will rise heroes will fall Characters that you have been thinking that they are irrelevant will prove their value in key moments of survival But don’t you get mistakenThis is a warAnd in war disgusting unspeakable sad things happenThis is THE WALKING DEAD Special Bonus HOLIDAY SPECIAL Rating 3 stars A brief side story showing again Morgan and his son Duane the first people that Rick Grimes met after his recovery from the comaChristmas is coming or at least their calculations say soMorgan does his best to bring a momento of peace and joy to his son Duane at least for one day in their uncertain existence of survival

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    If you watch The Walking Dead aka stalking Daryl Dixon throw any notions you may have about the show paralleling the comics right out the fucking window This version does not have this Or that I may have even missed this a tiny bit It does have this And that Although our friend the Governor on the show is rated G compared to the comic versionNow take all the sick twisted and fucked up things that happen on the show and multiply the fucked upness by a gazillion Throw in some added gore and psychologically damaging events beyond human comprehension and you get this book Fucking WIN I still miss seeing this a bit a lot 5 Ninja Bunneh Zombies Munching On Brains

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    This is my second go around with this sprawling epic compendium in preparation for tackling the follow up I'm so glad I did a re read because there was a lot I had plain forgotten and much I had gotten tangled up with the television series Only reading the source material again did I realize just how much the producers of the show actually changed from Kirkman's comic The fundamentals of the story are essentially the same but the devilish details have undergone uite a makeover I have to say as much as I'm a fan of the comic most of the changes I approve of and in some cases even prefer Carol's character is much likeable and awesome on the small screen certainly not as needy and neurotic as comic book Carol The invention of Daryl my favorite on screen character and his uber violent redneck brother Merle played oh so convincingly by Michael Rooker have been magnificent contributions to the ensemble castview spoilerI definitely prefer Lori's on screen death grisly and upsetting as it was to the comic's uick gut shot death even though that was uite shocking in its own way with little Judith in her arms I'm glad they didn't put Dale and Andrea together in the show though I do wish they hadn't made Andrea so unlikable Her character in the comic is kick ass and great On the show? Grrrrr I want to smack her most of the time It remains to be seen what they will do with Michonne's character but I'm glad the show did not go as dark and disturbing as the comic with what happened between her and the Governor That was some sick shit I did not need to ever read or see Loved how the show handled it overall Television Michonne seems together and not as damaged She's not talking to voices in her head either at least not yet hide spoiler

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    I really really love zombie movies and anything really that involves zombies Yes even Pride and Prejudice and Zombies If you can't like that idea at least a little bit then I can't like you But pretty uickly after my zombie obsession started I realized that what interests me about these stories isn't the zombie killing aspect at all Instead what really fascinates me about zombie apocalypse movies is how they portray the breakdown of society and how people deal with this Blowing zombie heads off with shotguns and slicing them up with machetes is fun to watch because zombies like Nazis can be slaughtered in the thousands and you don't feel even a little bit sorry for them even when there's a really heartwrenching moment when someone has to shoot their zombiefied mom it really doesn't make me feel that bad because she's not your mom any she's a zombie who's going to eat you and there is a big difference but what always interests me in these stories is what happens when the normal rules of society no longer apply If the world collapsed tomorrow and all that mattered was survival not morality not family not religion what would you do? When the zombie apocalypse happens all bets are off and society crumbles Once this happens once we pretty much do whatever we want because everything has been destroyed how do we react? Who do we become when we lose everything? If these uestions interest you than simple zombie killing The Walking Dead will make you very happy Yes there are zombie killings aplenty drawn in super graphic detail to the point where you probably shouldn't be eating anything while you read this but the zombies are not the problem here These aren't 28 Days Later zombies which if we're going to get technical weren't really zombies at all that are smart and run scary fast These are slow dumb lumbering things that hunt mainly by smell and whose strategy for finding food is basically to wander around and hope to stumble within grabbing distance of something edible The zombies in The Walking Dead are not a huge threat The threat is the people left behind trying to make a life in this disaster wasteland aftermath Let me warn you right away it ain't pretty Even our good guy main character the former police officer Rick cracks under the pressure and becomes significantly less heroic than he wishes he could be People kill other people They torture and rape other people and do similarly awful things in order to survive This isn't a zombie movie where the tight knit group pf heroes find a safe haven or maybe even a cure and then the credits roll There are no credits here and even when our main characters find a relatively secure place where they can live things aren't over They still have to push the zombies back every day and find a source of food and keep other people from attacking their hiding place And they still have to deal with each other To paraphrase Sartre Hell isn't a zombie apocalypse Hell is other people

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    I cannot believe the dark places this graphic novel delves No one and I mean no one is safe in this ongoing saga It takes place after the dead have risen and destroyed everything and follows a handful of often rotating survivors as they try to get by in a frightening new world It starts out a little slow as everything is set up but once it gets going I didn't want to put it downIt is less focused on the zombies than its core of characters and their interaction and relationships but there is plenty of gore to go around It's horrible sad and unputtdownable This volume collects issues 1 48 of the long running series and man is this sucker heavy

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    Wow To say I was disappointed would be an understatementWhere to begin? I really enjoy reading comics or graphic novels if that's the term you prefer and am constantly on the lookout for something new to enjoy in the genre For the most part I tend to read classic well known stuff like Alan Moore's work or Maus or things like that Recently I got the itch to try out something a bit well recent Something new and freshIt seems like everybody's reading The Walking Dead nowadays and also raving about it This compendium holds an average rating of 444 here which isn't half bad and there's a lot of very positive reviews on here So I decided to pick it up Now having read through it all I'm confused I just don't get the praise the series getsI like the concept I like the dark no one is safe atmosphere The art is fittingly bleak and gritty if not particularly inspiredThe problem with The Walking Dead is that it's boring and badly written Nearly all of the characters are either shallow plain or outright annoying especially the women except Andrea Dialogue is awkward and clunky riddled with cliches worn phrases and forced exposition It just sounds unnatural which is pretty problematic for a comic that centers around conversations and social relationsSo the series is basically about about character development And that's great But if you do it badly you end up with a cheap soap opera And that's what The Walking Dead really is a mediocre soap opera With zombies Even the zombies are kind of lame and serve primarily as an excuse to include mindless action scenes which do little to break up the monotony of it all Rarely does anything too exciting happen and the plot moves forward at a snail's pace People die and argue violently with each other all the time but it all lacks dramatic punch After the a while you just stop caringThis review may sound harsh but reading through the compendium has been a frustrating experience I really wanted to like this and there were some good bits here and there but I expected something much better based on all the positive reviewsWhat is it about The Walking Dead that I just don't get?

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    My actual rating is 45 starsIt's unfair to compare the comics to the TV series The two are very different from each other and I am coming into it from the wrong side having watched and fallen in love with the show first and then discovering the comics However comparisons are inevitable as they still share so much in common They have the same basic plotline's the same locations and a lot of the same characters even if these characters can sometimes be very different I admit that I do slightly prefer the series but as I watched it first my bias was already directed towards it Despite that I still loved the comics and was absolutely gripped from start to finish and I appreciate the fact that they're both using different mediums to tell the story and what works for one doesn't work for the other The main difference which I felt was necessary was the pacing The comics move at a very fast pace and in this format it works People would not buy comic after comic of nothing much happening and little action and drama it would make for a very dull read and people would get bored The show moves at a slower pace because it has to If the show moved at the same pace as the comics people would lose interest because there's nothing to really hold onto As soon as one thing happens it's straight onto the next and the comics have characters dropping like flies A show couldn't do that The pacing also means that a similar thing happens to the characters In the comics the characters have to develop uickly and this can sometimes result in moments that seem completely out of the blue or sudden but it works because they keep the entertainment going In the show the characters are able to develop at a slightly slower and realistic pace which allows the viewer to get attached to them and invested in them I realised about half way through reading this compendium that the reason I slightly prefer the show is because the slower pacing works better for me and for my tastes However I'm sure there are many who would feel the complete opposite as I have definitely seen complaints about the shows slow pace before and I think some people would be better suited to the pacing of the comicsI found a lot of the differences interesting in the general plot of the story Andrea was pretty awesome in the comics and while I didn't mind her in the show I can see that her character was done a huge disservice On the other hand Carol was vastly improved on in the show Michonne was still just as badass in both but I felt glad that she didn't have to go through the same trauma The Governor was on a whole other level of evil in the comics than the show He has always been my most hated 'villain' in the show because although we were shown people that technically did worse or insane things I found him incredibly creepy and unnerving because he's the kind of manipulative bastard that I can't stand The show gave him some episodes that seemed like they were trying to almost redeem him which I hated so I was so glad that the comics showed him as truly vile throughout Some of the characters from the show don't exist in the comics and vice versa and while I missed the presence of some of the characters Read Daryl and Merle I wasn't fussed about the exclusion of others On the other hand I could understand why they'd left out some of the characters from the comics as they really just felt like spare parts and extra bodies with no real purpose besides getting killed off Maggie remained in the show but Hershel's other kids there were 5 others besides Maggie were condensed into the character of Beth who I admit I wasn't the biggest fan of but I think having just her instead of trying to sueeze all the others into it made a lot sense for the showThere were certain plot lines that I felt would've been great had they been added to the show but there were also others that I thought were probably best left out or altered as some of them were I'm glad that the AndreaDale relationship was portrayed differently I was glad that Shane view spoiler was around for longer in the show I felt like that escalated way too uickly in the comics and I liked the slow build up to it in the show seeing Shane get to the breaking point hide spoiler

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    The increased public awareness of post traumatic stress disorder has had a positive effect on zombie comixBefore recent wars and criminal adventures and subseuent psycho medical research and publicity PTSD was all but ignored by zombie comixCharacters would be terrorized by zombies displaced from their homes by zombies see friends loved ones and coworkers die and then become zombies but with the exception of some tears and wailing there were no real emotional conseuences to zombie related events that would have to be profoundly traumaticOK I could be wrong never having read any zombie comix comix is the wrong word but graphic novel? Does that describe an incomplete collection of separate issues? But I'm just assuming zombie comix were pretty much like most action comix movies novels and television shows where it is commonplace for characters to witness the most disturbing things and experience fallout for only twenty or so scripted seconds or less Oh my God that was terrible Yeah but it's over now You're right We have to move on In action fiction of most media people get over emotional trauma even faster than bullet woundsMy favorite television series The Walking Dead is not like that I read the first compendium of the comix it was based on to see if they were like that They are not They are full of rich post traumatic goodness Er badness This is about people who are so messed up by the zombie apocalypse that you realize the title may really be referring to themBut how else could there be 1088 pages of comix about a zombie apocalypse if it were all Oh no Zombies are coming Let's fight andor run? These comix are less about zombies than they are about interpersonal dynamics among individuals under an inconceivable amount of stress with all familiar support and comfort erasedI've always had a taste for fiction that highlights the fragility of society It is so easy to let ambient convention sink so deep into your skin that you are utterly of the mass illusion that the way things are is natural inevitable given reality Good fiction Blindness can deliver the nice nasty shock it takes to wake up from that dull dream but unfortunately the bad fiction is in that sense soporific The Walking Dead is good fiction though not unconventional enough to provide a broader scope of such wakey wakey shock beyond the post apocalyptic PTSD thang I love that sentence if I may say so myself The art is typical of any broody paneled story of this very established genre and laid out with a formal strictness that makes the 19th century novel template look like a Rorschach blot Wares are rare as are Clowes If you know of please say It's about time folks were giving graphics an overdue modernist kick in the assBut as far as reliance on tradition goes you could do worse than Shakespeare Yes I said Shakespeare 1Conflict one 2Conflict two 3Violence resolving one of the above complicating the other 4Discourse on ethics 5RepeatOn Ethics and ZombiesSo does The Social Contract get seriously edited redacted remixed or tossed on the fire when the implied society of social is relegated to a nostalgia you'd best not indulge? If random chance and arbitrary tragedy are the only reasons a group is thrown together is there an obligation to defend the group and from what does this obligation arise? On what grounds do you harm outsiders for this obligation? This is just a slip of the mighty wads of ethical issues that erupt and are handled mostly badly by the characters but you should expect nothing less er I mean from the irrevocably traumatized

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    Some spoilers for both the show and the graphic novel herein I tried not to include too many You have been warnedOkay Forget everything you know and hear me out Zombies are the great eualizing scourgeOne of the first books my younger self fell hopelessly in love with which probably explains an awful lot was Stephen King's The Stand The book's been out for like than three decades so it's your own fault if this is a spoiler but all you need to know for this review of an entirely different creature is that a government wrought super plague has wiped out something like 994% of the population leaving the American survivors to be led by moral compassesepically fucked up dreams to their fated good or evil faction Having watched society repeatedly crumble away so many times through this particular King colored lens has left me kind of immune to dispatches from the end of the civilization as we know it y'know in the literary senseBeing one of the most affecting reads of my formative years The Stand is also for better or worse what I can't help but measure other end of days fiction by I've mentally revisited it uite a bit in the past few years the stuff of that tale is lodged in my brainmeats for always because whatever your opinion of Sai King is the guy paints some uncomfortably visceral lingering images as my own longstanding zombie fascination has invariably led me to books like World War Z and somewhat regrettably Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and I suppose Night of the Assholes counts too since bizarro zombies are still zombies and dozens of undead themed flicks and marathons of The Walking Dead which ALWAYS end in a few nights of zombie related nightmares just once there were kitties to make the whole nocturnal shebang less horrifyingThe thing about the apocalyptic scenario in The Stand and other media that take the disease route to decimating humanity is that there's no cure no battle plan no hope of survival beyond sheer dumb luck And that's too fucking terrifying for our control freak culture Just like a natural disaster a weapon of mass destruction a meteor strike or whatever other cataclysmic event that could be the end of life as we know it widespread airborne pestilence fucks up everyone's game with no hope of fighting back But we still like to pretend that we have some control over both our environment and the course of our lives Enter the ravenous dead or the strangest occurrence of entertainment zeitgeist I've ever watched gain momentum Zombies are the enemy you actually have a fighting chance against AND come with the bonus of an annihilated societal infrastructure Hate your job? Hate your neighbors? Hate your family? Hate your first world problems in general? Want to kill some folks without any real repercussion you know other than waving goodbye to the simple hassles of life before the dead claimed the apex predator role? ZOMBIES ARE THE ANSWER Man gets to fall back to his primitive nature as society becomes increasingly bizarre and stifling the sweet release of all out chaos is a welcome fantasy is it not? And I think with our actual times being as strange and stressful as they are it's cathartic to imagine oneself in a world where all those mundane problems are obliterated by tending to the daily survival we've come to take for granted in our coddled state It's a weird return to less civilized ways without losing the safety that our civilized facades allowSo The Walking Dead I am so happy that a friend hoisted this 1000 plus page monster on me during the show's third season because reading this and then coming to the show would have me so terribly disappointed in the necessary changes made while translating this gorefest into less blatantly offensive fare for a television watching audience view spoilerI mean sure I can live without seeing Herschel's very young daughters' murdered headless corpses coming back to life on my needlessly giant TV screen And in the general book to show scheme I didn't really mind that Daryl and his stink palmed brother weren't in the book so long as I wasn't watching the show and being all OMFG DARYL IS THE TITS Because he is and I will cry my face off if anything happens to him post mid season hiatus But unsurprisingly I digress hide spoiler